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Eternal8Nimra: at this point its just pissing me off that you (the author) don't use paragraphs instead you just write it in one big clump of fUcKiNg no order no nothing!
this is irritating, who does something like this?
*looks at you author*

Way of the Knights · C123
1 week ago

hallo110: can u fix the text paragraph like the first 100 chapter pls? would love to add some stone if u do that, reading like this really making my eyes hurt

Way of the Knights · C123
1 week ago

DefinitelyNotACat: What's up with the paragraphs ripping words apart?

Way of the Knights · C105
1 week ago
Did the goblins find out about the impending collapse of the Rubble's value? View More
A Bite of Hogwarts · C60
2 weeks ago

JinMajin: Why, whhyyy, why i can't contain smile to appear on my face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

A Bite of Hogwarts · C40
2 weeks ago

wolfster101: 7

Reborn Into Pokémon With An Odd System · C0
2 weeks ago

wolfster101: 12

Reborn Into Pokémon With An Odd System · C0
2 weeks ago
Pokézone, the place where you find everything to buy and be delivered View More
Reborn Into Pokémon With An Odd System · C0
2 weeks ago
Now, how will the battle turn out as he doesn't have the machines a true beyond A grade mechanic should have. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C761
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C517
The novel is great. The main character grows on you as you read further into the story. The occasional other pov's give greater detail to the world and how it reacts to the main character.
The world building is slow but it is because it either shows fragments or what Anthony knows of the world and dungeon.
The story itself is quite funny because of all the shenanigans Anthony creates or gets herself (cause almost all ants are female and Anthony isn't a male ant) into.
All of this together with the great quality of writing and constant updates make it a novel to greatly recommend and enjoy. View More
2 weeks ago

Falener: you lose my time for this copy paste chapter!!

New Life In TODAG · C5
3 weeks ago

the_one_below_all: You just wasted a chapter for cannon, the mc wasn't even there!!!!

New Life In TODAG · C5
3 weeks ago

ShadowsFall: What the **** this is literally a copy and paste from the original.
Please don't tell me Nie lie will be actively involved throughout the story, if so this sucks.
Kill nie lie and if not that then at the very least don't let that obsessed old pervert have Ziyun.

New Life In TODAG · C5
3 weeks ago

amanda_chan: Ahh imagine erina eating soma disgusting food cause I never see it in anime or manga 😂

Shokugeki: The Demon Chef · C4
3 weeks ago

Wabafet: Owner wants love
Only winners left
One winter lesson
Open women's laundry

Life Hunter · C1
3 weeks ago

Orcanaman: what i got from this is "i have an incredibly OP dude here who cant stay in his world anymore ore he could destroy it and way over here i have a world where weird things are happening but i can't tell what...i will now take the OP man give him a perk and send him to the weird place where hopefully everyone will try to mess with the new guy and i can learn whats happening"

Life Hunter · C1
3 weeks ago

DaoistMasterJohn: OWL doesn't mean "Original World Law"... it means "Ordinary Wizarding Level"!! :D

Life Hunter · C1
3 weeks ago

User388: Boi if that katana was really made out of titanium that **** would've required more maintenance than a woman. JK
(before it turned all magical)

Life Hunter · C1
3 weeks ago

stevensaja: you're cheating the system by doing this... it's not okay . the ranking system need 15k words because it takes at least that much word to somewhat progress into the story

The Corrupt Marine - One Piece · C1
3 weeks ago

Mould: for those who are confused with the numbers like i was, i did a quick summary
at the end of chapter 419 author said he made a mistake with anthonys mutations they should be +20 not +15
first fix
diamond carapace chapter 438 fix
+5 diamond carapace
+10 hardened diamond carapace
+15 true diamond carapace
+20 true hardened diamond carapace(i guess this is done off screen/book? to fix the mistake)
+25 complete diamond carapace

evolution path below (correct me if i made a mistake)

Mutations Levels Tier

+5 = 1-5 = I
+10 = 1-10 = II
+15 = 1-20 = III
+20 = 1-40 = IV
+25 = 1-80 = V

1-5 hatchling ant worker
1-5 formed core(not evolution)
1-10 mature worker ant
1-20 mind ant
1-40 dispersed mind ant
1-80 juvenile colony paragon

Chrysalis · C441
2 months ago

Augurius: Hey, im pretty sure Anthony is tier 4.

1) Hatchling Worker - MAX. LVL - 5
2) Adult Worker - MAX. LVL - 10
3) Mind Ant - MAX. LVL - 20
4) Dispersed Mind Ant - MAX. LVL - 40

Chrysalis · C362
2 months ago
go to https://jnovels.com/download-mahouka-koukou-no-rettousei-all-volumes-pdf-epub/ to get pdf or epub files to read the entire thing, includes images as well View More

Darlene_Pizarro: The worst right. 😑 I hope it could be updated.

The Irregular At Magic High School (Updated) · C35
2 months ago

anime500: I am on ch 405 and i think it is good

2 months ago

LNG: 'hey i can't touch his wiener but you can Rose, get me some semen' 'fine, he didn't say you couldn't touch semen degozaru'.

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C69
2 months ago

dracos1987: It seems the queen is goin to have some new 'material' to use, along with the hero staff :P tnx for the chapter

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C69
2 months ago

Azu_Noira: Of course the mother duaghter pair are gonna put the reports to good scientific uses.
Science is important!!!

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C69
2 months ago

Dankurodo_PlotGod: Me neither. *gets a nosebleed*

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C69
2 months ago

Shltgod: i cant wait for melty and her mothers reaction of the report XD

Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life · C69
2 months ago
Translated for free to chapter 213 already so they have to make up that part of translation fast, see novelupdates.com View More

HighMaintenance: Original Name: The Defeated Dragon
Author: 白雨涵
Year: 2018
Website: Qidian
Chapters: 1125
Status: Completed


Aristocracy Beast Companions Cheats Clever Protagonist Cultivation Determined Protagonist Domestic Affairs Dragons Farming Game Elements Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Kingdom Building Knights Leadership Loyal Subordinates Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Management Pets Romantic Subplot Strength-based Social Hierarchy Sword And Magic Transmigration Weak to Strong Wizards

The Mighty Dragons Are Dead
2 months ago

malkira: Remember kids always recycle your trash!

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C32
2 months ago
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