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Nashi: It talked about him reducing the price to 5k from the original 100k. Lol

“Price is no issue.”
“Okay that price is an issue.”

Gamers of the Underworld · C11
3 months ago

EveningSong: I would demand a private tutor to teach tier 5 spells for "self protection".

Supreme Magus · C143
4 months ago

GABaller: And that, ladies and gents, is how you die to a thirteen year old boy.

Supreme Magus · C136
4 months ago

scarlett1414: "People dies every day." Lith shrugged. "Usually it happens to the poor, the orphans, the homeless. Yet no one gives a damn about it. But if it happens to a few rich guys in a fancy city, then suddenly it becomes a huge problem.
Also, I have no duty, since I took no oath. So, let me rephrase: what's in it for me?"
Truer words have never been spoken ù_ù

Supreme Magus · C134
4 months ago

Mad_Jakk_Rabbit: ‘High functioning sociopath’ is the least of what Lith is.

Supreme Magus · C134
4 months ago

scarlett1414: " The name was followed by a doodle depicting a horse bearing a striking resemblance to the Headmaster, even wearing his clothes." is enough to love Mahonar XDDDD

Supreme Magus · C133
4 months ago

Rowan: I am currently imagining Lith getting executed.... and nonchalantly just getting up and putting his head back on.

Supreme Magus · C130
4 months ago

Ellpad: Two drunkards fighting

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C58
4 months ago

stellap: You punched the headmaster? Take some points as a gift

Supreme Magus · C128
4 months ago

Puddingmonster: Lith: Darkness SHOULD weaken the energy in the cracks.....
*proceeds to infuse all the cracks with darkness mana*

Giant Crazy Undead Dimensional Crack Abomination: UUUUAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH!

Solus: See? Told ya, Einstein.

Supreme Magus · C126
4 months ago

Puddingmonster: You see ominous cracks in the void? Yeah, poke your finger in.
You see holes in the air? Yeah, put your entire hand inside.

It's very safe.

Nothing could possibly happen.

Supreme Magus · C125
4 months ago

shelwyn: Bro what's your recipe for cooking the pig afterwards though??

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C43
4 months ago

Spade_Z_: That's wrong if it wasn't for Ximin Wuya deciding to save him Wuya would still be alive. So it was Wuyas choices that led to his death.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C31
4 months ago

CaTastrophy427: In five years, she'd be dead, right? She's only got three years before her veins kill her, IIRC.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C30
4 months ago


Cry myself to sleep tonight because i can't do anything else really

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C28
5 months ago

Fourth_Magi: The master's is not part of the yin yang sect so her authority is truly limited, unfortunately, even less than her daughters.

Tho you never know she could actually have OP cultivation and spank her daughter's ass, which I'd love to see. 🤤🤤🤤

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C28
5 months ago
but parents/relatives don’t always get plot armor qwq View More

AzureWater: Aye this dude needs to become the MC's father in law so he can get some of that plot armor already

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C26
5 months ago

X_C: Uncle Ximen... you’re my idol... 🤩🤩🤩
Wont force Yanyan snd mc but just make sure they’re stuck together for 10years... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C25
5 months ago

wolfpriest13: Shes gonna die from her yin body type since he was the only body type that could help relieve her of it her father even told him this but the moron decided to be a brat throw a tantrum and disregard her own fathers wishes shes so stupid not only that she got others involved with her own problem and now if her mother doesn't beat her to death the MC will

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C24
5 months ago

Libra_Aera: And here we have some good ol' protag vengeance boner

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C24
5 months ago

DumbyAccount: Why is my saliva dripping down?? 🤤🤤🤤

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C52
5 months ago

Megansar: Because it’s marinated slow cooked pork with fresh baked bread hot out the oven? What kind of monster wouldn’t feel hungry from that?

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C52
5 months ago

Valindro: Anyone got any idea if at this point he has clothing? It wasn't mentioned so I can only imagine he's walking on deck naked without a care in the world, infront of everyone.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C12
5 months ago

WindsOfTheValley: Which reminds me, Yang Dingtian spent an entire year naked ... long live the naked nine yang sword saint.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C7
5 months ago

Jerti: I hope the Byk will be his true love ;)

Supreme Magus · C109
5 months ago

scarlett1414: " I wanted to check if that dryad mumbo jumbo about souls could actually fix him" Full trust in minions XD

Supreme Magus · C107
5 months ago

Seink: "H-game material"
Lith, you pervert XD

Supreme Magus · C103
5 months ago

Crazyreader: That May be her first crush but she will totally remember him as a elder brother figure for the rest of her life.

Supreme Magus · C96
5 months ago

Khavos_Rudd: Ahem...you obviously do not understand the complex personality behind the character! He is pretending! Pretending!!!

Supreme Magus · C94
5 months ago

xcares: When the title is "Get out of my face.A comprehensive guide of all you need to know about dimensional magic." you get the obvious reason the author majors in dimensional magic XD

Supreme Magus · C93
5 months ago
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