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Wait.... Such a sudden end? View More
Online Love(^ω^) · C13
2 hours ago
Any update author? View More

VKN: I'll not be writing for a month. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, I love you readers!
Keep supporting me! 😊🙏🏻

Too Late, it happened · C4
1 day ago

LonelyWorldTree: I will try my best not to disappoint you!

Nation's Goddess' Perfect Husband! · C1
3 days ago
😮 good luck with your work author View More
Young Master Li’s Ghost Seeing Wife · C7
4 days ago
this is devolving into madness .. View More
The Kiss of Lie · C22
5 days ago
looks like a promising story View More
Nation's Goddess' Perfect Husband! · C1
5 days ago
Aww I was hoping for some face slapping.... View More

Noob_Be_NEET_Meh: nope mc is way too OP to care about small fry like that lol

I am the Conqueror · C1
1 week ago
omg .... I didnt even notice that you have restarted this story author =O View More
The Princess With The Jet Black Hair · C63
1 week ago
is this a revenge story ? View More
I am the Conqueror · C1
1 week ago
is he secretly jason voorhees =p View More
The CEO's Hidden Love · C1
1 week ago
wait so now the cheater is seeking revenge ?????? View More
The Kiss of Lie · C21
1 week ago
=0 you re-started this story =0 View More
The Prostitute and the Painter · C1
1 week ago
OK, overcoming all odds to reach success then😊 View More

ikvee: Hi, thank you for your comment. 😊 Hm, I haven't thought that far ahead yet, but at this stage it's heading towards the female lead breaking out of her shyness to be more confident. However, I don't plan on her having lots of enemies or being the revenge type. It'll be a relatively positive and happy story. 🙂

Average beauty · C1
1 week ago
is this an underdog story ?? View More
Average beauty · C1
2 weeks ago
a****** I was hoping for some spicy revenge .... View More

neha_: No, this is not going to be a slow revenge story. There will be a few plots and politics going on, but this is a slow romance story. Revenge is not the driving point of this story.

Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C1
3 weeks ago
good luck with your studies =) View More
The Kiss of Lie · C20
3 weeks ago
is this a slow revenge story ?? View More
Destined Marriage of a Sick Bride · C1
3 weeks ago
Been wondering who the wargs were this entire time..... That's not just a conspiracy theory I'm guessing...... Welcome back author View More
LOST IN SPACE. A LitRPG Space Opera Adventure · C15
3 weeks ago
Today is the day when I got to know Amy is the short form for Amelia :0 View More
The Kiss of Lie · C19
4 weeks ago
So it's a female MC now? View More
Hey Boi, I'm Your Soulmate · C2
1 month ago
But why xin tuyong though? View More
The Queen's Dog · C25
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
The Queen's Dog · C25
1 month ago
Yesssss nothing more satisfying that cold revenge; p View More

ButterBeanCream: Maybe, I’ll write about it soon. 😂
You really want revenge. 😂

The Kiss of Lie · C1
1 month ago
😮 but I was looking forward to some spicy revenge against the cheaters....... View More

ButterBeanCream: No. 😊

The Kiss of Lie · C1
1 month ago
Story has been dropped? View More
Cloudy · C12
1 month ago
Have you already decided how this story will end? View More
Grey Lies · C0
1 month ago
The relationships in this story are completely not going the way I was expecting them to View More
The Queen's Dog · C23
1 month ago
I feel bad for Alex's unfortunate gf..... View More
Online Love(^ω^) · C9
1 month ago
When you said 'groans' my mind went elsewhere author...... View More
My Family Is Deranged · C2
1 month ago
No revenge? View More
The Kiss of Lie · C13
1 month ago
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