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It will be confusing of you keep using " " when it is not a dialogue sentences. Please make the dialogue and MC thought different style View More
Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World · C4
3 weeks ago
Why dont you try to ignore that stupid comments? You know this novel is yours, let them do the trash talk in the beginning, and let them go away. The real reader will always support you, even though they didn't give any comments. Just be yourself. View More
From Company Slave To The Prince Of Darkness · C0
2 months ago
Please, this dialogue really make my eyes hurt. Can you change it back like the normal ones? Don't forget that this platform is a novel based. The reader wouldn't be happy if you use the different and unfamiliar way of speech. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C68
2 months ago
maybe you should read the legendary guardian, Chinese translate novel that has 700+ chapter. The novel has a lot of battle chapter and I think that novel is the best second chance VRMMO story with a lot of satisfying battle. You should read it for your battle reference. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C67
2 months ago
My lifetime achievement increase by 1. Woo Hoooooo. View More
Ascenders Rift · C41
3 months ago
Why?? WHy?? why the chapter disappear so quickly....
Please, bring back the chapter.... View More
Ascenders Rift · C40
3 months ago
Reading Status: C38
You should trust the author's review. Even though the novel has a slow pace, but the quality of the story, character, and the plot will never make you disappoint. If you search for the second chance novel with clever MC, you will fall in love with this novel.
This author really need to be blamed for addicting others with his novel. View More
Ascenders Rift
3 months ago
I hope you won't drop this superb novel. Thank you Author. View More
Ascenders Rift · C38
3 months ago
Shit, the chapter disappear way too quick. Need more chapter. View More
Ascenders Rift · C36
3 months ago
So, the real act will be next 3 weeks right? I can't wait it. View More
Ascenders Rift · C28
3 months ago
Hey, its kind of weird to levitate with the power of void/space. It will be cool if he can blinking around and teleport to enemies back like DOTA 2 phantom assassin or do a astral step, vold spirit ultimate. View More
Ascenders Rift · C18
3 months ago
cmiiw, experience to level up lvel 2 should be 500 exp. But when he kill lv 2 zombie, he automatically level up, Even though that the lv 2 zombie just give him 20 exp. Did I misread something? View More
Ascenders Rift · C14
3 months ago
God, at least I found this superb novel. Thank you author for the great story. Btw what did the rate, (icon in the left side of vote icon) do? Will something good happen if I give 5 rate star on every single chapter? View More
Ascenders Rift · C1
3 months ago
Thank you for the story. Can you please update it daily? Please, can't wait for more. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C61
3 months ago
LOL, reverse summoning based story. What a great idea. View More
Legacy of Forgotten Times · C2
3 months ago
I mean the title can cover the whole story. Maybe I should wait it for hundred chapter to release first so that I can enjoying this novel. View More
Throne Of World · C18
3 months ago
Sigh. This story really short. The cover can cover the whole story. Literally he just sitting with girl and the story come to the end. I don't now how much chapter is needed to cover one day school. It might be dozen. View More
Throne Of World · C18
3 months ago
The real gathering not yet started, but its already the third chapter. What a novel idea. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C57
3 months ago
Who knows that the forbidden wisdom that he got, evolve him to that masochistic being. View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C22
3 months ago
I don't know why he have to wait for hobgoblin magic chant to complete, and blasted his head. Did he evolve to masochist ghoul? View More
The Golden Gravekeeper · C22
3 months ago
Reading Status: C56
If you have time, you must read this novel. This novel start with unique mc's background that might annoy you, but it's necessary to its plot development.
Man, don't let author meet me. I'll force him to release the next chapter. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online
3 months ago
And maybe you can give the MC's other personality name. So that the reader didn't confused with your story. You keep call it with "other saferu", "other safer", "other saferu". Maybe you can use its personality to call the others. Such as "Devil" saferu, "oldman" saferu "hipocrite" saferu? Its better than call the other without name. Its confusing. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C54
3 months ago
Wait a sec. Why that the MC still virgin? Did the silent night act just for fun? No real action happen? And he already did it again with the first reversal potion right? View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C54
3 months ago
I thought that because mc is the fastest to get level 5, he would got that Avalon or something. Did I missread the chapter or that avalon key is literally useless? View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C38
3 months ago
Are the upcoming heroes comes only from M Legend universe? View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C22
3 months ago
Goodluck for your story. I just read it last night, and i addicted to this novel. Thank you author-san. View More
Kingdom of Fools Online · C15
3 months ago
Lol, idk how should I let you know this kind of knowledge. Do you think that BENEFIT always has to do with MONEY? LOL. And you think that illegal act of plagiarism is right think to do? Please think befoce comment. View More

jtw1000: Theres no profit off webnovel unless you get partnered by it or have a patreon. Learn your facts before you say something.

Dungeon Predator
3 months ago
Nah, what he said a truthful fact. Ive read this novel and I can't wait for next update. View More

Chaoticmike: I think your like the first author from an fan fiction that didn’t give themselves a 5 star rating that I’ve seen in quite a while. I thank you for your honesty. And I wish more authors would follow in your example of speaking the truth.

Otherworldly Summoning System
3 months ago

PelicanEel: Writing Quality: 4 Stars

-You might notice some misspellings throughout the whole story and some wrong grammar and many more. The reason for that is because English is not my native language. So it is very hard for me to construct a sentence as I don't know many English words. But hey, you can still read and understand it. So yeah!

Updating Stability: 5 Stars

-Well, I update 6-7 chapters/week. So I will shamelessly give myself a 5star.

Story Development: 5 Star

-Another shameless 5 stars for me. Because I like where my story is going.

Character Design: 3 Star

-Because I use different characters, persons or whatever you may call them that came from different sources. But some of the characters were created by that's why 3 stars.

World Background: 5 Star

Nothing much is known at this point in the story. But everything will be known as the story continues. You just have to wait for it.

Otherworldly Summoning System
3 months ago
Maybe you can summon your original monster like goblin or orc or skeleton for starter and make him evolve to higher race. Such as Goblin -> hobgoblin -> ogre / vampire -> ??? -> demon lord being. With this kind of unlimited choice you can evolve your pets (?) to the one that you need. If you need a protector and healer, you can make him evolve to angel race one, or shadow race to be assasins. That would be perfect. View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C21
3 months ago
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