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Normal human meet 10x gravity yeah that will end well View More

GuDaoistBigbro: He stupid he couldve brought her to his world that he created. 😏

Marvel Invincible Talisman · C57
6 hours ago
What’s the authors name View More

BigToFu: It's called The Spider and he hasn't updated in a while that's also why this hasn't copied his updates in awhile also 😂

Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C80
3 days ago
Need a link there are so many spider related fan fics View More

BigToFu: You can find the real story on Fanfiction and it's called The Spider.

Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C80
4 days ago
💁still far too expensive for my tastes View More

DaoistYukito: At the beginning 3 chapters cost 500 and now 10 cost 1000. It's not that bad

Dual Cultivation · C228
1 week ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this author is getting greedier by the month doubled the initial price View More
Dual Cultivation · C228
1 week ago
Flashback within a flashback 🤯🤯🤯 View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C71
2 weeks ago

DaoistCubone: There was never a mention that the zanpakuto and the wielder must have the same gender. Shunsui Kyōraku zanpakuto is female, btw.

Rebirth in Bleach · C22
3 weeks ago
Yeah idk if he should have a harem he pretty stupid View More
Marvel Invincible Talisman · C22
3 weeks ago
Is saying his full name really necessary can’t you just call him jack or Ming both not really necessary View More
Marvel Invincible Talisman · C21
3 weeks ago
3 years I believe View More

GreedyGlutton: Because she was clearly powerful but didn't bring up the fat monster syndrome and still told him to find her if he creates 10 seals but i cant remember the time limit given and what remains of it now

Monster Integration · C248
1 month ago
What the hell just happened author were you conste paper and just **** this chapter out god this is painful I can’t read this at work so hard to have to read it all over again to find where I left off View More
Monster Integration · C246
1 month ago

Maginus_Sama: No you are wrong my friend. The biggest obstacle is the ****ty grammar.

Monster Integration · C208
1 month ago
Rhea had it last he was too weak to react if poisoned View More

Ashandar: Pretty sure they got rid of it remember he had to make Room in his bag for the herbs and fruit that his pet was bring him

Monster Integration · C166
1 month ago
Does no one remember he has only been training for a couple of months everyone else has at least a year or more on him View More

Berserkerreader: Why are you refusing to show Ashlyns improvement? Seriously I have never seen a cultivation novel with the MC remaining so comparatively week

Monster Integration · C163
1 month ago
Almost all authors are doing this now they are taking a chapter and splitting it in 2 or 3 parts to “release daily” it’s annoying but it’s everywhere View More

FireMastr: She used to do longer chapters but tht was a long time ago and they werent regularly released

Dual Cultivation · C216
1 month ago
You are touched in the head bud you need some therapy View More
Dante in DXD · C9
1 month ago
My little brother is a woman 🤯🤯🤯 500 is still a bit greedy for me but I see the logic View More

FireMastr: The author has stated in discord that the reason she does this is to prevent people pirating the chapters early using privilege. Not that id expect them to pay extra just so they can post the chapters a little earlier on their own sites, but this way only the people who truly support the author will purchase it. It has nothing to do with her being greedy. As for other authors offering discounts on chapters unlocked early, whether thats true or not, i havent seen it and i follow several novels with privilege chapters. Does that make all of them greedy? No. If anything the ones offering discounts are greedier because theyr trying to entice you to pay several times more for the same thing you would get anyway. Dont look at the presentation, look at the motives BEHIND the presentation

Dual Cultivation · C215
1 month ago
He might be greedy but he isn’t forcing anyone that’s all on you View More

Malcolm_Massey: Because this author is greedy. I have seen some author offer 99% discount on all chapters after you pay for privilege. The authors also only charge 500 stones every 5 chapters unlocked early. That's much cheaper than this author.

Dual Cultivation · C215
1 month ago

Raidan15: Only i was hoping to him lose his virginity in this trip?

Monster Integration · C88
1 month ago
Don’t really like iris from the flash show so don’t ntr Barry get him another woman View More
Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother · C3
1 month ago
Thank you now go **** yourself thank you very much View More

DarthStorm: 11 chapters till heavenly deity realm

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1874
1 month ago
This devil exercise makes the Mc sound like a masochist enduring pain willingly View More
Monster Integration · C39
1 month ago
5? I see 16 View More

Kamilo7: Wait what? Do I see right? Instead of the daily release there are now 5 more privileged chapters? Ohkay tbh that's to far.. Up to now I kinda defended the slower pacing right now.. But that's just blatant ridiculouse.. Release rate was very unsteady in the last few weeks and now 5 chapters are instantly "released" behind a pay wall.. Wtf..

Dual Cultivation · C209
1 month ago
Thought we were getting one per day at least o whale Ill just wait View More
Dual Cultivation · C209
1 month ago
Making a comment on a comic View More

Hyperion007: Xp. Whatever is firing a bulletag?

Kuang Shen - Mystic God · C19
1 month ago
The speaking perspective is really hard to digest is he talking in third person or first person god it’s really frustrating View More
Kuang Shen - Mystic God · C15
1 month ago

thedarkapprentice: No I will not stop. I don’t write them for you or the current up to date readers but for the ones who come after. When this novel is over and your re-reading it you’ll thank my summaries too.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1826
1 month ago
Brain had 1% control can’t do anything against this dragon that has control over all water sources View More

Jarvych: What happened to the brain fused with yangtze river? Why cant he control the river so it will not overflow?

Monster Pet Evolution · C487
1 month ago
Didn’t the mew there say it took like 100 years for a new egg to hatch inside the tree View More

After_Wing: author, tell me you forgotten the egg? literally the egg Julian got from a sanctuary of Mews... aaaah nevermind since your master of dao tsk

Journey Towards Greatness · C241
1 month ago
Bet them privilege fools feel like they just had their bálls cut off Poot souls View More
Dual Cultivation · C199
1 month ago
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