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Remember what for Azura force him to do all that : the thing he as do make the necromancer more powerfull ... and what is Alduin, if not the best necromancer beside being a big bad dragon ? The Thu'um he use to make the dragon come back to life is necromanci, after all.
So ... nothing said he will come back in only one year : the "fate" is after all already messed up by the MC. View More

MemeDaoist: Let the last labour begin. Here's a thing, there's like another year and a bit till Alduin gets his åss out the time wound and I don't see Jon being stopped in his tracks for more than 3 months. What's he gonna do after he labours? Travel? Fight? Cultivate? No, He'll open a Catgirl Maid Cafe! Up top lads!

Dragonborn Saga · C431
6 hours ago
Each time we have this chapter full course of cultivation bulsh*t this make me want to puck, like realy hard.
It's the only part of this great novel i loath and who make me cringe and cries. Cultivation on Skyrim is just heresy for me ... View More
Dragonborn Saga · C420
10 hours ago
Yeaaaah, killing almost half of the people for taking control and "steal" the town is soooo héroic, so good deed, so kind way to save people ...
This guy is a *****ng retard for not even understand other disgusting and spoiled ruler use him to gain more power. And a *****ng idiot monster for thinking he is a good guy and do the right thing.
Even if the MC is a madman and a monster, at last, he try to not kill the weak and common people : Thalmor and bandit, hagraven and reachman are all monster of they own way, after all ... (and deserve it, hoonestly, even if he goes a little to far most of the time) View More
Dragonborn Saga · C418
10 hours ago

Gamesempie: I wonder if Jon will meet/mess with all the Daedric Princes before he returns to Skyrim. Personally I'm looking forward to his interactions with Sanguine. Can you imagine the trouble those two would get in together? Jon might even be able to match him drink for drink until Sanguine is truly and utterly wasted. Nobody, be they Daedric, Aedric, Man, or Mer would be safe. The pranks those two reality bending monsters could get up to when both of them are dead drunk and egging each other on. Well, the only thing worse would be if Uncle Sheogorath join in on the fun.

Dragonborn Saga · C416
11 hours ago
Ahahaha, i was thinking the same ^^ View More

OnyxTheDark: Has Don been reading Stop, friendly fire? Or am i missing a reference with the Paul and Steve... cause it would be a strange coincidence

Dragonborn Saga · C414
12 hours ago

OnyxTheDark: Has Don been reading Stop, friendly fire? Or am i missing a reference with the Paul and Steve... cause it would be a strange coincidence

Dragonborn Saga · C414
12 hours ago
I realy, realy dislike Azura ... playing the "good one" when we all know she's a sheming cold-blooded and wimsikal b*tch.
She's like this priest who claim of god-mercy and behind the scene, r*pe the little kids and abuse of poor woman with mind and heart broken. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C402
15 hours ago
Aye !!! View More

AdolfHipster1945: Anyone who wants to see jon go to the summer set isle (Thalmor Homeland) and burn a few ****ers say aye.

Dragonborn Saga · C397
17 hours ago

AdolfHipster1945: Anyone who wants to see jon go to the summer set isle (Thalmor Homeland) and burn a few ****ers say aye.

Dragonborn Saga · C397
17 hours ago
Funny, they are all come to kill everyone one the enemy city, but said "murderer" if their "prey" fight back"... *****ng idiot ! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C387
1 day ago
Well, i just find this story, because i've never read the Fan-fic previously. There are in fact some who are far better than the "profesionnal" one ... plot and story-telling wise. But of course for typo and grammar, Don is most of the time realy far behind. Luckily this don't spoil the reading, so so far, so good ! View More

Grieve: After Wulphrics shout he could barely get up. After taking Jon's shout not only was he able to run but he was also able to push his brother out of the way I just think it was weird. I'm up to date now and that comment was several months ago

Dragonborn Saga · C330
1 day ago
Iron Man reference ? View More

AdolfHipster1945: Jon "Alina where's my bloodskal?"
Alina " I don't know ask that ***** alexa."

Dragonborn Saga · C362
1 day ago
So the MC goes totaly to the path of the naughty kid, who don't thing, don't reflect, and become crazy everythime something bad happen to him (or his "belowed" family, friend, wifes, sextoy and slave) even if, in reality, he is himself the real culprit of all the **** ...
Hummm ... can't said i find this good to see. Is no better than the majority of scum MC from xanxia/wuxia who are pumped by dozen like bad junk-food. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C356
1 day ago
More like Thalmor, i think ? View More

AdolfHipster1945: Honestly, I though that Alduin came back earlier than expected, but no. Just some F*cksworn

Dragonborn Saga · C353
1 day ago

TheRealRussianArmy: So perfect. I wonder how his family will react to a new family member showing up at the next reunion

Dragonborn Saga · C352
1 day ago
Chhhh, make sad and hard dram for the plot twist and sake is far better ... well, in fact is not, but it's alway like that. At last, Don don't use forcefull trope to often, and they are not illogical (or not too much). View More

NJAAaa: Can he use the skeleton key to block the roots from his soul and mana now that he has the Dwemer cube.

Dragonborn Saga · C350
1 day ago

NJAAaa: Can he use the skeleton key to block the roots from his soul and mana now that he has the Dwemer cube.

Dragonborn Saga · C350
1 day ago
Yeah, and the "light" in the end was probably this bitchy daedra who as litaraly sale it to Alduin the dragon of the end ... View More

EinlionsBtch: Does no one temeber that dream he had on the ship
Blue flames killing doing someone elses bidding
No one

Dragonborn Saga · C348
1 day ago
"gorilla warfare" ? Ahahahahah, that typo as make my day, realy ! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C348
1 day ago
Why i have the bad, bad hunch our MC go rigth to the same path of his mad "oncle" ? And for something as ****ty and disturbing than "madness" ... go to the "divinity" for become a monster is realy not so appaling for me T_T View More
Dragonborn Saga · C346
1 day ago
she's not "naughty", she's a *****ng monster and devil, like all the other Daedra and "gods" (the one in Skyrim like the one of our dear Eart by the way). All "dos" are a full load of sh*t, because they are all influenced by "concept" and human are the one who create and influence the said concept. And human are a full load of sh*t most of the time ...
CQFD ! View More

IMPAiLER: Azuraaa you naughty girl

Dragonborn Saga · C345
1 day ago
Are you serious ? He is betwen the hammer and the envil, and basicaly without enough power to stend by himself. Add that he as dumb crazy bast*rd hot-blooded like Stormcloak who do nothing than wreking hawok, or ****ty but powerfull people everywhere in his territory (Black-Briar, Hidden-clan, Errikur, etc) who undermine all he try to do ...
What do you expect it to do ?! Miracle ! It's basicaly the common plot of the "MC is awesome and all other are **** and brainless". View More

Harry_Dresden: Seriously I want Torygg to die now or something, he did nothing as one of his own men's actions nearly brought ruin to two of his holds, then he can't even handle the man responsible correctly, pretty much letting him almost get exactly what he wanted. It seems the only thing he's good for is watching everything happen without even trying to stop it.

Dragonborn Saga · C339
2 days ago
Well ... it's realy make me laugh ! This people kill woman, children, olds and all the one who croos their path. But if someone do the same to them, this someone is a monster and all ? Mouahahaha, seriously ?
This is like the best joke of the year man ! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C337
2 days ago
So the so-called "most kind daedra" has realy try to **** him in the name of a "trial" like the so-called "kind gods" do always (whatever the religion, culte or story it is : monoteiste or politeiste one) View More
Dragonborn Saga · C331
2 days ago
who said "no injuries" ? the poor freaking dud is probably more than half-dead, yeah ?
But adrenaline and whanting save someone dear make people do realy crazy thing, who seem like miracle. View More

Grieve: Damn I could understand the huge guy taking Wulphric’s shout but also Jon’s? With seemingly no injury as he was able to save his brother in the end

Dragonborn Saga · C330
2 days ago
Why do i have the realy bad hunch our "dear" missy Daedra of Dawn and Twilligt want to "teach" a rough and rutless leçon to our MC ? And make him suffer and pay, by making lose evrything he care in the end by dangling false hope before him ?
After all, it's the thing Daedra love to do ... View More
Dragonborn Saga · C328
2 days ago

D_Maniax: Hey, maybe when Alduin appear Jon won't even need to do anything? He'll be crush by his friends and wives.

Alduin : WTF?! How can mere humans do that to me?! A-are You all dragonborns?!
Alina : I'm the dragonborn wife and also an arch-wizard.
Jullanar : I'm jon's shadow and wife.
Aela : Also his wife, and a werewolf.
Wulfur : I'm his brother and also a blacksmith.
Nefertiti : I'm his cat and he is my hooman.

Alduin : A-a cat? What nonsense are you saying?! There is no way a cat can be so powerful!

Jon : So heathen, choose, become a servant of the cat goddess or be fluffed to death by the holy cat!

Dragonborn Saga · C327
2 days ago
Do you think the new one are better ? The people of USA are stupid and only want powerfull car, easy cash, guns and bassball match on TV : they are stupid, conceited and uncultured like sh*t. And for French ? It start to go totaly awry (like all the CE by the way). The whole world go run to the wall, and no-one do nothing against !
Do you know, the fertilizer who let the world eat will stop to being usable realy soon (phosphore mine start to go realy low, because of overuse). So in 10 or 20 years the world will died of starvation. Is someone do something against ? Nop ! The ocean dying when they are the most oxygene productor in Eart. Do someone do something ? nop again ! All of it is like that ...
And when you talk about it, most of people just laugh of it and said you are crazy and some sort of nutcase fond of apocaliptic story. View More

Very_Lazy_Guy: Dear Dom, it is nice to read your feeling. Some countries were one of the oldest civilizations in world. Now look at them. What they have became.

Dragonborn Saga · C316
2 days ago
The warrior-god of thunder and hammer, and the godess of youth and life, guardien of the apple tree with golden apples of immortality ...
Quite the name here ! Good choice ! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C315
2 days ago
Well, for starting chikens are crazy mad beast, so in fact, all of that is realy logical ! Like, seriously, have you ever look in the eyes of one of this thing ??? They are more crazy than a horny bull hight on rainbow !
Chiken are just scary ! View More
Dragonborn Saga · C311
2 days ago
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