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Mind blowing s*x is a much better way to deal with this than the girl being all "i love you so much it's ok to share". At this point it's a drug and they're addicted. THE WILL OF "D" View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C20
4 days ago
This is still the beginning so it might change in the futur but right now the mc is a bit lackluster. I get that he doesn't know about ATG but he got the memories from Yun Che right? Then why is he taking it so easy ? He should be rushing to heal and get stronger. Right now he acts like an akward middle between a jap +18 novel mc with hypnosis and a xianxia isekai mc. But if he was the former cultivation should not be important and the hypnosis should be without limits and more used. If he was the latter then he should get stronger instead of relaxing. My reading "experience" is telling me that some sort of wake up call is going to happen but it feels forced when the mc has already seen what this world is like even if in 3rd person. Still to give props where it's due , the writing is better than most on this site. View More
Smartphone+hypnosis+ATG (Yes, this is that 'parody') · C8
2 weeks ago
I'm gonna stop here. I will say that Ulquiorra is really acurate character wise. But the story is boring. Good luck, maybe i'll come back later. View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C28
1 month ago
Meh. Speech was kinda bland. Should have gone for something more marking.

"I would like to confess something. I think about what i have accomplished these past months with the help of the university, my teachers and my friends and i am proud. But i look out to the world of mathematics and science and i realise that i am still ignorant. There is so much to learn still, so much to prove and to discover. So much knowledge that could, not only change all the different scientific fields, but also the world. All this i cannot do by myself. That is why i hope that my hard work can inspire you, you in the audience, you in your home and you who may watch this in the futur. If, when i leave this world, i have motivated enough people, uncovered enough theories and created enough advancements to push the world toward a brighter futur full of scholars, then, and only then, will i consider myself knowledgeable. Could i then be called a genius ? I will leave that up to you. Thank you."

Something like that anyway. And since nobody will see this i am wasting my time. XD View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C112
1 month ago
This chap killed me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C35
1 month ago
Ok so i keep picturing this scene that i reaaaaaallllyyyyy hope happens here. It's a variation of minato vs obito.

Mc gets sent to war on the lightning front. At some point the 2 armies are going to clash but the mc and raikage get kinda their own battle that everyone watches. The raikage uses his ultimate spear and charges at the mc. Mc throws a kunai at his head but raikage just tilts his head. Mc charges super strenght to his fist till it pretty much glows but he wont make it, the spear is almost there and all the konoha shinobis are scared. Last moment mc appears above the raikage with the kunai that was in fact hiraishin. Ultra punch. First guy to put the 3rd raikage out of commission.

Would love for it to happen. View More
Naruto: Dream to immortality · C54
1 month ago
Have to say, there are some things I wasnt a big fan of in your story so far, but killing blackbeard now........mad respect right there. Not a lot of authors would have the balls to do smth so big. View More
Ultimate Fruit · C10
1 month ago
Exactly. Though reading about a xianxia mc breaking into a song and dance number when a young master tries to steal his girl would be pretty damn funny. View More
Disney-Traveler · C1
1 month ago
Realistically not much. In Disney where singing is how you solve most situations......That's like a small nuke. XD View More

RJB_1002: What a sh*t power, like ffs WTF is singing going to do realistically.

Disney-Traveler · C1
1 month ago
The author already told us that he would lose almost everything because of her so this just feels infuriating. When it happens there's gonna be a lot of drops. And if Ama-b***h does anything to any of the girls the reviews are gonna be flooded with hate......gonna be fun lol. View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C60
2 months ago
He does stuff like this which, even if it's not perfect, is still quite smart BUT at the same time the whole Amaterasu thing. *sigh* View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C58
2 months ago
True. Moves like the rokushiki would be quite badass especially the secret move. And he could say that he managed to condense the power of a titan into a human body. View More

Sodara: I think observe haki, armament haki, body flicker jutsu, moonwalk and some more ability that relate to physicle should be fine after all he should'n depending on titan form all time. Esp in AOT world titan is supreme no matter what. 😁😁😁

The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) · C12
2 months ago
I think it's a bit slow yeah. But it's mostly a "to each his own" kinda thing.
Anyway he's pretty much set up now, all that needs to happen is training (him and the kids) and patrolling. Add an encounter with shield and you "skip" to whatever time you want. View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C12
2 months ago
Ok nice but tone down the princess a bit lol. View More
Traveling The Multiverse (Worm CYOA v1) · C7
2 months ago
Excitement climax. All power stones given. Don't worry about the grammar, seen much worse here. Was really waiting for a worm cyoa here, so keep it up. View More
Traveling The Multiverse (Worm CYOA v1) · C4
2 months ago
Excitement crescendo. View More
Traveling The Multiverse (Worm CYOA v1) · C3
2 months ago
Excitement rising. View More
Traveling The Multiverse (Worm CYOA v1) · C2
2 months ago
Very excited right now. View More
Traveling The Multiverse (Worm CYOA v1) · C1
2 months ago
Let's be real here, the fact that you can read until chapter 80-whatever on patreon already means hat it's been written and more importantly....it's not going to change. No matter how much we complain about the whole amaterasu thing. This is starting to smell like a drop...... View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C48
2 months ago
What's annoying to the extreme is that he doesnt get any benefits from keeping her. This is such forced conflict that i feel like i'm watching wwe. This isnt arrogance and honestly i'm not sure it's even stupidity cause even an idiot wouldnt do this and so far, as shown by his plan to deal with the dungeon masters before, Natsu is at least a bit smart. So dissapointing for a novel who has such good potential. View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C46
2 months ago
Loved it. Thoigh i will admit the ending wasn't the best, it's one of the few novels i've enjoyed all the way. Solid 8/10. View More
God of Money · C203
7 months ago
Ok so i think either i'm misunderstanding arc of embodiment or author needs to step up. When he got the magic he said that rustyrose was an idiot cause he was limiting himself too much, that he could create any object or magic he tought of (which basically makes him a god, but let's not get into that right now). We even saw him make some noble phantasms easily. So the issue i'm having, which is starting to really frustrate me, is that HE DOESNT USE IT! Ffs there's a million different ways to take care of Loki in 1 sec and yet here we are. I love an op mc, but i love them because they show that they are op. Look at how Odin, Adjuka, etc are treating him, like he's someone on Rias or Sairaorg's level when he could, at any moment, create a.....let's say necklace that when in proximity with a supernatural being makes them as weak an a lambda human. They should be respectful and treat him as an equal if not more, they should not say " hey can you slow him down for us?". *sigh*
This is my favorite story on this site. I love it even though it has some issues. When i have a break at work i read it as a pick-me-up. But this issue is making me slowly dislike it......I really hope this changes cause if i have to drop this i'll really be sad. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C302
8 months ago
Damn, all i can say is that i almost thought i was reading a legit translation. View More
King of Sports · C6
8 months ago
The novels about time travelling tend to be very focused on the initial goal(s). Here it's revenge and getting rich( to help the revenging lol). It's too bad but all we'll probably get is a few paragraphs at the end saying that he went around and had s** with models until he settled down with a wife or two. View More

Kvothe: ahh what happened with Julia! I always thought they would ship and they didn't tell us his reaction when she tried to seduce him 2 chapters ago.... So he just blew her off? I definitely don't want to read a harem but he is a billionaire and hasn't even looked at a girl 184 chapters in lol

God of Money · C184
8 months ago
I learned a few things today. Thank you. View More

True_Sheol: When it comes down to it, the world--specifically the world's banks--wants a dependable reserve currency. However, this also traps the United States, because in order for the banks to be comfortable, they have to control the US dollar.

Many people aren't aware that it isn't the Treasury that controls the United States' money, even though the dollar is based upon the "full faith and credit of the United States." U.S. currency is actually controlled by the Federal Reserve, which is a private institution comprised of twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks (and currently 24 branches) whose only shareholders are the commercial and investment banks. The banks are also the customers; it is quite literally the "bankers' bank."

Like other corporations, the Federal Reserve is guided by and committed to the interests of its shareholders--pro forma supervision of the Congress and the President's appointments (recommended by the banks) notwithstanding--who appoint six of the nine board members of each regional bank. As such, they act in the interests of the currency and the financial system, not the country.

Cryptocurrency has no such system of control and management. Ebb and flow is easily manipulated by anyone who has control of sufficient amounts of cryptocurreny such as the exchanges or whales like Woosong. As Woosong proved, he can easily inflate or collapse the "value" of Bitcoin by himself. That is not the hallmark of a good candidate for a reserve currency.

God of Money · C177
8 months ago

FallenOppa: Name them League of Legends.

Zhanye Black - [Being rewritten] · C27
8 months ago
You know, in these kind of fights, you can get carried away. No one would hold it against you if issei were to die. An arrow to the heart or the head or even a slash to the neck would just be fortu....i mean UNfortunate misha**. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C284
8 months ago
For a starter metagross or gardevoir. But more importantly, please get rayquaza. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C91
8 months ago
Nobody is gonna see this since it's been a while but i want to say it here. Before i continue i need to say that i am binging this and loving it. Now, the problem is that the whole issue was brushed off way too fast and easily. His actions on the moment werent the best, but he's a regular dude and it's understandable. No, the issue is the actions after they left.
First, the sister, as much as i hate for it to happen, should be traumatised.
Second, he should be teaching her to never go with someone unless he says so.
Third, the police should be involved. He should throw away the gun and buy a fake one that shoots blanks. Then go to the cops and explain the situation with the teacher as a witness.
Fourth, the teacher should be heavily reprimanded or fired. It doesnt matter of you know them, if the guardian doesnt give his/her express consent, you dont let a child leave sith someone.
Finally, this incident should scare him into taking counter measures with system. It should mark him.
Anyway, this was the first bad part i've come across in this novel. Hopefully you either dont do this sort of thing in the futur or you handle it better. Still loving it despite what happened and gonna continue reading even though i should go to sleep. XD View More
Choices system · C16
8 months ago
The content has been deleted
Choices system · C16
8 months ago
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