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Dextuary: They should rejoice they didn't try this with the MC from the novel "way of the devil". That dude is seriously impressive and the way he handles things too makes you real happy 😁

Renegade Immortal · C469
2 days ago

lordius: I miss Daoist_sid.
I miss his "thanks" on every chapter :(
Please come back, sid.

Renegade Immortal · C468
2 days ago

Daoist_StormBless: I stand alone here in the comment section.

Renegade Immortal · C468
2 days ago

Daoist_StormBless: I stood here scanning the comment section, and not a soul was found. For future readers to come and remember me by,I have left my mark here in the comment t section!

Renegade Immortal · C467
2 days ago

Agilapen: Why didn'r she die yet? The heck

Renegade Immortal · C312
3 days ago

Agilapen: I was hoping that she dies, no need for lame romance.

Renegade Immortal · C311
3 days ago

HighWorlds: My God what the heck did Wang Lun just summoned there? A Titan? But it's really scary how otherworldly is the Ancient God's technique, I for one can't wait for Wang Lin to unleash more of them. But this can only be done after Wang Lin deal with that red haired man that holds the "power", as Wang Lin only has the knowledge.

Renegade Immortal · C228
4 days ago

GuYueFangZheng: Sneer+snort+mocking+calm = Wang Lin

Renegade Immortal · C175
6 days ago

rOBOTmINION: 50% power is secret code for... emergency military power level authorised. 150% boosted.

Renegade Immortal · C47
1 week ago

VaibhavKronos: I came for a mc with no love interests !

Renegade Immortal · C25
1 week ago

VaibhavKronos: Remember their faces well mc ! Coz in future , face slapping is a must !

Renegade Immortal · C20
1 week ago

KaidzenMonada: Next week news. 42 kids who were earlier rejected tried to commit suicide but failed and now they are waiting for the decision from the sect.

Renegade Immortal · C9
1 week ago
What do want money?!!! I WILL GIVES YOU EVERYTHING PLEASE MORE CHAPTERS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1408
1 week ago
I wrote it twice because no one responded to the previous chapter at that time View More

Klepar: Everyone already said "yes" in the last chapter. Are you going to start spamming this?

Pursuit of the Truth · C1381
2 weeks ago

d7om_d7om: When I see the amount of comments and the Ranking of the novel, I lose hope in humanity ... Is this masterpiece Rank 113?!!!!!! This is evidence that you never trust the Ranking of novels

Pursuit of the Truth · C1377
4 weeks ago
Guys do you recommend me to read renegade immortal ? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1381
1 month ago
Okay guys do you recommend me to read renegade immortal? View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1380
1 month ago
When I see the amount of comments and the Ranking of the novel, I lose hope in humanity ... Is this masterpiece Rank 113?!!!!!! This is evidence that you never trust the Ranking of novels View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1377
1 month ago
JUST TAKE MY MONEY !!!!!!!!! ... pleas just one more chapter PLEEEEEAS 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1376
1 month ago

ghjiutrvb66: Remember, it's how you will use it. Speck of dust can become the most op spirit if used right because dust comes from a variety of things. Dust can also become a deadlu assasination weapon because of its tiny size. Here's some of my made up skill:
Dust clone: Dust exist everywhere since the beginning of time. The number of summonable clones depend on the mental strain the user can withstand. The prowess of the clone depends on the imagination of the user. Making an army can be possible from this (Remember, use your imaginations...dragons, demons, angels...etc).

Dust replacement: can teleport anywhere and switch places with an existing dust. (Limit: Cannot be used when human because of laws, but can be used if user becomes one with dust).
Dust cloak: Command dust within your vicinity to swirl around you tightly covering yourself.
Dust storm: Command 12 kilometers of dust near you and shape weather. (Dust can contain a variety of things, such as bacteria, virus, and made up stuff, so if you imagine all dust inside the storm becomes virus, gg end of the world, beginning of zombie apocalypse). Xdxdxd

Spirit Immortal · C12
1 month ago

GodSlyer: Hey i was 1st!!! Like this comment i beg you i want to stay at the top.

Gate of God · C99
3 months ago

LittleIfrit: Heheheee... crown prince is wise!!! You can change your fate using your own hands from an honorable death to an horrible death!!!

The Legend of Futian · C89
4 months ago

Godseer: A guy in the MC's harem? lol im not even mad

The Legend of Futian · C17
4 months ago

kunsang: im dropping this if its harem can someone tell me if it has harem or not

The Legend of Futian · C4
4 months ago

xcares: Absurd story with cardboard characters that are (and i mean all of them) gunning for the "moron of the year" award.

I really tried to see if it get better by skimming large parts but it actually gets worse.
If reading about mentally defective people makes you feel better then this is a novel for you.
You have been forewarned. The sheer stupidity of the MC (and pretty much every character) might rub on you!
If you don't trust this review then all you have to do is sample the comments for a few chapters to understand that i did not overstate anything.

The rating is something like -5 but i posted 2 stars just so the review does not get blocked.

Strongest Abandoned Son
4 months ago

raincloudguy: (Story Development)

The story development is far worse than what anyone ever says it is. About 150 chapters in, the MC is invincible and not even China’s government does anything about him. He also extorts China for useful minerals, information, and abuses his power. He then heads to find the “hidden sects” but already realizes he’s pretty much the best of the best in his generation. He then fights it out with another cultivator and falls off a cliff where his side chick and him have a little love time.

(Character Design)

Horrible. Absolute trash. Ning Qingxue (mc’s side girl) turns into a mindless love slave trying to find MC and almost gets herself killed most of the time. She **coincidently** finds a shadow of MC and another person fighting (the cliff area) and sees him fall off. SHE GOES INTO THE FOREST THAT IS BLOCKADED BY THE MILITARY TO TRY TO FIND THIS SLIVER OF HOPE HER YOUNG HERO IS THERE.
If it wasn’t for the fact I wanted MC to find his master (girl) and tell her his feelings I would have never read past Chapter 100. Actually, I was hoping that Ning Qingxue died in the forest so we wouldn’t have to go through this and could finally let MC be a free man.

(World Background)

The whole story doesn’t make sense. At first, MC says the chi/qi is too thin on Earth and it’d be a miracle if you were to get to Chi Gathering 1 stage, but we clearly read that there are more powerful people than MC and they are 30 yrs old. ????????.

(Writing Quality)

1/5 - author don’t try to make a story like this again

Strongest Abandoned Son
4 months ago

EdwinTr: Not gonna lie... But ... This is one of the ****tiest stories I had ever read in this app. Is just... Fck is annoying AF the MC is fcking annoying the side b!tches I mean side characters are useless AF and their personality is sh!t the whole background story is fcking trash story doesn't fcking move goddamn like seriously guys you can start reading this and after 3 chapters y'all will find this story annoying then when you're reading more and more y'all will be thinking ohh my be the story will improve but noo is still a ****tier story fck I can't read this sh!t thx for the hard work to the translators but fck no the story y'all pick to translate was this ****tier story thats too bad... If only y'all had picked other story instead of this sh!t that will be good... But still thx to the translator and go fck you're self author :) .I. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

Strongest Abandoned Son
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1224
4 months ago
Hahahahahaha kick his fu***** AS*, so satisfied View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C1220
4 months ago

Neinheart: Hopefully the story doesn't end with something like "Everything was an induced hallucination in order for us to get better data for our biometric system!"

World Domination System · C1
4 months ago
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