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That be because they made a blunderbuss lol View More

AuronXD: im not sure. but it feels like they created a gun?

Summoning the Holy Sword · C825
2 days ago
numb nuts that treasure don't work without any spirit energy View More

SupiSabi: Isn't Luo Li had a special divine armour from Previous treasure hunt ????

The Great Ruler · C523
1 week ago
kinda wish we got to read about the time Mu Chen and Lou Li spent during the spiritual Road View More
The Great Ruler · C483
1 week ago
its a spirit level art why would he keep using it when he has something better View More

Dis_array: What the hell happened to his limitless death seal?

The Great Ruler · C461
1 week ago
I feel sorry for the enemy that the MC is fighting right now lol View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C812
1 week ago
That wouldn't happen to be the book that had a mirror artefact that made butts explode right lol View More

Astralx: This chapter made me think back to ' I Shall Seal the heavens" ricotta soldier :)

The Great Ruler · C247
1 week ago
Says the person who has likely finished reading the book from front cover to back cover lol View More

WhiteDragon32: This Author is Crap. He keeps making the MC do stupid things. Like not killing his enemies so that they can't get a larger number of them to come after him again later.... Stupid Author!

The Great Ruler · C246
1 week ago
maybe because way to many reads complain about boring chapters lol View More

Immortal_Mango: Already reaching foundation state - wow this novel goes fast

The Great Ruler · C17
2 weeks ago
The World Online · C637
3 weeks ago
Sarcasm my friend Sarcasm View More

TheNumber12: For every woman you will ever meet, I hope that was a joke.

Sovereign of the Three Realms · C532
3 weeks ago
Oh the alliance fellas are in for it now View More
The World Online · C535
3 weeks ago
how to trick fairies give them lots of sweets lol View More
The World Online · C234
3 weeks ago
u r thinking about a certain pervert dragon aren't u lol View More

Celestially_Mortal: 《Dragon Goes Into the Hole》 Stance *shivers and thinks of something else*

The World Online · C110
4 weeks ago

Celestially_Mortal: 《Dragon Goes Into the Hole》 Stance *shivers and thinks of something else*

The World Online · C110
4 weeks ago
who want6s to bet its someone who ark hated in the past or someone who will become a pancake soon lol View More
The Divine Wolf... or? · C174
4 weeks ago
imagine the reaction when she meets Agatha or rather u probably don't have to anymore as u have probably already read that part lol View More

Kolokoyz: What if .... Roland is the Chosen One the're looking for?

Release That Witch · C676
1 month ago
I am gonna laugh when these old witches find out that the person they r looking for is actual a man not a woman lol View More
Release That Witch · C676
1 month ago
My memory about Kobolds must be different to what the author has as ai am fairly sure that they r not pretty in the slightest lol View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1571
1 month ago
I feel sorry for the MC lol View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1315
1 month ago
It would seem that the author has forgotten what lvl the MC is now lol View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1306
1 month ago
If u can't remember what makes you think I can I just remember a lot of hints that the chaos soul dragon is responsible for the entire war lol View More

Z3st: Are you referring to the two people who worship chaos and want Rhode to return to Casabianca? (I don’t recall a chaos dragon soul ever being mentioned, do you know what chapter that was so I can refresh my memory?). Regardless this seems like a very ineffective way of achieving that goal as I imagine Lily will still side with Rhode in this instance and she’s basically the only one with any authority to call on him.

Summoning the Holy Sword · C766
1 month ago
Or more then likely he is in league with the agents of the dragon soul of chaos View More

Z3st: I got two theories about this LP member who set this all up.
1: He’s after Andres elf friend and is sending Sonia out of the way so there’s no one to protect her.
2: He’s a subordinate of Garcia the Conqueror who infiltrated the CoL. His Pro human ideology is a ruse and he has spys put in the church infiltrating the fortress. This would explain why his body went missing in the game since his mission would have been over by the time anyone came to kill him.
I doubt either of these theories are actually correct, but I do enjoy theory crafting either way.

Summoning the Holy Sword · C766
1 month ago
not really when u really thing about it View More

LuckySilver: Weird how Epic is above Legendary in equipment rankings.

The Lord’s Empire · C5
1 month ago
Possibly a new girl to conquer lol View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C746
1 month ago
u lot are a bunch of perverts View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C723
1 month ago
maybe his bloodline will awaken lol View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C708
1 month ago
lol the Mc sent a warning but the main reason for the letter was to ask for more rss View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C706
1 month ago
Poor Barter lol View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C633
1 month ago
he still got the date lol View More
Against The Heavens · C6
2 months ago
Old Hai's favorite grenade lol View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C713
3 months ago
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