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As long as he don't get violent View More

onin12: Wow another ML, i love it, this make best actor shenchuan to feel jealous. So that he would confess his love to qiao lian

You Are My Unforgettable Love · C298
3 weeks ago
You do realize that you were replying to an old comment. I made that comment way back when Webnovel don't offer comics yet and the series was still on the process of being translated. View More

mila_maze: The content has been deleted

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C1232
1 month ago
Social drinking is part of Chinese culture. Though legal drinking age in China is 18, that has been largely unenforced. You can find teenagers as young as 14 hanging out in bars drinking. View More

Jaudymac: I know these characters are supposed to be rich & elite, but the author should progress the ages if there is going to be so many scenes on alcohol drinking. Its like the author forgets the character is supposed to be 15.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C75
1 month ago
You can search for the manhwa/webtoon version. It's colored and I think he looks as accurate as how he was described View More

Awebnovel13: I wanna see him. 😍😍
Can they make another cover with the emperor and the daughter? 😄

The Emperor’s Daughter · C21
2 months ago
You need to update the app and purchase Privileged subscription to get advanced chapters, otherwise, wait for the normal release schedule View More

Madhuri2901: Hey cant open the chapter some error is shown ??

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C290
2 months ago
Thank you for the massive Mass Release! View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C339
2 months ago
Around 300 chapters more View More

DevilPJ: When will Ling Lan’s identity as Ling Xiao’s ‘son’ be revealed? I hope it’s soon I want to see how everyone reacts hearing that the son of a God Mecha operator is still a genius.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C560
3 months ago
Don't get your hopes up. That's still a long way to go. View More

Boss_LingLan: After this arc, I believe the next one would be about Ling Lan's gender reveal at the same time she is now training to become a God class operator with the help of her dad and if that happens I would be happy af because we can see the bonding of the father and daughter... Of course Little Four would also be enjoying that arc.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C559
3 months ago

Anjiii: Oh holy fudge dips, I am crying like a baby. Wtf?! 😭 Wu Jiong, how dare you make me cry, but I am so happy for you! You got to live up to your promise! And damn, 14 years together, but Ling Lan is right! The journey doesn't end cause they graduated, they will still be able to fight together once they're high-ranked enough. Yingjie, lmao, nothing is gonna stop him from following Ling Lan, even implicating his cousin. 😂 Alliances are already starting, the military divisions won't know what hit them! Lol I hope he finds love to raise a cute baby. ^^ Thanks Henyee!

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C559
3 months ago

BronzeCat6265: Maybe this is the most expensive chapter but it's worth it.😤

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C179
3 months ago


My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C179
3 months ago
Read Hidden Marriage View More

Nish_Brown: Who is ning xiao xi xi?

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1194
3 months ago
Can't wait to see how he will react when he finds out Xia You orchestrated Xia King's death View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C335
3 months ago
She is called Lan Si here. That means her elders or people close to her might call her Xiao Si. Translated, that means "Little Four". Is she now experiencing Little Four's past life? View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C554
3 months ago

Mr_Bear_san: I can only pray that tomorrow's chapter would be a 30-40ss worth long to make up for these recent short chapters.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C551
3 months ago
What I meant was the novel itself is Korean. Unlike other translated novels here which are translated from Chinese, this particular novel is originally Korean. You can check its stats in Novel Updates. View More

iamasnowflake: Yes, the MC is from Korea

Empress of Another World · C92
3 months ago
This is not a CN. This was translated from a Korean LN View More

AngelicAthena: This is one of the most underrated CN :)

Empress of Another World · C92
3 months ago
You're referring to the modern definition of a maid. In archaic English a maid just refers to a maiden. Since usually, young maidens of noble or titled families are hired as companions of queens, hence, the term maid-in-waiting was coined. As time goes by, they were called ladies-in-waiting or court ladies since not all court ladies are young maidens. Since this is translated novel, most likely the term that was used was literally closer to the word "maid" so they used that term but they actually meant court lady. Serving as a maid-in-waiting for a queen is a huge honor as that could mean being one of the queen's closest confidant and that also increases a noble family's influence in court.
Also, not all nobles lived a privileged life. Especially in European courts, where a noble having a job or being in business enterprise is frowned upon. But since their title were given by the royal court they have higher rank in society even if they are dirt poor. View More

SniperGirl: Being noble implies they live a privileged life.. the title of a maid doesn’t imply a privileged life.. but later on in the story it is explained that their jobs aren’t exactly what a conventional maids’ jobs are.. so it is bit tricky to get it early on if you don’t know that bit about ancient China..

Empress of Another World · C15
3 months ago
Look for Empress of Another World View More

Arciey: Where can I read the manga version????

Empress of Another World · C39
3 months ago
Throughout European history, noble ladies had always served as the Royals maid-in-waiting and companion. They are not really servants. That help forge influence in court politics. If you notice, Samantha just supervise people not really do the dirty job, the sisters just accompanies her and chat with her. They don't do manual labor. If you need real life example, look up Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Malborough. She had been the Queen Anne's companion since childhood, and because of her relationship with Queen Anne she was able to convince the queen to grant her husband, John Churchill, the dukedom of Malborough.
Now that is just in European court. In Imperial China, during the Qing Dynasty, the noble ladies really becomes servants to the royal family. The noble families are required to send their young ladies to the palace for the concubine selection and those who were not chosen becomes servants in the palace. They either serve the Empress and the concubines or the Emperor himself. If they were able to forge good relations with the Royals they could be granted a favorable marriage. View More

FallenBlue: I don't really understand why titled noble ladies are acting like maids... instead of being in their own castles/fief

Empress of Another World · C36
3 months ago
She is a duchess View More

FallenBlue: I thought this Samantha is a duchess, did I read wrong back then?

Empress of Another World · C19
3 months ago
It's another world. What's there to question? Even in this world, titled ladies are the queen's maids-in-waiting. In Imperial China, daughters of noble family become servants in the Palace when they fail to enter the Imperial Harem. View More

SniperGirl: So no one is going to question why a duchess is to work as her maid?

Empress of Another World · C15
3 months ago
It might not be much to someone like Sa Bina, but to a noble like him, to lower down your pride is worse than death. View More

starlettsong: Hahaha what I was wondering too! 😂

Empress of Another World · C6
3 months ago
Search for Empress of Another World, it's everywhere View More

potato127: Fluffy?? Also where do u read the manga or manhu version of this

Empress of Another World · C3
3 months ago

KippyCakes: Xia-yu will sail. *BLARES SHIP HORN*

The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! · C109
3 months ago
Poor breasts, they only have 3 days to look for QinShuang City. Good thing time pass differently in the Immortal Realm. View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C152
3 months ago
More like make himself so powerful that no one else can become her follower View More

HasaDigaEebowai: nah Yi Qing could never surpass SY , he will make sure he is her strongest follower

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C144
3 months ago

hrherhjrebrud: big cheat, mini cheat and cheater.. hahaha

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C141
3 months ago
If you're referring to the Emperors that Shen Ying will beat up as per the Plot synopsis, they are called Heavenly Emperors or Celestial Emperors not Immortal Emperors. We haven't met any Heavenly Emperors yet. Also Xun Shu, the one she just beat up, is a Young Emperor not an Immortal Emperor. Ge You is the Immortal Emperor of the nation where the Invisible Sect is currently located. View More

LotusV: There's nine more immortal emperors to go😂😂😂

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C137
4 months ago
Yi Qing is too blinded by her OP-ness. If she were to have a romantic relationship I'd rather it be with someone like Lonemoon. He sees her flaws and doesn't makes excuses for it. They have a good rapport and they understand each other. View More

sancturillore: I want Yi Qing to become the ML for Sheng Ying.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C135
4 months ago
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