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Maybe you can add Emiya Miyu for spicy the story a bit. Like when her brother use the grail to send her to another timeline instead got malfunctioning and send her to original timeline when Vahn do the summoning... Just some sugestion :) View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1214
6 days ago

narwastu: Well if you lose some motivation or you experienced author block you can send Kisuke and her to some anime world with some bulsh*t mean and make a mess to that world before return for refreshing

Playing with other Supernaturals · C125
1 week ago
Well if you lose some motivation or you experienced author block you can send Kisuke and her to some anime world with some bulsh*t mean and make a mess to that world before return for refreshing View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C125
1 week ago
Well it's obviously ultra instinc is superior than laplace key since you can control it directly and not just watching your body do it View More

densest: Hey Ein [Laplace key] is tier 5 SSS of [Instinct],
If Vahn goes to DBS since Zeno is Tier 7, would it evolve to [Ultra Instinct]?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1211
1 week ago
I noticed the comedy and troll getting better amd better while in the first few chapters it's a bit dry View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C119
1 week ago
I wonder about entity with tier 7 to 9 are. Maybe they're characters from Umineko series since their power are too ridiculous and much much stronger than from Dragon Ball Super View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1201
2 weeks ago

Erred: You know, even since Iris and the Heroes got their faux bodies courtesy of Vahn. I asked myself, why not Eva too? Having Eva is a great boost to the line up esp. to the pure magus team. The only lacking last time was Oblivion's energy consumption ineffeciency.

Plus, having her on the team is technically power creeping. Great advancement for magic in Nasuverse. There's also the fact that she's a true immortal Vampire that Nasuverse's Holy Church can't anything about her aside biting their kerchiefs due massive gap on power level.

Now that the body issue is now basically solved. Why not create a body for Eva? Also, you know it, I know it, and they know it, Merlin is unreliable as fck.
I mean, Vahn could spike up an entity via Akashic Tome innate abiloty so long as they have sentience(in other words:"Ego")

They only demerit for having Eva in this stage; going full gungho at start on Vahn for his infedility. Seriously, who wouldn't? Before sleeping(sealed), He has a massive harem of wives and mistress, then waking up, she dicovers she's on another "world"(record) with Vahn having another set of would-be-Empress and Concubines XD.

Sorry for the long rant, I just couldn't help it :3

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1197
2 weeks ago
Waiting for TYPE SUN since there's TYOE MOON, there must TYPE SUN too hehe~ View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1196
2 weeks ago
Maybe you can make them visit some other anime to messing their residents for some refreshing if you already reached authot block View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C107
3 weeks ago
You know, instead of advanced chapters, it would do more if you make a pat.reon goal like "Reach $300/month for 8 chapters weekly, reach $500 for 12 chapterd weekly etc". It would really motivated our pocket to invest on you instead advanced chapters. It proven work on novel Endless Path Infinity Cosmos View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C106
3 weeks ago
Anyone who complains maybe patreons who donated above $20/months View More

Sideswipe: No worries Ein. Anyone who complains might just be hunted down😈😈😈

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C0
3 weeks ago
Remember it's a genderless. ORT can become a female too if Vahn want it *wink wink View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1173
4 weeks ago
Type Venus is a blonde loli with a pair white wing in her back based on NOTES illustration View More

Diiygane: I have a feeling Type: Mercury will be a loli, while Type: Venus and Type: Jupiter will be the Busty Onee-san/Ero-Milf. Just my hunch though.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1162
1 month ago
Where's jewelcraft as her abilities? Isn't her specialty is jewelcraft? She's clearly using it as her main attack in Fate/Kaleid View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1162
1 month ago
Wow what an unusual yet smart move to force that unreasonable person to scram. I really didn't see that coming View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C201
1 month ago
Poor Ein always thinking what power the majority people in the Nasuverse since almost all the powerhouse within that universe still has unknown power. Even Zelretch, Lorerei, the Director and all the Dead Apostle Ancestors, their power are still mystery View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1157
1 month ago
Ah time to buy more power stone View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C199
1 month ago
I bet Type Mercury will be female View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1153
1 month ago
You can became his patron tho if you want to reward him instead of some fake golden award View More

Johnathan_Martinez: Seriously this dude needs to be broken as for the mage council 😂😂😂😂R.I.P you poor smucks your flipped now the end is near vhan will awaken soon all hail the azure emperor seriously einlion quit get more rest man you done put out enough chapters to equal three year's worth and then some dude your a golden award winner ten times over they should give ya some stuff for this work of yours top notch quality and reliable release damm work horse and champ in my books it's bull we can make this novel a gold class member

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1147
1 month ago
Just throw him some money then if you really want to help him like I do View More

XxOut_CastxX300: I wish i could throw some sleeping dust atbyou Ein so you'll be forced to rest😐That'd be the only way for you to rest. Thxs for the chap, I assume you know your body better than us so if you feel tired or your brain hurts, even if you just dont feel like writing just rest and we'll understand

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1147
1 month ago
But Ado Edem can even kill TYPE Jupiter with only one slash. That TYPE is supposedly the most powerful TYPES tho View More

Einlion: Zelretch fought against Brunsted of the Crimson Moon, the Ultimate One from the moon and the being other True Ancestors are based on. In the end, Zelretch emerged victoriously, even using a spell to counter a projection of the moon itself being dropped on the planet :)

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1144
1 month ago
Please Ein, they're in London right now and surely they're speaking in english so no honorific in their name View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1143
1 month ago
Lancer Arthoria is more human than Saber Artoria tho based on FGO except for the Lion King View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1140
1 month ago
I think it's tier 5 since Otsutsukis has same power as the TYPES. Moreover TYPES even with their planetary power are nigh unkillable View More

ncstj1124: Also...out of curiosity, what tier would Fairy Tail be? If I remember correctly, Naruto was a tier 6 and I just saw your comment that Bleach is tier 5.
I can't think of anyone in Fairy Tail as strong as the Soul King, so tier 4? That would put their gods on the same level as Danmachi...damn I guess no Fairy Tail wifus then, huh?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1139
1 month ago
But at least later, Shirou Emiya willing to kill someone View More

Nirvanic_Sun: They would die to save the world, but they would also die before killing, which has lead to a lot of losses of life. He sees the justice league the same way that all of the servants see shirou emiya, even though they think it's admirable that he wants to save every one, every one looks down on how naive he is for wanting to save his enemies as well. Even his future self looks down on him, wanting to kill him because of it

Fate/Heroes · C68
1 month ago
No, excalibur is just a A++ NP., not EX View More

Master_Sigil: While Excalibur is an EX-ranked noble phantasm. Its original purpose is a weapon to defend the planet from internal and external threats.
Artoria's other weapon a Lance is a divine weapon from a goddess. In another alternate timeline, this became the King of Lions prime weapon that ascended her into a divine spirit and her growth didn't stopped as she matured which you can see a hot matured lady Lancer Artoria.

Fate/Heroes · C67
1 month ago
And surely she would find a way to travel between multiverse View More

matheusmdantas: Thanks for the chapter! Is it only my imagination or is Da Vinci the perfect candidate to follow Vahn and Fenrir through the records? She wouldn't care about a modified body; needs a "master" to reign her in; would be a friend he lacks; and her hobby is to learn new things.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1135
1 month ago

Solomon369: You are on a holiday while the colony is fighting a war? What kind of ant are you author!? Thanks for the chapter!

Chrysalis · C372
1 month ago
I didn't remember Irisviel ever calling Illya with -chan in the anime or light novel and even jn FGO tho View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1134
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1131
1 month ago
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