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Well I think he will first feel jealous for their family closeness, then wonder what was wrong with him to not be able to have that growing up, then be pissed that they could have included him but didn't.

The one I'm angry at the most is the uncle. Jeremy was still a kid when their dad died and not mature enough to understand everything. The uncle though, should have known better but only wanted the child that he knew could play baseball. I also get the feeling that he's the one implying to Jeremy that Jake and the Atkins want to get money out of him. Even after the DNA testing, he still hasn't made any move to reach out to Jake.

Reading about their seating reminds me of when I was a kid my dad had season tickets to the A's that were 4 or 5 rows up from their dugout. My dad would like to get there when they were warming up so there was hardly anyone else there. Then when they finished and headed towards us to the dugout, he would call one of their names and they would throw a baseball to him. Nostalgia at its best. View More
The Hitting Zone · C556
18 hours ago
Reading Status: C539
A very good story. Hardly any grammar mistakes and flows well. Goes at a decent pace as well without bogging down and boring the reader nor zipping so fast that you wonder if you missed a chapter. Characters have a good depth to them so it is easy to believe in them.
As for the accuracy of organizations and programs in the story, I've never been involved with any of them but they sound about right.
Good job and continue to enjoy writing so I can continue to enjoy reading. View More
The Hitting Zone
1 week ago
Well... everyone has different ideas on what they consider essentials... and both of those I think have a veeeery long shelf life 😋

Thanks for the update View More
The Hitting Zone · C496
2 months ago
I read it as Jeremy saying it, if he'd gotten the DNA results and thought Jake knew. Could work with the DNA result showing them being full brothers, definitely works if the result shows them being half or not brothers. View More

3KBytes: Yeah, i got confused here, but It wouldn't make sense for Jeremy to say It, so my guess ate with the atkins

The Hitting Zone · C489
2 months ago
I know, the bay area has been upper 80s and I keep getting weather alerts for winds and fire danger. Two weeks ago pg&e cut power to most of the area and they're planning on doing it again this week.

Thanks for the chapter! View More
The Hitting Zone · C425
7 months ago
I'm not sure about why her system always targets him but several worlds ago he mentioned how the story jumpers (including him) in his company/organization would have their memories wiped after they left the story. The reason being so they wouldn't keep attachments that can affect them outside the given story. They would eventually get the memories back but detached from the emotion.

I believe that the higher ups in his organization must have some idea about Ming Shu otherwise that would be quite the coincidence for him to be tasked with making her fall in love with him in what, 5 worlds now. View More
Coming of the Villain Boss! · C294
7 months ago
Thinking he's the non- blood- related- brother View More

rainbow_rain: ML ah where are you.. missing u..

Coming of the Villain Boss! · C169
10 months ago
Yes!! New chapters! Thank you. View More
Aria's Tales · C52
1 year ago
Too *****. Thinking that the army and royalty will only use the poison on criminals. Royalty are embroiled in as many plots as nobles. The only way for the poison to not be used on innocents is if she is the sole user. View More
My Beautiful Commander · C112
1 year ago

Nyoi_Bo_Studio: Hi Buddies, I think this Saturday will be beautiful to do a mass release, What do you think? Let me count the figure of 'like' tag to 100 which shows me that you all agree with me :-)

The Legend of Futian · C19
2 years ago
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