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dfe2: I came to this novel when it was featured two months ago. Being the only "newly minted" novel without a single review or many views among the others in the list, I decided to give it a try, Looking at the caution about the novel possessing multiple main characters, it was rather unexpected.

And to be completely honest, I was blown away.

As a cultivation novel, the cultivation scheme is truly unique from the other novels I read so far. Although the naming scheme is similar to others, following the generic Xianxia format, the novel begins by introducing two concepts of existences, mortal and immortal, with distinct differences between them. The concept of immortals sacrificing a fundamental component of their existence in exchange for a true immortal life, and mortals unable to reincarnate once they begin cultivating, is truly a fascinating idea for a novel. Just by reading the novel with a cleared mind, it's fairly obvious that the way in which certain terminology are explained and introduced - by bouncing around a concept among multiple protagonists - allows for the reader to quickly understand without having to search on Google.

The fight scenes are relatively short, ending in a few exchanges, and I like that a lot. Not only does the clean, detailed description of each technique represents the author's dedication to the novel and the story's world alongside of its intrinsic elements, the novel doesn't deviate in a way that would confuse a reader who has never picked up a cultivation novel before. Yes, a few exchanges in a fight may be short for some readers, but it adheres to the concept that a fight generally consists of a few lethal blows, maybe longer fights if they are evenly matched, not to mention that the battles aren't skewed towards the protagonists.

The management between the three protagonists is simply amazing and worthy of respect. Not only are these characters interconnected in one profound way or another, the "plots" of each protagonist aren't independent routes. The decision of organizing the story in a chronological format, rather than a volume per character, is rather courageous and commendable. Not only do the readers get to know what happens in other places at the same time, it also represents change over time in society, cultivation hierarchy, or some other event - the novel possesses that potential, unlike many others at the early developmental stages.

Personally, I wished for there to be a little more dialogue. However, as I read on further, I realized that there was indeed no need to. The author adopts a considerably slower plot development rate than others, but is compensated for by detailed world building. Everything is properly introduced before the character makes their entry, and is defined in easily understandable layers. The internal monologue of characters are exquisitely described by action and not in a subform of dialogue, which is another interesting trait of the novel, one I have not seen for a long while.

If possible, this novel definitely needs to get the attention of many others. It's a superb piece of work, and although it's only on the first volume, the author's sheer work and care for the novel is fairly obvious.

The Butterfly of Chaos
5 months ago
Dear author please don't leave us hanging give us updates pretty please 🤗🙏 View More
Ruthless-Losing my innocence to world · C0
7 months ago
Thanks for the update ❤️✌️ View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C92
7 months ago
Reading Status: C76
Love the story and characters. Not your typical common transmigration story. Fun to read and can't wait for more updates 😊🙏. Thank you author-sama and more power to you 🙌🙌🙌 View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator
7 months ago
Thank you author for the long chap 😁✌️ View More
The Sinners' Queen · C31
7 months ago

MillieBelle: I ship Sofony and Gio together. Could you please have Sofony stay loyal to Gio? it would be nice if you made your book different from all the rest that's similar to this book's system(Making the MC a seductress). They're just so cute together. You'll break my heart if you had Sofony move onto another man or split Sofony and Gio apart. Please have Gio and Sofony stay together😭😣🙏🏼🙇🏻

The Sinners' Queen · C24
7 months ago
Thank you author for writing this novel. More power to you and your future novels 🙌😊 View More
Table for Two [Completed] · C226
8 months ago

jiseol: Thank you for writing this story. It's different than the other stories with its realism. Honestly, I would remember your story which has such a meaningful message as time goes on.

Table for Two [Completed] · C226
8 months ago

anne_2: Totally agreed with you, author your novel is one of a kind, unique on its own way..... and definitely we your avid fan always at your back😅😅😅 thank you for sharing this to us🥰

Table for Two [Completed] · C226
8 months ago

Rashmi01: Its sad to see this beautiful story not getting high up in ranking but I assume that's because a lot of readers look for thrill, drama and raw fluff etc. I have noticed several other stories full of emotion have lagged in rankings.

But just to let you know dear author, this is one of the most amazing expression of emotions and real life situations that most of us come across in our life at some point or the other, and I commend you for the way you've handled the story.
Keep up the good work 👍

Table for Two [Completed] · C226
8 months ago
Thanks for the update! Hoping for more chapters 😁 View More
[ The Administrator ] · C26
1 year ago
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