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darkoneko: “Master, I’m crazy, not stupid.” made me laugh very hard

The First Order · C195
5 days ago

Horusz: Chinese novels were very important to me, I started to love novels by reading "Coiling dragon" and haven't stopped reading since.

But over time my "taste" has matured, there are some novels that I liked before that I can't read a chapter now, with time I realized how poor most Chinese novels are.

This novel is this: Poor, there is nothing new, nothing interesting, it is always the same thing: Young master, young lady, slaps in the face, miraculous treasure, several chapters dedicated to something that can be solved in a SINGLE sentence , stupid crowd, the protagonist is despised by everyone, and an eternal escalation, there is always someone more talented, someone more powerful, other worlds more developed, other dimensions with another race, another multiverse ...

I don't want to offend anyone, but Chinese readers seem to suffer from some kind of mental illness, I don't understand how popular these "things" are in China, Chinese communism imprisons the brain of its people, originality is dying.

Summary: This novel is garbage.

Let Me Game in Peace
5 days ago

HimeSama: I don't think any part of this book was ever unnecessary. Each description draws a vivd scenery in front of the reader, pulling them more into the story..
Each flashback provided a piece of vital importance to Thales, whether it was his time with his girlfriend or pieces and parts of the knowledge he gained.

You might not have realized, but what in the world actually happened to Qiren's girlfriend, and how did he die are two of the most puzzling mysteries of this novel..

Kingdom's Bloodline · C546
1 week ago

zokimi: I forgot about that 😂
It'll be funny if those stones were amazing items

The Devil's Cage · C1579
1 week ago

dip4k: These stones remind him of his ****ty luck that's why that look

The Devil's Cage · C1579
1 week ago

burntpotato: I'm hijacking the comments again. Apologies. Apologies. Here is the complete fan art of Pathway Emblems by Chinese reader _Delaro. Absolutely impressive. I encourage everyone to take a look.

(spoiler free. cropped verison. only emblems+ names)

(minor spoilers. Original Picture. Group & Pathway Themes)

(Spoiler free as long as you don't understand Chinese. Album for those who just wanted to scroll the pictures without those annoying text. Cropped version of Pathway groups + emblems)

If some pictures turned out blurry, just open them. Definitely high resolution. Original Post Link is inside the Album if you wanted to read OP's thoughts ;)

Lord of the Mysteries · C901
3 weeks ago

Konkey_Dong: If only he knew she weren't supposed to know she's pregnant 1 day after you lost your infertility...

The First Order · C156
1 month ago

Ackenos: Amon has join the game

Everyone else has left the game

Lord of the Mysteries · C885
1 month ago

Tetractys: I hope " Mr. Sparrow" casually reveals that Dantes is one of his many aliases, cementing his identity as The World and garnering the surprise and awe of the Tarot Club.

Lord of the Mysteries · C867
1 month ago

Tetractys: People are beginning to catch on, Klein. Perhaps not getting to the absolute truth, but different layers of your identity are beginning to unravel. First, Leonard now miss Audrey.

Lord of the Mysteries · C865
1 month ago

SomeGuy73456: Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

Release That Witch · C756
1 month ago

Unebi: Bull****, readers usually decide if they like a book or not within the first chapters, or do you think they'll read the entire book if they don't like it. What if it was 1000 chapters? Should people read everything too before forming an opinion?

Phoenix Phire
1 month ago

Meowhead: I fell for the author's trap and forgot his antagonists aren't 2D webnovel cutouts with shallow plots :(

Lord of the Mysteries · C857
1 month ago

divini: Didn't expect Annie to be so.... manly.

Release That Witch · C653
1 month ago

Daoist589082: This is a masterpiece. Honestly, the best Webnovel I have read so far (and I have read quite a few)
This is even better than a lot of published novels!
I won‘t get into details. But do you like smart Dialoge like in game of thrones?
Do you like detailed world building like in wheel of Time?
Do you like following a Protagonist through bloodshed like the broken empire?
Or do you like seeing how a child matures through hardship and struggle like in the Farseer Trilogy ?
This has elements of all of those and more!
If this gets published I’m definitely buying it !!!

Kingdom's Bloodline
1 month ago

Estatica: An amazing story with a fleshed out plot and minimal clichés. You won't see any simple tropes like those of other novels on this site.

Should be a top 10 novel. Absolutely amazing.

Kingdom's Bloodline
1 month ago

Kolokoyz: My Little Niece Can't Be This Evil Cute Witch

Release That Witch · C634
1 month ago

eb2357: Carter has way more game than Roland. He met May and is getting married like 6 months after?

Roland has known Anna for more than a year now. I guess it’d take a lot longer before all of Greycaste accepts a Witch Queen.

Release That Witch · C472
1 month ago

MondSemmel: I've been very impressed with Leonard in this story arc. Back in Tingen, he felt like Hazel does now - lofty and arrogant, but actually somewhat deluded and not particularly powerful. But the trials and tribulations he's experienced have turned him into an impressive person.

I am curious about his future developments, though. He won't be able to join the Tarot Club while the Zoroast Parasite is present, but there could be an opportunity afterwards.

Lord of the Mysteries · C851
1 month ago

Meowhead: Been waiting a long time for the reunion. Hopefully they can manage it as friends rather than enemies.

Lord of the Mysteries · C851
1 month ago

BlackKnight42: Oh my gosh! He figured out that Sherlock Moriarty is Klein!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C850
1 month ago

ChiefCrispyChicken: The chapters didn't get shorter, you guys just evolved to read faster

Release That Witch · C410
1 month ago


Release That Witch · C347
1 month ago

9life: The grass porridge cult from Morata will surely bring justice to him!

Release That Witch · C338
1 month ago

Samayouryuu: Did Cacusim just dare to disrespect the fabled Grass Porridge??

Release That Witch · C338
1 month ago

VersilZX: Roland isn't just going to win if they fight, he will have an overwhelming win. Just imagine all the advance weapons he know about, maybe even lasers and the likes. Looking forward to their fight lol

Release That Witch · C313
1 month ago

CKtalon: Here's 16 chapters for getting to #2. And since it's not sustainable, I'll be lowering the benchmark to #4, which each higher rank equivalent to 3 chapters:
#3: 3 chapters
#2: 6 chapters
#1: 9 chapters

Lord of the Mysteries · C844
1 month ago

Aby55: This arc is crazy af! I have to say...the DM railroaded Klein a bit lmao.
DM: "You can get the formula from the Hornacis Mountains or from St. Samuel Cathedral."
Klein: "Alright let's rob St. Samuel Cathedral!"
DM: "You've successfully reached your goal in the basements below St. Samuel Cathedral. Just as you are about to reach your goal you are teleported...to the Hornacis Mountains!"
Klein: "🤬 this campaign"

Lord of the Mysteries · C837
1 month ago

Davidwrn: Hey, if only a Rose bishop was present in this situation then they will have no lack of “food”. Even better if we add Frank Lee into the mix, then you shall have a feast.

Lord of the Mysteries · C834
1 month ago

burntpotato: This is why Klein never got over his Demoness PTSD. They always full of tricks

Lord of the Mysteries · C833
1 month ago
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