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Guglielmo_Famiani: Well farwell Mu clan,now you are gonna get razed to the ground. Clap Clap

Versatile Mage · C1040
5 days ago
Well it's supposed to be Lyrica's father legacy that no one has ever been able to open. Whoelse would be in control of it and monitoring what happens in the trials?

The hidden figure is obviously not from that world (confirmed in later chapters when he talks about ending the trial), Lyrica's mother origin being as mysterious as they are, the moment the hidden figure mentions Isilia's past with sadness (which by the way happens in the future of that world since she will not me Nytri for a long while) there are not many options are there? View More

Witcher10: How did you figure out the hidden figure was her father.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C293
5 days ago
Chapter 278 not 298. The father spirit mentions it first in chapter 278 View More

Witcher10: But you made that reply before chapter 298 was even out.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C293
5 days ago
End of chapter 278. Lyrica's father says it himself. How the heck would he know Isilia otherwise ... View More


Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C293
5 days ago
True. I'm not sure why the translator switch for double (or quadruple for this one) chapter but it sure makes it easier.
Still, with the quality and quantity we are having this is truly a hidden gem. View More

OpinionatedPotato: lets all be thankful that we didn't have to pay for this huge giant fucking chapter with spirit stones. it would've cost 27! fucking christ aye, this new system is MUCH better for novels with large chapters.

Dark Moon Era · C161
6 days ago
She is into her mother's best friend. The one she sacrificed her first life to give a chance to live longer so of course she is into a MILF.

Seriously though tier 6 should have taken a while to reach (even if the experiments should have helped her cheat a good bit of the way in her case). So as far as I'm concerned 30s is a given, 40s are a real possibility too. View More

Witcher10: So lyrica is into a MILF

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C293
1 week ago
It is indeed underrated.
2 chapters per day is fine as a release rate. View More
Dark Moon Era · C144
2 weeks ago

TomVanDyke: TL;DR: Paragon of Destruction is back, and there will be daily updates again, starting today.

The (slightly) longer version:

After my stepfather's funeral, I took a week off from writing to gather my thoughts. Unfortunately, what I hadn't planned for was getting the flu and spending the two weeks that followed in bed. Which is exactly what happened.

But I'm (mostly) better now, so PoD is back. And hopefully, I've already burned through enough bad luck to last me the rest of the year.

Paragon of Destruction · C387
2 weeks ago

burntpotato: I'm hijacking the comments again. Apologies. Apologies. Here is the complete fan art of Pathway Emblems by Chinese reader _Delaro. Absolutely impressive. I encourage everyone to take a look.
(spoiler free. cropped verison. only emblems+ names)
(minor spoilers. Original Picture. Group & Pathway Themes)
(Spoiler free as long as you don't understand Chinese. Album for those who just wanted to scroll the pictures without those annoying text. Cropped version of Pathway groups + emblems)

If some pictures turned out blurry, just open them. Definitely high resolution. Original Post Link is inside the Album if you wanted to read OP's thoughts ;)

Lord of the Mysteries · C901
2 weeks ago

Red_beard: Lith: I'm the most broken person ever.
Redan: Hold my knife!

Supreme Magus · C395
3 weeks ago

Doc_E_Style: Austin is quite terrifying. He knows of HX potential, has seen his loyalty to Ames and still decides to invest in him, while knowing about the observers mark on Zoel, and all that with a smile on his face. Good character design!

The Legendary Mechanic · C615
1 month ago
Or it's just hinting at the Fool's "trash trove" above the gray fog. The seal seems like a symbol of the gray fog I don't see the rat demi-god who knows nothing about it able to use the 2 symbols of the Fool by pure luck ...

The interesting question is why can she feel it. I guess the gray fog is not as effective a shield against people who are often summoned there ... which would also mean that as she grows stronger she might be able to uncover Klein's identity ... that's clearly something he should worry about. View More

Alessan: At first look it seems like the Treasure Castle is likely fake and just a manipulation by the Rat Demigod but the specific detail of two Tarot Cards makes it seem as if it’s not so simple. Perhaps it really does exist and the Rat wants to use other people to help him obtain the treasure?

As for the Tarot Cards I’m assuming they are Cards of Blasphemy. If so it’s likely the Marauder Pathway card and another card. Perhaps Apprentice since the Pathways connect and Seer is somewhere else? Hopefully Klein gets involved, not because it would necessarily be good for him but because it will be entertaining for us to read about!

Lord of the Mysteries · C861
1 month ago
I'm really considering dropping this one. While the potential seems there the pace is just horrible ... View More
Fatal Shot · C173
1 month ago

X_C: Church evernight: better provide some sleeping spa to our VIP... if he goes kaput... then there goes our extra allowances...
Klien: 😑😑😑 I’m trying to have beauty sleep....
Will: oi... sparrow... how come you don’t consider that when you come and spam me with questions... I’m an unborn fetus!!!!😒😒😒
Klien: er.... you’re level 1.., doesn’t count... neways... we will meet soon...😏😘
Will: 😱😱😱😱

Lord of the Mysteries · C803
1 month ago
Well HX's prophecy said that Ember is going to die soon ish and that prophetic ability is supposedly never wrong so I really doubt that. View More

tektite: Hope Ember actually dies at this point but I also have a feeling that it will be the DarkStar leader that be sacrificed....

The Legendary Mechanic · C590
1 month ago
I'm 100% certain I don't (it really is easy to track your fast-pass gain). From the look of it I'm not the only one.

The interesting question is why would some people get another fast-pass and some would not. View More

Lulubell: Nah, you get two, promise ! With the add you get a fast-pass and exp.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C209
1 month ago

half_empty: I’ll keep my condolences. Scum have no need for them 💀

The First Order · C93
1 month ago
You only get one from the check-in though. The bonus you get from the ad is just 5xp no free pass. View More

Lulubell: Yeah, there are the double check-in, the power stones and the vote with energy stones to gain 4 fast-pass per day.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C209
1 month ago

JCor: Can you get 4 passes a day? I use the app, and as far as I am aware 3 is the maximum due to the bonus reward from watching an add only giving 5 exp for some reason.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C210
1 month ago
Same View More

JCor: Can you get 4 passes a day? I use the app, and as far as I am aware 3 is the maximum due to the bonus reward from watching an add only giving 5 exp for some reason.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C210
1 month ago
It seems like they aren't ...
I'm really curious how their pay is determined. I guess a % of the money earned by webnovel on their book is a given (so something based on coins spent) but I would expect an incentive on power stone too I guess ...

Anyway, I use the app and since they removed the video (which happened before the fast pass implementation anyway) I can only earn 3 fast pass per day. Am I missing something? View More

Lulubell: Yeah it's sad... I can't afford to put money on webnovel, but I don't want to use fast pass too... But the coins I oarded are slowly decreasing. Are the authors still paid with fast pass ?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C209
1 month ago
Well we got the previous one for free so technically consider that yesterday you bought the missing one View More

Seaspike: Really, you mess up chapter order, so I have to buy it a second time?

Fatal Shot · C152
1 month ago
It seems like we skipped a chapter. Probably the group POV of the attack and the gold python kill ... View More
Fatal Shot · C151
2 months ago
1st View More
Versatile Mage · C898
2 months ago

Nyanodesu: Does paying with fast passes affect the author’s benefits? If so, that’s kinda dumb.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C205
2 months ago

EternalNirvana: MWAHAHAHA! Taste the power of the black cockroach!😂

The Legendary Mechanic · C574
2 months ago
Just a thought though ... Shiro admitting that she was bloodthirsty back then and it's kind of a dark past is pretty big too ...

I mean, we already know that her bloodlust is endless with her killing intent being what it is. Just picture what would result with her at full strength and "bloodthirsty" (because if Shiro says she was you can be sure that she was as bloodthirsty as a vampire after a thousand year nap).

Having released such a monster into the world I can understand how, as the light goddess chosen, he was compelled to put a stop to her.

As far as we know, that statue that she found did not exist back then. It makes you wonder what event was it celebrating ...

So personally, I look forward to Shiro finding her past self trail even more so than finding the hero's trail. Sure she will deny everything she could but the author has clearly something in mind. View More

Yue_Hajime: We finally found out that asshole Hero's name

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C190
2 months ago
Not sure how you can see that happening. Lith has no idea how to heal wounds to the soul or the mind (and that's obviously also true for Solus).
If he had any idea how to he would have tried something on himself. Quylla definitely does not have his willpower and even he has said several times that without Solus he would not have lasted or been so "tamed". View More

Zaikurin: Probably not... I can't imagine Lith not fixing her after this incident.... He will probably have to come clean with his friends about his past to help her though... He will probably make her own it too... There's just so much to fix after this though... FYI new headmaster Orion or Jirni o_O

Supreme Magus · C315
2 months ago
Well love is a strong word indeed but Yurial was her first crush when she got in the school. It was mentioned several times (notably the part about her feeling stupid about it) .She overcame it by falling for the perfect image of Lith she made up.

As for the strength of their friendship, I can't consider their bond anything but strong after everything they have lived through together. Sure, some part of him disgust her (or used to at the very least) but in a life and death situation she would not even question letting her fate in his hands and that's not something you can do with just friends you don't entirely trust. View More

Drakzil: Yurial isn't Quylla's first love; her first love was Lith. Don't know about good friend, but he was a friend at least.
Agree on her probably being broken from now onwards

Supreme Magus · C315
2 months ago
She got mindrapped into killing her first love and good friend and nearly killing her only mother figure.

Needless to say that her mind is utterly crushed (not that her will was her strong point to begin with).

At the very least it would take several years of living as a vegetable trying to kill herself now and then before she should even start to slowly recover.

The only "good" news is that the author does not seem sadistic enough to let it drag that long (he will need a closure to the traitor arc). But I really would not keep my hopes up for Quylla. As far as I'm concerned she is as good as dead in the story from now on (and I have no doubt anybody would rather be dead than be in her place). View More

scarlett1414: Jirni, you save Quylla at least for now. I really hope you can save her ven now.

Poor Yurial, poor thing.

Supreme Magus · C315
2 months ago
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