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tlst: Or you know, they were Faqing.

The King's Avatar - For The Glory · C18
3 days ago

Lord_Autumn_Leaf: YX coming back home few years ago

YX's dad: Don't come back here. I have no loser son

After YX wins his 4th championship with Happy and the debut of the World Championships

YX's dad: Don't come back here unless you win the world championship. I have no loser son

The King's Avatar · C1728
1 week ago
Exp View More
Exp Book · C37
1 week ago
At the rate of exp gain now, I'd need 20 exp for almost 1.5 years to level up to lv7. And then for level 8... View More
Exp Book · C36
1 week ago

CreamAndCookies: Sadly I agree. I relied more in telling rather than showing and I am guilty of using dialogue as exposition. But then again, going through the entire plot thoroughly would extend the novel at least 300 more chapters and I don't have the energy for that. I cringe everytime I read earlier and even later chapters.

Thank you. Really. Webnovels need more proper reviews to improve their quality.

The Union
2 weeks ago

irlsgirl: It's not about "man up and face him in the arena." The Unspecialized is an obsolete class that took two people's brains to bring to the competitive stage: Su Muqiu's design of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella and Ye Xiu's deep familiarity with ALL classes. Fighting Lord Grim is actually like fighting a 24-man tag team with an arsenal of 120 low-level moves and 9 high-level moves (even if they're only at level 1) that takes away the concept of "cool down". How much time do you think will it take to be able to predict the flow of a player who can pull that off?

The King's Avatar · C1529
3 months ago
This story needs to be a comic. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C12
5 months ago
Sigh... Webnovel should have a feature where dropped novels are put up for translators to pick up. View More
Thriller Paradise · C187
5 months ago
(Blue) Rain, (blue) rain, go away, come again some other season, little Ye Xiu wants a championship. View More

FRANKZS: Finally Ye Xiu use umbrella in a proper way after 1431 chapters

The King's Avatar · C1431
5 months ago

Rii_sama: I also hate harem. There a lot of good stories destroyed because of harem. I will try this story because you said it good. 😊

Unlimited Spells Works - A Harry Potter fic.
6 months ago
Hope you get better soon 😊 View More

Heavenly_Darkness: Exp from the hospital

Release That Witch · C1457
6 months ago

Zenkat: Everyone for the past 1400+ chapters: where are the tanks!!!
Author: f*k you heres a flying island, i do what I want, we`re going studio ghibli now.

Release That Witch · C1446
7 months ago
Too much of a hassle for most people if done manually. Might be easier if a script was created to do this automatically. On the other hand, if you don't want to deal with all the SS crap, then just head to the Qidian underground subreddit to read all novels (except for originals) for free. View More

cerebrus6: For those who struggles for Spirit Stones and still don't know this trick.

Make dozens of google accounts, then use those accounts to make dozens of facebook accounts or even twitter accounts. Now you have three dozens accounts which yields about at least 10 spirit stones each day. A bit of a hassle but you can complete a premium novel without paying a single coin. Here is a hack, treasure it as it exists or before the WebNovel team erases it.

No need for thanks, just helping fellow daoists in the Way of Reading.

Release That Witch · C1428
7 months ago
Try giving it to your local cultivator instead. Or cultivator undead, either one. View More

AUDO: I gave out exp for Halloween but the hordes of undead were not satisfied.

Exp Book · C35
8 months ago
Lol Totolock got locked out of further appearances. View More

Acedus: So if we count the number of chaps that these two have appeared for, that would be this chap, the last chap and the end of Smarty's death chap. If they manage to survive for another chap or die at the end of the next chap, we can say that they survived for 3 and a bit chaps. Which is actually high for RTW minor villain standards.

Also would like to point out that these two had more chaptime than freakin Totolock if anyone remembers who that is.

Release That Witch · C1373
9 months ago
All that Exp, and nowhere to go past level 6. View More

AUDO: its not about how you played the game it is about did you get exp

Exp Book · C34
9 months ago

Dante_The_Immortal: It's also seems the attack seems a bit realistic though I don't remember how big planes went to 25 numbers well it was quite some time it was 4 so more productive and also seeing small things like truck broke down in ditch and two planes lost their way these small things make the Novel a bit realistic which is nice at least for me that is 😚

Release That Witch · C1338
9 months ago
Of course the power of love wins... View More

LordShadowmoon: Thanks!

Child of Light · C354
9 months ago
If God isn't omnipotent, then who is? View More

LordShadowmoon: Thanks!

Child of Light · C332
9 months ago
That title chapter could also be the name of a Hentai chapter. View More

LordShadowmoon: Thanks!

Child of Light · C307
9 months ago
They're like the Power Rangers. View More

LordShadowmoon: Thanks!

Child of Light · C272
9 months ago

SuperPork: He took her home when she was 5, 4 years went by and she was 15. Good math...

Child of Light · C265
9 months ago
Exp. View More

Curse_Mark: Exp

Child of Light · C258
9 months ago
That should go double for Happy's fans. View More

Byakuei86: "Today's victory was all thanks to An Wenyi's outstanding performance."
"What? Did no one notice?"
"Did you watch the match?"

pfft HAHAH great Job god Ye!!!! grind them al too dust they surely blind because they can't see the deciding point of match!! no all hater just SHUT UP!!! all is too noob to judge but act like they entitle for it

The King's Avatar · C1313
9 months ago
Obviously. MC continues to be absolutely retarded. View More

Demon_Daoist_Asura: Sigh..... Su He Mo has definetly betrayed them........ sigh.......

Child of Light · C219
9 months ago
Webnovel censors the weirdest things. View More

Valibor: S im ple*

Child of Light · C218
9 months ago
The shamelessness spreads. View More

Whimsical_Feather: Why is it such a DEJAVU??
Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ))))
~so An Wenyi took the chance to make a request: "With me here, we don't need this many Clerics. Add some more DPS so we can go faster and kick out some healers for the next dungeon."

The King's Avatar · C1285
10 months ago
From Battle God to Aggro King. A good compliment to the Grind King. View More

Technothepig: Ye Xiu continues showing off his legendary ability to attract aggro.

The King's Avatar · C1269
10 months ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu, the spokesperson of Zhou Zekai 😂😂😂

The King's Avatar · C1256
10 months ago

MAO_QUI: Ye Xiu is truly a God Level Troller.

The King's Avatar · C1256
10 months ago
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