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Birth of the Demonic Sword · C25
1 day ago

Loldassjs: Strongest Abandoned Son

Legend of Swordsman · C30
1 week ago

AegisGold: Ye Mo go back to your own novel stop fucking around in this novel man

Legend of Swordsman · C30
1 week ago

ImpaledDread: John Wick Called.... He needs a ride. lol

Rise of The Undead Legion · C364
2 weeks ago

Bribraso: Like for real, not really interested in the plot based irl,...tho the "in-game" plot is beating all other stories I've read where a character is either reincarnated or possesses another body / has a system or is "lvling" like in a game...how does your mind work, keep it up...although moonlight sculpter kept my attention for a bit...your story is addictive.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C313
2 weeks ago
Does the author know how fucking big a 50 BMG round is??? Its definitely not a pistol round View More
Fatal Shot · C139
4 weeks ago

MandabulltheMad: A 3 edged military stiletto...that is just a god damn triangle spike bayonet that has a regular handle. Military stiletto my right arsecheek. Author or translator can just use the official name for it instead of a try-hard name that makes it sound more than what it actually is.

Fatal Shot · C21
4 weeks ago

ILikeFurries: Chinese is the Language of the future HaHA

Fatal Shot · C3
4 weeks ago

randoeveryman: If that vesian expert pilot passes the non cfa exam I am going to call bs.

The Mech Touch · C899
1 month ago
The rifling in the barrel dictates the twist rate of the bullet. Not the bullet itself View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C166
1 month ago

Chrysenthium: Psychopathic 250 mecha clan:
" We will survive. At any cost. We will defeat any enemy, slogg through any torture; complete any training. We will fight, collect, spy, organize, train and become stronger than anyone. We will do anything.....😤
To avoid training or punishment from Boss 😭"
* says the 250 mecha clan members as they turn into a bunch of weak willed flowers, crying without restrain*
Ling Lan:....Little blossom, what do I look like to them?
Little Blossom: * no filter* You're absolutely terrifying Boss~

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C687
2 months ago

KingAkaron: Blood Skeleton Official:

"Why do I hear boss music?"

Versatile Mage · C684
3 months ago

Zedsdeadbaby: Communism?!?
Comrade, steel production is down!
I say comrade, you must sleep on the ground!

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C16
4 months ago

Cunt_Dooku: More like Lord Grim

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C14
4 months ago

bald_daoist: This is the fight that i like. Not the ones in other novels that needs to have some face slapping or bickering in about 90 % of the chapters. You know what i mean if you read other novels. Lol.

The Devil's Cage · C617
6 months ago

LoliDaoist: Kieran, Kieran, does what a devil and a spider can~ Spins a web, any size, obliterates silly mages with hell fire~ Look out! Here comes Kieran~

The Devil's Cage · C308
6 months ago

Biako: Dont want to answer this for plot reasons

Rise of The Undead Legion · C261
6 months ago
I think its a mobile thing. I only read on my computer so i havent gotten the monthly subscription because I don't know of it translates to the website or just for mobile View More

Sin_of_Sloth: As far as I know the only option you have is to pay per chapter... what subscription are you talking about?

The Devil's Cage
6 months ago

Tetractys: Oran berries!? *spits*

Give this might lion sitrus berries!

Monster Pet Evolution · C382
6 months ago

PopcornSectSenior: This has finally become League. Damn, took those bastards long enough

Legend of Legends · C477
6 months ago
PRAISE View More

GreatDemonKing: Praise the slowpoke sect (/'-')/

Legend of Legends · C439
7 months ago

GreatDemonKing: Praise the slowpoke sect (/'-')/

Legend of Legends · C439
7 months ago

BattleLord: While celebrating his naming day Zhao Hui asked, "Big Brothers Wang, Wan why is Old Man Zhao Feng cultivating the Soul Splitting Technique to another level? Is he going to make a Clone from the the eyes of experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land?"
With hands on his hips and an aura of superiority, Zhao Wan said, "Pah...lease, the Old Man reject weak eye Bloodlines. Only one of the 8 Eye Bloodlines like ours are worthy. Before your body was a pile of life-type materials, we used five Eye Bloodlines to power the Samsara secret eye technique, resulting in a world defying attack! The Old Man plans to recreate this technique."
Zhao Hui's jade green eyes nearly popped at the idea. "Wow! I'm going to be someone's older Clone!?", he exclaimed.
The older Clones exchanged glances, "How is this possible!? We tell Little Brother he is a vital part of a heaven defying power and he sees this as a chance to be someone's Senior. What is wrong with young Clones these days?"

King of Gods · C1211
7 months ago

King_Raerae0: And the harem grew by one pussy that day

Dual Cultivation · C129
7 months ago
I wonder which sword he will get View More
Legend of Legends · C418
8 months ago
First first! View More
Legend of Legends · C418
8 months ago

Filler: Cocaine is a hell of a drug

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C212
8 months ago

Buster: I forgot this death courter'er was still courting death

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C174
8 months ago

Ryu97: Can someone kill Lear already? He's getting way too much screen time wew.

Tempest of the Stellar War · C753
8 months ago

Chaotic: There ALWAYS has to be a fatty friend in a wuxia novel

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C18
8 months ago
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