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Kurosis: was so exited was like finally a remonster fan fiction....then the gender bender hit and was like nooooo fkkkkkk all my expectations just evaporated :(

gf me....

Re:Monster - World's Reversal
8 hours ago

Kurosis: if you put a warning at the synopsis then i wouldn't have even bothered to review let alone comment, you got my expectations up and wasted my time. and yes i did read more than "0" chapters lol or i would have just given you a 1* no instead its 2.2*(good grammar and world) if it makes u feel better that is my honest review...

Sorry if u think my opinion is lame and good luck with your story

Re:Monster - World's Reversal
8 hours ago
Literally any wuxia novel:) View More

Karl621: Can u post a link?

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C128
1 day ago

luke1bm: I prefer quality over quantity.

Theres no way these chapters would be so good if there were 3 a day. Plus most authors on webnovel make less than minimum wage jobs, i think its better for the author to enjoy writing than for it to feel like a chore.

Too many people think that authors are robots, every novel on here with 14 chaps a week has several mistakes in each chapter and the community always complains about it, but as soon as its 7 chaps a week but better then people complain about it only being 1 chap a day.

Just dont pressure the author and let him do what he wants with his novel.

Supreme Magus · C229
4 days ago

Texteel: Legion you better pull something amazing out of your hat.
Something that makes it all worth this stupidity from the characters.
I cannot make you change what you wanted/planned to write, but if you pull a GoT on us, you will never hear the end of it.

Supreme Magus · C227
6 days ago

Wlsnbilyb: This getting kinda ridiculous, he's literally going insane with grief. Just tell him protector is alive so he can recover and learn from his mistake rather than wallow in misery till he kills himself

Supreme Magus · C227
6 days ago
You just didn't see the first draft. He killed the bully and a lot of homeless. Dozens of people. View More

Kakombo: Where the **** are you all seeing murder and killing. There has been no killing yet. And it was only one kid(the bully) who was seriously harmed. But I do agree to the mc being mental.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C2
6 days ago

Soawn: Water. Water. One water.
20% plot. 80% of the descriptions. This is not a novel. This is a game guide. The most detailed, which devotes entire chapters to a superficial description of the class. And then another chapter, which describes a part of the class skills. But this is only the beginning of suffering.
Describe skills, classes, battle systems ............... and do not show in the plot. Describe the skills and class, but in the plot show through 100-150 chapters this, of course, without forgetting 2-3 chapters to repeat the previous descriptions.
The main minus of the novel is that the author makes a guide to the game, not a novel.
And of course REPETITIONS. Repeat every 5 chapters as far as legends are cool, with a description of their coolness. And to say how MC is far from them. What for?
From the pros, MC. Nice world.

But the main minus is a huge amount of description. Literally describing damage calculation formulas. WHAT FOR? You do not play the game. You cannot manage this data.

Abyss Domination
6 days ago

DemonicPanda: Why does your comments have such a pressure accompanying them?

Rebirth in Bleach · C88
6 days ago
More like: "Kill them, and you'll get food for free!" View More

DumbyAccount: I bet all of Mag opponent will be conquered by his food and then he will banned them all to his restaurant to take his revenge 😁😁.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C114
1 week ago

criticalmind: Yeah... The decimal system was invented by indians...

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C100
1 week ago

LiamTigh: SHHH!!!! The Mainland Chinese media doesn't want their people to know that, because nationalism.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C100
1 week ago

arjunks1000: The decimal system was invented by the Indians in between 1st and 4th century. It was adopted in Arabic mathematics and then it was adopted by many other mathematicians. It became popular worldwide with the advent of printing.

So where does china come in, well china had a numeral system which was not as good. Then they adopted the decimal system later on.

Now here is an interesting fact. The Chinese were the first to start using decimal fractions in 4th century BC. Therefore in China they believe that it was the Chinese who made the decimal system with Indians only providing a small contribution.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C100
1 week ago

Araal: Clever, clever author. Also, you are evil and sadistic.

*mumbles* Also, thank you for giving back my characters.

Supreme Magus · C221
1 week ago

AllanV: Wth? They survived?! Give me my tears back, bastard.

Supreme Magus · C221
1 week ago

_SupremeBeing_: The MC is the son of two extremely powerful beings and has two types of bloodlines, both of them are top-notch even in God Realm.

Even with that, the MC can’t be stronger than a person that began training after him, a human that is ‘slightly’ stronger than him, even with him evolving his bloodlines.

Conclusion: The Author keeps making him weaker than someone just because he wants, the MC is a total disappointment in any aspects, the Author keep making some paragraphs that say things like “Now I’m so strong that x can’t beat me” then, he make him lose to a KID with 11 year old that surprisingly is stronger than him. If you are like me, that is patient to read that many chapters, despite the huge disappointment, go ahead. If no, don’t even read.

Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System
2 weeks ago

PrimalKaos: Why so many folks are in for a "dark Lith" so much ??? Darkness born out of grief or rage is impure, shortlived, edgy and reversible....no we need a DARK LORD an entity not controlled by darkness but ruler of it, not an edgy teenager but a true unpredictable boogeyman who makes u wish you were born in a different multiverse because he is strong enough to mess u up even in the reincarnation cycle...that is true darkness not that Sasuke-ish thingy fanboys love so much !

Supreme Magus · C219
2 weeks ago

SlimPotato: The Author is on a killing spree. You know you're killing a small part of your readers too, right? 😭

Supreme Magus · C219
2 weeks ago

ZackN: I find it incredibly stupid to be honest. So far it is Odin reincarnated himself and two of his wives(I don’t remember which it should be in the synopsis) and he was reincarnated seventeen years after his wives were, they were reincarnated into children while he was reincarnated into a seventeen year old. If you know about Odin then you know he cheated a lot so this story is mainly about him getting back with his wives. Basically the wives are mad that he cheated so much in their previous life and want him to beg to get back with them(even though they did the exact same thing to him just not as much). So I think the story is absolute s**t, at first I though it would be Odin and his wives were reborn together and they grew powerful together, whereas instead it is about Odin whom only thinks with his d*ck tries to get back with his two wife’s while cheating on them at the same time.

Odin in the Wizarding World
2 weeks ago

Firaenial: I'm Not Crying, You're Crying...
Obvious Death flag is obvious, Farewell Kalla, you were an amazing mother !

Supreme Magus · C216
2 weeks ago

scarlett1414: Kalla is so kind 🥰 I love her even more, she is just my kind of good powerful undead!
I hope she will be okay, please Author don't let anything happen to her 😭

Supreme Magus · C216
2 weeks ago
It's more like AI learning, than a hive mind. View More
Supreme Magus · C214
2 weeks ago
You like your own comments...
What can I say, likes are likes, no matter how they are attained. View More

FilledWithHope: I like a dark MC.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C2
2 weeks ago

leovia: Maybe the undead will help Yurial escape his predicament. Hope so.

Supreme Magus · C211
3 weeks ago

WhySoCereal5: [Special Evolution: Cliff Sage. +15 bonus readers anguish, +20 readers rage. This evolution includes a free Evil author smirk, Author power fantasy upgrades are discounted]

Chrysalis · C174
3 weeks ago

AzureWolf: This story has interesting concepts but, the grammar is really atrocious. There are other stories on this site that are even worse then this, however, I'm not going to be nice because of this. I understand that some people keep saying in the comments that the writing quality gets better at ch 18 or around ch 32. In the end I could not drag my self across the floor to reach such chapters.

One of the main points I don't understand about the author is why if he has an editor already, just ask him to redo all your previous chapters. The author is dragging away potential readers due to not editing his starting chapters.

Point 2. I feel like I'm reading a children's book due to all the sound effects. These sound effects take away from a story unless a child is reading them because most children don't know what most stuff sound like. That is why most children's books have the cow goes "moo" or the sheep goes "baa". It gives kids a 3 in 1 training. Training their vocals, reading comprehension and their understanding of what stuff sounds like.

Point 2b. As an ***** with the understanding of the English language and sounds. I feel offended when I see a written sound effect. I know what a sword sound makes when it hits something with different densities. It just irks me because its like the author is saying "This is what it sound like to me and you should believe me." No... I don't believe sirens go "siren...siren" or swords go "slice" like their talking. Even the sound effects are off putting.

Point 3: The cultivation is strange. I understand that being Original in concept is what authors should do. However, the cultivation with the steam punk vib (engine) and cultivation just don't mix well. I like the part about the soul-bonding, but, it could have been better executed.

Point 4: The animals are puppets as far as I can tell. The start of the novel it shows the personality of the creatures and that was a good start, however, right as the soul binding was completed It was like the creatures them selves don't have their own thoughts anymore. It is more along the line as the people turn them into puppets then project their emotions into their soul-bonded puppet to be more like the host.

Point 5: The MC does not have a solid goal. Yes, he wants to be in that championship thing but that does not make him insane about doing the most efficient cultivation training which most people fail at. The reason I do not believe this is due to the fact he lived a very normal life with his family. No sane person would tarnish such a thing. If the story showed he had a desire to be recognized due to certain bad pasts then I would believe it more.

There are other points I could point out. But I don't know if the author can even read English so adding anymore would just be a waste of time for me and the reader of this wall of text.

Monster Integration
3 weeks ago

JokeDagger: So most earth and queens have cream pie sac that gets filled in 1 week and the amount of "genetic material" inside can last for decades ?! No wonder the guys shrivel up and die, it's like a bukake with a succubus/vaccume hybrid😂😂😂

Chrysalis · C129
3 weeks ago
I already hate this new ant View More
Chrysalis · C128
3 weeks ago


MC seems to be an idiot. He gets 4 wishes... uses 2 of them, individually, for different pets. A wolf. and a Dragon.
3rd wish is that THEIR strength will match HIS. soo.... nerfed the dragon, and got a wolf for the price of a wish... cuz those are SOOO rare.
Last wish is for a system... Honestly figured this was gonna go the annoying system route at this point. (i.e. forced quests ripoff prices, penalties for anything and everything...)
Luckily, so far... the system seems legit.
Unfortunately... the MC is still an idiot. As soon as he is born, lucks out (escaping death) by getting a dimensional pocket garden of eden, where he spends the next several years. Growing up on OP resources (that seem to have no effect on him since he is still "very weak").
Then MC, who has by this point saved up a little more than 1 mil. system points for the shop... spends 100k on an appraisal ability so he can examine his pets...

Then, he spends what left of his points on food and drinks for them.
Nothing to improve himself...
No ID Create/Escape.
No special martial arts, magic, qi, or chakra whatever.
sigh... 10 chapter in, and the only reason I am still with this story is because of how hillarious and awesome the FIRST TWO chapters were.
Hoping story picks up again... we'll see.
For now, Story is still added to my library... but not a need-to-read. since the stupidity feels like it's giving me cancer.

Marvels Number1 Assassin
3 weeks ago
So... Will the other body act automatically or just sleep? It may and will cause trouble. And what about mental fatigue, which will pile up even if bodies are rested? View More
Re:Goblin (Hiatus) (Rewrite Due) · C1
3 weeks ago
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