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Furthermore, didn't they hand in the form already? I am pretty sure there was rule of banning this sort of behaviour in the competition or it would be meaningless. View More

TheeUnknownSaint: That’s pretty f*cked up Lol, MC didn’t do a thing and they’re being unreasonable to a kid in poverty

Let Me Game in Peace · C12
21 hours ago
I am just pissed that these ants are the sizes of horses and they still get whooped by the mcs. Like seriously, ants can lift 10 times there body weight, and these ants are the size of horses. HORSES! View More

MeChan25: gonna be pissed if his dad did something to keep him from participating so he'd go to the wedding

Let Me Game in Peace · C11
21 hours ago
But Imagine the amount of money the corpses of these ants could fetch tho. The mc is ignoring the real gold mine here. View More

Hnn17: An egg found in an antnest gotta be an ant right

Let Me Game in Peace · C10
21 hours ago
I am just suprised the constable was 8 ft tall. Holy god. View More

Lebensohl: What happened to the title? "Seeking the Flying Sword Path" isn't good English. Path of the Soaring Sword was better

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C1
2 days ago
It's like Minecraft. The moment you die you loss all your stuff, unless you have setting changed View More

noobageddon_: What happen with his 150m shot in the wild on the first ch?being in the forest with wind disturbance is harder than an competition with an slight wind.

King of Sports · C6
4 days ago
I agree these plebs still think they are special with some superpower. View More

SmilingReader: I think people still have the misconception of humans not using 100% of their brain when they actually do. It's just that different parts of the brain are used for regulating the body and not just for conscious thought.

The First Order · C181
5 days ago
I mean he is the only one left in the Li Consortium View More

Konkey_Dong: Damn this guy just made a legion of hypnotized resident zombies. He must've been really ostracized by the Li Consortium.

The First Order · C178
1 week ago
it is called Chinese propaganda. Very original of the website. View More

Fragrantpig: Whats up with Chinese mixed up in-between, The translator know that this is "English translation" right. If we could read Chinese we would not be here, right!

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C1
1 week ago

EchoSirius93Lobo: This should fukin embarrass Qidian. To let their international Webnovel site distribute their dirty laundry. Its one thing to export Nationalism but another to show off how fukin racist your people can get. Webnovel should filter his stuff to keep it off he site. If you can't write racist content on comments or in forum wth are you allowing it in your novels.

I'm going get some dumbass taking their precious time to 'educate' me once again or call me a snowflake, even though I won't be reading their message.

This novel needs to hurry past this or it'll be another novel I drop

The Almighty Ring · C104
1 week ago
a npc can never understand the greatness of a player View More

alwaysareader: Han Tianyu: Little brother wants to practice self defense sure.
An hour later.
Han Tianyu: WTF dis little brother is human or a monster.
Tnks for da chapter.

The Almighty Ring · C97
1 week ago
ddd View More

Bloodilicious: So you mean to say that all fictional works that include terrorism or references to terror acts should be banned?
This is purely ***** and absolutely impossible to demand.

Example. People blowing themselves upp to injure or kill large groups.
That example will make most scream "Terrorist!"
But we still have cultivation based novels where people self destruct their "cultivation core/artifact/whatever" to kill whole kingdoms, groups or sects.
No one screams terrorist to those authors as far as I know.

Yes. Terrorist acts are horrible. Wars are horrible. Abuse is horrible. Murder is horrible. Rape is horrible. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Will people stop making movies about horrible events? No!
Will people stop writing about horrible acts like those mentioned? No!
Will people at the very least stop talking or joke about it then? Absolutely not!

I mean for gods sake, some people USE JOKES as a way to cope with whatever awful events they might have been exposed to.

If what I have written above offends you or otherwise make you upset with me, please stop surfing the internet or seek help.
Since then you need to find ways to distance yourself from other peoples opinions and/or actions.

This is just my opinion of course. Do as you wish.
I really don't care more than the time I spent writing this.

Thank you to the author! Keep up the work! 👍

The Almighty Ring · C96
1 week ago

shelwyn: Harem? Fk I was scammed! - Mengmeng

The Almighty Ring · C94
1 week ago
steroids on steroids. Basically anyone who consume it become Lu Sheng's Devil form temporary. View More

ParoParo: So what is the effect of blue pots in real life?

The Almighty Ring · C65
1 week ago
Yea so the filth should be brown or yellow not black. View More

attack_the_turnip: So that means in cultivation novels when they are covered in toxins that were removed from the body they are covered in,..

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C19
1 week ago
Lol I thought it say next level lol View More

Hnn17: mc neglecting his uni lectures and tutorials to stay home and play videogames, this is a neet novel.

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C17
1 week ago
So eypgtian god Horus needs offering. Great at least it is not Satan yet.. View More

BlueDragonHatch: Usually an avatar is a mortal serving as the vessel of a god

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C12
2 weeks ago
Lmao how much does a domestic flight cost in Korea. 50 bucks? View More

shelwyn: It's in Korean won, one of those currencies that's worth is in the millions compared to normal currencies. 5,000,000 Korean won iant even $5,000 USD LOL its $4,250 usd. Lmao.

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C6
2 weeks ago
They control the 4 elements. Air water fire and finally earth. View More

Max255: So who are the avatars? This term is so confusing

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C5
2 weeks ago
This reminds me of Burned Knuckles from Lookism. View More

Snikaer: I think he's an Ex-Delinquent.
-His Sister said her classmates know our MC's reputation
-He asked his sister if she's getting bullied in school, if so he'll ask his "boys" to protect her.

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C4
2 weeks ago
And a drug addicted Mc I like it. View More

Snikaer: By the looks of it, this novel won't have any virtual system or Game RPG stuffs, just plain old Sci-fi-Monster-Apocalypse-God-bringing-end-to-the world vibe... I like it.

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C3
2 weeks ago
Guys I always have this nightmare where the very first chapter of a released novel is premium. I don't know if it is a premonition, but the way qidian is going... View More

kugguj: Qidian does an awful job of promoting its Korean novels, 1 month and this has 3k views and 0 comments aside from the one I'm posting after discovering it 10 seconds ago

Return of the Legendary Hunter · C1
2 weeks ago
it like whenever I play league. I deal the most damage but nooo my freaking pig teammates somehow still get the kill. View More

Otaking: TMW you just want to slaughter an entire organization with your newfound power but your sister and her underlings just keep on kill stealing, don't you just hate it when that happens?

Way of the Devil · C626
2 weeks ago
Nah just say it. I find it oddly suspicious that only one guy in an entire f***** CITY in CHINA knows Tai Chi. View More

Kaeri17: I wanted to say something smart but realised I'm stupid.

The Ultimate All-Rounder · C10
2 weeks ago
nah it is more like eat all evil ghosts path View More

McDroppedAsABaby: *Spoiler Aler* (just a guess though)
Definitely a ghost infested carriage. This is probably the turning point for Lu Sheng (eradicate all evil ghosts path).
Thanks for the chapter.

Way of the Devil · C82
2 weeks ago
Its like diamond. It is only expensive because the market is controlled. View More

mrttao: >Ice prawn is so common a casual scoop gets a bunch of them
>Super expensive
this doesn't add up

Way of the Devil · C1
2 weeks ago
"Needless to say, his combat methods increased from 50 to 90 points. It already surpassed more than 90% of the population in the world"
Now this just bs because this mc spend like 2 weeks fighting and he is already claiming that he is in the 90% percentile. At best he is at the 20%. Everyone else is not lazy as this f****** think they are View More
Godly Model Creator · C3
2 weeks ago
I am not surprised cuz this gov is modelled of an existing gov. View More

Tyler89558: Wouldn't model analysis be a pretty useful ability as you could use it to safely examine some technology and find a way for it to work? So it's useful for science which is inherently useful for any highly complex civilization. Sure fighting abilities are good in the short term but having someone who can find ways to upgrade this without as much experimentation which can be costly and dangerous would be a pretty big plus. Had no idea that the governments are so shortsighted to classify all non-fighting abilities as weak and useless.

Godly Model Creator · C1
2 weeks ago
Nah it is all those drugs he took for practice finally showing its affefct View More

EdwardR: Cultivate too much until Berserk?

Lord Xue Ying · C9
2 weeks ago

tgoh147: 但是它是后宫。

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits
2 weeks ago
I just like how having leaking meridians automatically make u a waste. Like seriously, can't he train his body instead of chi for the three years when he was crippled? View More

EternalAngel: Revenge on the way 😎

Nine Astra Skies · C4
3 weeks ago
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