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Darkwing: I feel like Yu Gufeng won't choose Qin Yun because he think Qin Yun won't survive his 12th tribulation

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C705
8 months ago
More please View More
Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior · C22
8 months ago

Curiosity44: i get excited every time i wake up and realize its Saturday so i can enjoy the triple release, thanks author!

A Warrior's Path · C177
9 months ago

Tsai: Surprise, Mothaf*cka! I activated my trap-card

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C654
10 months ago


Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C120
10 months ago

Lord_Fate_Master: Why do the most of author of popular fanfic are Cliffhanger Master??? 😭😭😭

A Warrior's Path · C160
10 months ago

Ouidj: This is EPIC
Author-san you're awesome

A Warrior's Path · C160
10 months ago
What an unholy cliff View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C641
10 months ago
Mihawk View More
A Warrior's Path · C145
10 months ago

MohamedRost: Hawkeye

A Warrior's Path · C145
10 months ago

YoungestKing: she better not die or I killa you!!!

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C149
10 months ago

Elzurdomaldito: Author, I have a new knife that I wanna try on you
No big deal, right?

I'm in Domestic Na Kanojo! · C53
11 months ago

TheMountainScholar: If I claim to be second would any Daoist here dare claim to be first?

11 months ago

Truewater: "Palace Master, I'd like my head to be removed!"

Legend of Swordsman · C148
11 months ago

Issou: Lived like an Alpha, Died like an Alpha, don't make him reincarnate as a Beta please

A Warrior's Path · C1
1 year ago

BrightDawn: The content has been deleted

Greater Than Gods: Chojusen Akimichi [Complete: I'm On The Job Editting~ This Is What I'm Suppose To Write, Right?] · C111
1 year ago

leshof: Just give us a faster release rate! This suspense is killing!

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C558
1 year ago

Suicidal: That plot twist caught me off guard

Sage system: Worlds Collide · C21
1 year ago

NotReader: WANTED
@Christa (True King of the pirates's Author)
Reward 1000 chapter (ask author 😝)

True King of the Pirates · C130
1 year ago

razeaC: Not invited? of course, you are, come come.. sit down, this chair is specifically for those that are about to go to hell. have a nice trip.

zilang mu will soon be joining you. so you aren't lonely down there.

The Adventures of the Young Master · C90
1 year ago

Darkdelusion: The holy mission has enlightened a heretic 😇

The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C52
1 year ago
I don't want to rush you to write or not write, i just want some news about how you feel, if you need more time or you can't write. please View More
Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C0
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C503
1 year ago
BaiSiwa you want to taste my saber! 2 cliff in 2 days 😭😭😭 View More
Legend of the Perfect Emperor · C0
1 year ago
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