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Original Works

  • Miraculous Spiderman

    Miraculous Spiderman


    Jarrin Wright was a nobody. He was a simple cog in the wheel. No he was not even a cog he was screw that fell out of the machine, and the machine kept on going like nothing has ever happened. Let just say that he felt like his life was meaningless. He had no friends, His parents were disappointed in in him and most importantly he thought he was a failure. The only light in Jarrin life was comic books, Like DC and Marvel. Ever since he was young he use to dream of being a hero in one of the stories he read. One day he gets that chance unfortunately he dies. The gods take pity on young Wright and transmigrate him into the body of and alternate younger version of himself. He soon realize he came to the DC universe but it is different from the one he knows. The major difference is that he gets bitten by a radioactive spider on a field trip to Oscop. You see where I am going with this. Jarrin decides that now that he has a second chance he is going to things differently he going to live his life to the fullest

  • Rebornin in the Marvel World

    Rebornin in the Marvel World



    The story centers around a boy who has been reincarnated and as a result, can't remember who he is. The last thing he remembers before dying is fighting with his friend about which superhero franchise is better. The next thing he knows, he has been reborn as Zen Shade, a half- black, half- Japanese kid. Let’s just say as soon as he gets shot out of the womb, shit hits the fan. His new mom is not ordinary. She takes out ninjas with a magic sword right after giving birth. Zen thinks she is a badass and does not want to get on her bad side. After being born, he moves to New York and sees the Avengers’ Tower. He later realized he has been reincarnated in the Marvel world. The first fourteen years of his life were pretty chill. He learns a whole lot of shit from his mom from sword fighting to Qui control to martial arts even medicine and poisoning and he even gets a special sword that can cut through anything. One Day, he is at the bank that a super villain tries to rob. He lets it go; none of his business; he is not a hero. But, they piss him off. So, using his skills and his sword, Kurohime he beats the super villains. This gets the attention of the Principal of Avengers Academy, Old Man Tony Stark who recruits Zen to the academy. There, he meets the kids of super heroes such as Spiderman, the Hulk, and even Thor. He makes friends and enemies. Being a super hero is easy; surviving high school with a ton of super-powered, emotionally unstable teenagers, now that is the hard part.

  • DXD Surgeon

    DXD Surgeon

    Anime & Comics


    Jason Law has just graduated from Med School. After eight years medschool and his intermship he is now Dr. Law. He thought it was going to be smooth sailing to bad he was killed by God and his buddies while they were drinking. Feeling guilty God transmigrated Jason into 8 year old half Human Devi hybrid Bellamey Belthazar in the High School DxD world. The Belthazar family was a healing clan and had no attacking power. Jason now Bellamey became a sitting duck waiting to be attack by a deadly spear of light. Well God'd friend Yama felt bad for Bellamey and he gave him powers to defend himself specificaly the powers of Trafalgar Law. With his new powers Bellamey will become the new Surgeon of Death . Devil, Angel and Dragons alike will know that you don't mess with your doctor


Haha has lol View More
The Sweetest Medicine · C295
3 months ago
She was a player in managing profession or those who don’t know a Pimp View More
Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife · C6
6 months ago

vincentcloud: SHEESH harsh much this one of the most unique novels that I have had the privilege to read, it doesn't use the same formula it changes it up and expands on the world of dxd alot of novels have followed the standard get the girl have sex and then forget till next sexual encounter where as this is a nice refreshing adding extra onto the world that he was brought to he's dense but not that dense he has alot of flaws and I agree with you to a point but this is not your fan fiction so write your own lol of you wanted to make it a standard get all the girls and have all your fun then drop halfway this is a good take for a fan fiction if you wanted to come up with some real criticism and make it constructive allow for the writer to know your opinion don't just say I'm dropping because du du da then leave say, something more and add something he could do to improve.

DXD Surgeon · C18
7 months ago
One View More

bazooka84: Thanks for the chapter
All his peerage love him 6 daughter in law for his mom
He use the 2 bishop or one for kuroka

DXD Surgeon · C8
8 months ago
The perv View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C87
9 months ago
Yep it is View More

Hime03: I am really curious as to how Wen family is going to handle this matter.

The video of Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya is going to be useful.

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C80
9 months ago
Hah serves the bitches right View More
Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress · C80
9 months ago

Scarlet_Rain: Hard to say... there might be more to his story. Or perhaps he really is just trash.

Library of Heaven's Path · C2
9 months ago
Good point View More

Transcendent: The previous Zhang Xuan was really a trash how did he became a teacher and scored zero at that.

Library of Heaven's Path · C2
9 months ago
Hahhahahahahhs View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C2
9 months ago
Same View More

Mika_Marie: If they ever fight I’ll get mad

Under The Veil of Night · C274
9 months ago

Mika_Marie: If they ever fight I’ll get mad

Under The Veil of Night · C274
9 months ago
It easy to take care of a glutton View More
Under The Veil of Night · C273
9 months ago
What about something with multiple strikes something like Blade Festival View More
Reincarnation in Onepiece World · C25
1 year ago
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