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Shortly: All this time and when it finally updates...Privilege!!! Never buy Priv for this at this update rate.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C650
4 days ago
oh wasn't expecting another release for another few months. Low expectations= more pleasant surprises View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C643
3 months ago
that reminds me, i wonder who will be gifted the absolute zero cultivation method. At first i thought maybe he will give it to the Fanta family but if this uncle's behavior represents the family then i doubt it. Maybe he will actually take on a disciple? View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C627
4 months ago
Really getting tired of the author repeating this sequence.
Mafa: Exist
Enemy: provoke/antagonize
3rd party: Intervene View More
End of the Magic Era · C446
4 months ago
i figured the fourth flame would only come after a ssd event happened... i dont like being right here 😣😫 View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C605
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1715
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C533
5 months ago
I made a comment about never paying attention to the lore of dfo when i played it, but I cant be the only one that has noticed they are playing a really old version of the game with the newer classes.

If the system ever updates to a more recent version a lot of what they are seeing will be destroyed. View More

Paxloria: Did Luo Piaoling just raise a Flag at the chapters end? It really looked like he did. For-shadowing or inviting trouble?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C523
5 months ago
does exp even matter after you get to level 6? View More

kurosaba: Long Live EXP Sect 🙌🙌🙌

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C601
5 months ago
time to graduate from worse than a beast to just a beast? View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C600
5 months ago
Read the chapter, and realized I don't have a clue as to what is going on anymore. It has been so long since I've read it. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C588
5 months ago
i am more excited for the reaction of everyone when dfo comes out and they see the gunner class, and then the reaction of the guy who loves crafting to the mechanic advancement

(plus what mage class would our little loli fit? Summoner would bey bet since Enchantress wasnt out at the time this was written)

thinking about it, dfo will be the game with the most variety they have seen so far, and the system always changes games in some fashion so I am just looking foward to it out of curiosity since it is the game I know the best so far. View More

eros: I'm excited for when they get halo and energy weapons

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C466
5 months ago

Lokman: "Does ur family own the heaven " this killef me 😂😂😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1667
5 months ago
Unless I am remembering incorrectly, ZX doesn't actually know how to shape even a simple sword, yet alone a cauldron. All he has ever done to pass the test is to make a lump of metal that is really high quality.

I guess this is the birth of the almighty brick of this universe. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1666
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
Library of Heaven's Path · C1666
5 months ago
Kind of ironic that i never actually paid attwntion to the lore... only to end up reading about in a fictional book. (Well not yet but it is bound to happen)... cant wait for noobs reacting to facing mechanics or summoners in pvp View More

himmeltan: Oh **** it's DFO

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C426
6 months ago
Except it isn't over yet... not even in the next 2 chapters will this end. View More

Don0van: Damn been waiting so long for that and ended so quickly. Just like fawning over a hot girl then finally getting a chance but ended up shooting too quickly. 😂

End of the Magic Era · C344
6 months ago
I feel like it is more likely to reveal soul oracles were double agent or something like that. That would allow ZX to lose face while not being too far fetched. (also the family is probably related to soul oracles given their heritage) View More

Beardfist: I'm just waiting for a reveal that otherworldly demons aren't evil or something like that. It just feels like it is building to that.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1636
6 months ago
seems like now would be a great time for a mass release... View More
End of the Magic Era · C340
6 months ago
Just looking at the title of this chapter makes me feel sorry for them. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1624
6 months ago
I really like the potential of this novel, but I feel like it is going to be ruined by the author constantly making everyone mentally handicapped.

(That includes the mc, as he for some reason couldn't think about his family using the one person he loves against him after falling out with them in public, and leaving her in their house. Can't justify it simply because he is a kid since he has long since realized they don't view or treat him as family at all and wouldn't care if he is dead.)

So what if he is only at the fourth stage, he has done way more than even some of the people at the 8th or 9th stage are capable of doing but they only look at his current stage? If they did some digging, they would even hear about his seal and even notice it took him less than a year to get to his current stage compared to the others that have been cultivating for at least 8 years.

There would of been no problem with them rejecting him if it was only because they had to adhere to the rules, but to further justify it by degrading his current cultivation level is pure idiocy. View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C59
6 months ago
The content has been deleted
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C58
6 months ago
Sooo, will moxie's recovery pill heal them still? There is so much emphasis on the damage being permanent thay I feel like it is only there as a set up to boast about the mew pill View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C821
7 months ago
Was wondering where the plot armor would come from, otherwise this might of ended at 56 chapters and been the shortest novel ive read on here. View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C54
7 months ago
Wow i found this chapter dumb. Not because he is risking it all to save the girl, but because it seemed so obvious that this would happen yet he took no precautions against it. Oh lets just publically fall out with the clan then not expect them to do anything to the person you care about yet left in the clan. View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C51
7 months ago
Normally when there is an army of pill poppers, I'd assume it to be a bad thing... kind of odd to see a novel that promotes this kind of thing. View More

Willcj: make a army with pills

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C805
7 months ago
a background check won't uncover that yet as it was a very recent event, and only the members of the magic hand would know he is a member as well at this point. It can be known that he has attended the event, but that doesn't mean he is a member of the group, and that doesn't mean what actually happened there is known to the public yet. Essentially only high ranking people from the local powers know about Mafa, and it is in their best interest to avoid spreading his deeds around in case that upsets him or makes him the target of greed as that could get in the way of them obtaining more benefits from him. Plus if a power targets him for his knowledge at this point the other powers would be quick to retaliate due to how revolutionary his contributions have been so far. View More

JLB: Well they obviously would have found out about him becoming a member of the magic hand that was world shaking stuff

End of the Magic Era · C280
7 months ago
It isn't that they neglect to do a background check, it is that they have in fact done a background check, but the information is out of date. Mafa doesn't exactly operate in the public eye so his real strength is always above what most people know. Especially because by time his deeds spread it has been a few month and he has made even more progress. With how fast Mafa advances, a month behind in intelligence on him is equivalent to about 2-5 years behind on everyone else. View More

GEUSTLOL: See my question at this point is so many people fear him so many people respect him and he hasn’t exactly his his strength so does no one do a background check on a potential ally or enemy anymore?

End of the Magic Era · C280
7 months ago
Wonder how they will react when they realize they cant even claim their items unless they are at the cafe... would make robbing attempts much harder. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C312
7 months ago
It is part of showing them the ropes. What better way of teaching how to play the game than to show them first hand 🤣.
On a serious note this is just part of the game, it isnt like he has really robbed them of something really valuable. View More

Meowhead: Maybe this is just a cultural thing but i feel like friending people just to steal from them and reap their efforts... especially when they are paying you for the chance to farm in the first place... is kind of scummy and petty.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C265
7 months ago
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