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kingASURAhsar: Who else got a notification yesterday saying that “ king of gods updated 20 chapters” cuz I did and felt violated

King of Gods · C1294
6 days ago

BattleLord: I noticed a growing trend this past week that reminded me of a nest of chirping chicks demanding to be fed. They didn't worry that their promised feeding schedule was once a day. They just cried all the more loudly.
Though their caregiver toiled to satiate their hunger and often found an additional morsel each week as a reward, the little chicks continued their endless squawking.
You appear to have finally attracted the attention of the predator and our caregiver is reluctant to give us that extra morsel we have enjoyed. Perhaps if you scream louder you will get your way. If history serves, the caregiver gets scared away and we all die of starvation.

Those of us who enjoy this novel appreciate the commitment and quality Hypersheep provides. As a KoG Fan I am not in a rush to reach the end so quickly. Perhaps another analogy will help. Global warming is the result of too many people wanting more than they need. The planet is finite and life on this planet can only exist within a narrow range. Keep demand your mass release and like this novel the end will come sooner than you think.

Learn the difference between what you need and what you want. Learn restraint.

King of Gods · C1250
1 month ago
Martial World takes place in a completely different universe. After the events of Martial World, Lin Ming leaves his universe to venture out to others. View More

10000DaoOfPotatos: So it now obvious that dragon emperor is Lin Mings dragon beast from when MW keep mentioning that the dragon was different and from birth had the aura of an emperor, Seven Colored Pheonix is obviously Mu XianXian Ling Mings 3rd wife or Lin Huang his son, sheng mei is the one with thepurple card and Ling Mings Abyssal Clone is the Grandmist Bead while Lin Ming is the Spirit Cube, The ghost faction are actually apart of the Spiritas Race from MW, while the Feys are most like the Saints Race and the Celestial are from god race since they cultivate Mind, Body, and Soul the Fey gods the speak of of are all related to Lin Ming so most are human or half human and the multiverse is just whats left of the 33 heavens. So basically something like the the great war happened and the universe broke up more leaving it in the state its in and most like if there is anoher novel in the same universe the three universe seed may get what they want, A New Universe.............

True Martial World · C1700
4 months ago

Flammenwurfer: What a tool. Zhao Feng even gave up his seat and Xi Feng still tried to kill him. The arrogant young master is only supposed to try and kill the MC if he keeps his seat!

King of Gods · C1156
4 months ago
It's time for some good old fashioned face slapping action. View More

Celestially_Mortal: The creatures at the spatial tide are like your common silkpants young masters. Looks like IET would compensate the number of young masters that have not yet appeared to challenge Qin Yun by using the spatial tide.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C685
5 months ago

Celestially_Mortal: The creatures at the spatial tide are like your common silkpants young masters. Looks like IET would compensate the number of young masters that have not yet appeared to challenge Qin Yun by using the spatial tide.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C685
5 months ago

NetherSwipe: There are so many unanswered questions,
-Broken sword top and broken sword
-Huan Chenxue and her other twin.
-Evil thing which could only be seen by YY.
-Purple crystal main abilities.
-Fire spirit girl.
-Luo Huo'er
-Princess White Fox
-his master n his relationship.
-8 Empyrean heavens issues.
-Divine Dream existing in 8 Empyrean heavens.
-Demon puppet.
-Why Lin Ming sealed AG into 33 parts.
-Sinkhole secrets
-past friends.
-Tina Yuan world secret.
-What happen to great empress and jian qingyang.
-other Fey God's.
if there is not any answer for these questions, then it's a big waste of time reading this novel.

True Martial World · C1689
5 months ago

DaoistCitizen: What a piece of f*cking utter bullsh*t. It's times like these when quality stories vs sub par ones become very obvious. In books like WMW, the division in power is absolutely clear, and what that book did perfectly well is absolutely convey the fact that power means SOMETHING. This means a strong being actually FEELS strong, the strong are rare, actually AT THE PEAK through actions, not fucking meaningless description. True gods were limited in number, and a being like the Supreme death god who *spoiler* is the clone of the abyssal lord IS actually a big fucking boss.
Here? Random fucking characters we know nothing about, against a random number of bull**** enemies who somehow has MULTIPLE TIMES the power of the 33 skies appear out of NOWHERE, with casualties that DOESNT MEAN SHIT coz we dont HAVE any fucking attachments to these worthless random "godly monarch figure 1234". So now true gods are fodder? Godly monarch fodder? What happened to yang god, the ability to split apart worlds even for sinkhole monarchs, actually feeling strong and not relying on the mc's giant c*ck for once!?

F*cking authors constantly breaking their own world's consistency, I can't believe this bullsh!t came from the same author of Martial World.
I thought it got better after Lin Ming's appearance, but that's that it seems. F*ck.

True Martial World · C1689
5 months ago
Nah, he'll get 1 percent progress on his merit treasure progression. View More

Tanjim: See this! What Qin Yun will get from the chaos spatial rift: Nothing !

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C679
5 months ago
Because Bai Lin was leading the dragon through areas where he wouldn't encounter as much resistance. View More

ReadyBass: Question, none of the expert could kill this dragon but ZF can...

King of Gods · C1131
5 months ago
Well, he did immediately try to feed them poisoned food even though they decided to talk to him. Also, the two with Qin Yun studied the giant for years, so they would know how evil he is. View More

Vhok: so i thought that he was a fighter for good and hates evil. but i have been thinking about this whole killing the outsider thing. they don't know anything about this guy they came to kill he is just doing it for merit. does that not make him and his act evil? it seems against his character to kill someone he doesn't know anything about and has no idea if that person is evil just for his own personal gains.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C669
5 months ago
Swallowed Star · C1166
6 months ago

JohnnyD: so after he wasted all his effort on whitening his skin for centuries but ended only for it to get disintegrate and reformed.now his new goal is getting taller?

True Martial World · C1671
6 months ago

Arch_Bishop: We are 8 chapters behind the raws >.>

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C650
6 months ago
Sad to see another one chapter day, but at least the release time is consistent. View More
Swallowed Star · C1158
8 months ago
Numinous treasure isn't anywhere near as powerful as Ji Ning. Also, Ji Ning is in a completely different chaosverse that he probably wouldn't leave as he is it's ruler. View More

Celestially_Mortal: I just suddenly speculated that Numinous Treasure is Ji Ning but only traveled back in time or in the future. 🤔

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C602
8 months ago

DaoistCitizen: ...Fuck, ...
Now this, THIS is domineering.
It's not some unspeakable will bull****, not even determination or the power of friendship - it's his ultimate honesty that has long crossed the realm of madness - the honest desire to pursue eternity, and only that. Now this, this is a worthy main character, one that made me feel chills and scared even when he's losing - not indignance, even in the face of death, fang yuan made me feel endless amount of admiration and chill.
No other MC has come close to this, no other book even touched upon the sheer madness of this character- the true power of a villain done right.
He's no fucking lame antihero, not some justice spouting mc bull**** either, he simply is and always will be... undefeated, until his very last breath and soul has dissipated. That's the strongest cheat there is.

Reverend Insanity · C643
8 months ago
Dual Cultivation · C52
8 months ago
He wants to get a dao fruit in heaven, earth, and man individually I'm pretty sure. That just means that he wants to reach the golden immortal realm in those 3 daos. View More

Yenana: But if I remember correctly, he already has a Dao fruit

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C594
8 months ago

obumbum: If cultivates with LX while BYY is still merged with her, it's probably gonna end up being a threesome. Lol

True Martial World · C1602
8 months ago

POTaT0S: .

Lady Cultivator · C55
8 months ago
Lady Cultivator · C55
8 months ago

POTaT0S: .

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C153
8 months ago
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C153
8 months ago

benDover: Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk!! I couldn’t stop myself from reading the machine translated version because of this chapter. 😂😂 if you dont want to know what happens further i suggest you stop reading.

From what i roughly understood, it is indeed emperor of death, he has immortal samsara body. Skipping all the unnecessary talking in the end ZF just disintegrates Emperor of death’s body faster than he can regenerate it and gets the Eye of death into the space of his left eye. Then thanks the Emperor of death for the eye and says to comeback again after he gets his hands on another eye. 😂😂

King of Gods · C966
8 months ago

POTaT0S: .

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C136
8 months ago
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C136
8 months ago
It probably means that they'll go after Earth, or the few of his thousands of descendants that he actually cares about. View More

EroticEarwig: I loved the "you won't be able to handle the consequences bit" when they've already
A. Hired a supreme universe master to assassinate him
And B. Got 9 universe masters together to kill him
Like really? I'm pretty sure he's noticed you're going to keep trying to kill him as long as he breathes....

Swallowed Star · C1119
8 months ago

PoorMan: Nec minut - Fang Yuan brings out his trump card and converts Hei Lou Lan and the other men into his allies instantly. You wanna know what that trump card is? Three words: Penis Enlargement Pills. Bet you didn't see that one coming... and we certainly don't know what FY is doing next.

Reverend Insanity · C625
8 months ago

POTaT0S: .

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C134
8 months ago
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