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I have to disagree. It all depends on the child. Look for example the Zhous; Renrens female cousin- forgetting her name- but she is going against the family because she has a conscience. The child might really not care. But he will have a Target by unscrupulous people.
I think it's best they give the child away, even to Fernando, he was adopted and will understand best. View More

BabyCarter: Lily don't bother to adopt the child, no matter how you mold him, his sympathy will always lies to his real parents & may even revenge against you.

The Villain's Wife · C393
3 weeks ago

Bebear9874: I think my plan of erasing his family from existence and then changing his name and having a foreign couple adopt him to a different country, like Canada or America, while keeping close tabs on him is a better option.

The Villain's Wife · C393
3 weeks ago
What goes around comes around.

Is it really yours if it was stolen?
Qin Fei, Xuan Hui was stolen (from Lily and we thank God for that) so he has no owner. He belongs to anyone and everyone who is stupid to claim him. View More

mad2311: If Xuan Hui can succumb to Tang Biyu, there will be many others. It's rude awakening for Qin Fei...

The Villain's Wife · C367
2 months ago
This is the best torture for ZY. Torture of the mind. Torture of the conscience;
1. She will have to be tortured by what Qin Hao did to her physically and emotionally and mentally.
2. Every calculation and miscalculations from beginning to end.
3. The innocent lives she took.
4. She never avenged her father's true killer.
5. All the years of wasted effort with nothing but misery to show for it.
6. She murdered her second father for a crime which for the first time he didn't do
7. She lead her family to ruin and will never know about the outcome.
8. And most importantly she lost the game which will live with her every minute.

I will be truly surprised if she lives for 30 years.

@blips I bow to your skill. Your characters are so multidimensional. Phenomenal. Even Old Man Qin was a character that was multidimensional as despicable as he was. He had his bad days and less bad days. Perhaps it was his stupid prejudice and the damn pride and greed for money that made him deem Qin Chuan as useless. View More
The Villain's Wife · C339
2 months ago
On another note, I am just curious Qin Hao us incompetent at business. I am really curious to know how he was going to handle the company without his brother's brains. I am that is just suicidal. So or later someone is going to realize that things are not adding up and question him. And most importantly he will never gain only lose. Zifein was right about him being a fool.

But I cannot wait to see the look on Lily's fake father and his children when they realize the truth😂😂😂 Not only is Lily more powerful and richer than them, disregarding her husband's influence, her father is a genius and by all rights the next Patriarch! Talk about offending a tiger. It would be better if they live as hermits.
Please @blips can we have a chapter on just their faces and reactions? View More
The Villain's Wife · C336
2 months ago
So if the Qin family arc is ending, I am guessing we are heading to the Zhous. Thank God, I was starting to feel it was unfair for one of the Villainous pair to be the only one suffering from a psychotic family. View More
The Villain's Wife · C336
2 months ago

miche16: And I am suspecting Bec is not dead yet.......And she is somewhere alive ... Which prolly kept alive by QWY..Hehehe. Just a hunch.. when is the next chapter?

The Villain's Wife · C320
3 months ago
Honestly, what I really wish is that both his grandchildren and non killer son ignore him for the rest of his life and make him regret his actions to the day he dies. He caused this
This is his fault. His need for being number one made him breed evil around and in people. Honestly Qin Hao attempting his life was what he has taught him all his life. Family does not matter except money. View More

ariah1916: Yifei and Qin Hao is fast enough. And i hope the old man will now learn his lesson.

The Villain's Wife · C315
3 months ago
I am so sorry but I can not even feel a twinge of sympathy for Yuanfeng. I cannot. He can be summarized as an ungrateful self-absorbed ass. And that is putting it lightly.

You come into Lily's life for one reason and one reason only; love for your girlfriend. You don't even care that you are putting your long lost sister into danger as much as you care about your girlfriend. You came barging into her life asking for her help and you don't even have the courtesy of informing her about everything.

And then when it is all over you are willing to kill your own blood for a woman. You are no better than Qin Hao. In fact you are worse because Qin Hao has the common sense to use people for his benefit not the other way around and has acknowledged that he is not a genius. You arrogantly show off your genius mind not caring for anyone else and putting everyone in danger. View More
The Villain's Wife · C310
3 months ago

violet_azalea: Ouch...is it or is it not that Lily's aim is bad??? #question the today

The Villain's Wife · C308
3 months ago
That makes sense. View More

Jessiebae: Mhm I think in Yuanfeng's situation it was easier for him to fall for that type. He's always been abused, manipulated and made to believe he was stupid and worthless. Maybe he felt wanted when she showed him 'love' and he finally felt like he was worth something knowing that someone was relying on him

The Villain's Wife · C308
3 months ago
In no way is it a bid thing to be needed or depended. But with common sense. Don't get me wrong there are some good ones who are truly worthy of respect, but people like Qin Hao who overestimate themselves and underestimate everyone else including their women, case example Qin Hao and Lily's brother View More

Bebear9874: Men are born to be protectors, it's in their makeup for the most part. So a dependent woman strokes their egos (which are fragile, by the way) and makes them feel useful and needed.

I don't think it's a bad thing that men like to be needed or depended on.

The Villain's Wife · C308
3 months ago

mad2311: It takes a sympathetic woman to get a man. Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Our makeup is different.

The Villain's Wife · C308
3 months ago
Someone needs to explain something for me, because I have been racking my brain trying to come up with some semblance of an answer. Now this is not man hating, but why o why do men always like weak-looking, fragile over dependent vase like women? Why do they want someone who is overdependent on them and only then do they think that they can be kind, sweet and caring. Even the genius ones.

I don't get it. Is it because subconsciously they know the fearfulness and engima of a woman and are subconsciously guarded against them? Their ego? Or is it something else. Because mostly every novel I read good or bad males always want the pure and weak, sweet, damsel in distress and over-dependent woman. What is it? View More
The Villain's Wife · C308
3 months ago
Dear author @Blips please let Mu Qingling rise again. I am rooting for her. I like a redemption arc. And I want her to take revenge not just on the Mus that caused her sufferings but especially the ones who sat back and did absolutely nothing. The ones who aided and abetted this evil, people like Qi Xia. View More
The Villain's Wife · C262
3 months ago
I hope My Qingling rises from the ashes and takes her place. Even if she doesn't want to run the Mu Group she can put someone trustworthy in charge. View More

evesoni: Can't wait for the complete downfall of the mu family

The Villain's Wife · C262
3 months ago

XOMatsumaeohana: Xinlan, your beloved daughter is about to hand you over to your enemy 😆😂 You have no idea what kind of mobster you raised, but then again she is related to you. 😌 As expected of Queen Lily, she is one no several step ahead of these people. 🤔 They could at least try to make it more entertaining for Lily.

Lihua is so selfish though 🙄🙄 she deserves to go down with her parents 🤷

The Villain's Wife · C262
3 months ago

XOMatsumaeohana: I hope QL and Lily can become friends. After this QL should smarten up right? Don't let people manipulate you forever. So what if she only knows about the arts? She can start learning about business now. QL you'll be fine, you should know what to do to those who have harmed you.

Learn from Lily 🤗 she's the best example for this.

The Villain's Wife · C260
3 months ago
I think she wanted Zhuo for protection, security and most importantly gain approval from her family. She was systematically set up to fail her whole life. She probably wanted those things that she's wanted for so long. View More

XiaoReiChan: Lily has her own battles to focus on and saving Mu Qingling is not her problem to worry about. Let's not forget that that woman wanted Renren for herself before! Not that she would ever succeed, but still. 🙃

So happy with this mass release! Thanks @Blips! 😘

The Villain's Wife · C259
3 months ago

inkweaver: Exactly

The Villain's Wife · C257
3 months ago

Peachblossoms: And the secrets start to unravel😏. Wow, the women in this story are capable strategists.

I'm excited for the mass release.

The Villain's Wife · C257
3 months ago
Agreed. Everything you said. As if Qinglins very presence is not damaging enough, if her sister can be that scandalous that just adds to the speculation the other maybe as well (an apple does not fall far from the tree). My Lin is guilty by association.

And the final nail in her coffin, is Qingling revealing the exploitative contract that she was forced to sign. If that does not show greed and selfishness I don't know what will. View More

XiaoReiChan: It's show time! 🎉 Who wants some popcorn? Free for all! 🍿🍿🍿

It's gonna be an all out battle between the Mu sisters! Qingling has nothing to lose so I'm sure she won't hold back. In the other hand, Lihua has everything to lose! Her position, her reputation and lots of money! This is gonna be a battle we shouldn't miss!

And the master planners of it all are probably enjoying some alone time, cuddling - kissing - sucking each other's energy. 🤭🤭🤭

#LiRen, are you even watching the show?? 😂

The Villain's Wife · C251
4 months ago
I might be wrong but isn't there some rule when a woman married out they are no longer part of the family? I never liked or understood that rule but it is effective in this situation. Haha even the worst rules have a use. Gu Man and Gu Qing are married out. They are not under your authority. View More
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School · C109
4 months ago
He was relying on word of mouth that it was a business marriage based solely on the profits. View More

renny_d90: its only need one breath away from Zhou Jingren to makes his enemy face bankruptcy 🤣🤣
How dare Qi Xia so confidence to seduce his wife within his territory.. most likely he just join in line for Mr Zhuo warrant 🤭

The Villain's Wife · C243
4 months ago
I am scratching my head in confusion. So Jingren is supposed to be so powerful and everyone fears him, right? So tell me, if an invincible man with ties to the underworld is so well known and you idiot Mo decide to go after him, just how large of a death wish do you have? No one has topped him so what promise is big enough for a mediocre Xia able to make for you to go looking for trouble?
I mean, he basically holds your entire family's livelihood in his palm literally and figuratively. View More
The Villain's Wife · C238
4 months ago
I have the same suspicion. What about if she found out that Lily's baby was Zhou and she and her mother teamed up to destroy the both of them. View More

Aeiru28: I suspect that little Lin is from Mu and she was the one who make Lily's life goes to hell in the past 😡😡

The Villain's Wife · C215
4 months ago

AozoraHikaru: Aaah what a disappointment. I thought that oldman Yang & Yang Jing is really a righteous person. Turns out that they're a hypocrite. Sheeesh... 😞

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the lovey dovey or heated moments. Hihii... 😁

The Villain's Wife · C209
4 months ago
Plus I think he is disgusted with her as a whole. Her actions are so vile and now he can clearly see that all she does is take take take from the Yang family without giving anything back. (Unless she has done something for the Yang family and I don't know)

Be t if they announce they are cutting ties with her isn't that an inadvertent announcement of her guilt? View More

RenRuiXin: True. They never think about the consequences of their action. Yang Lina doesn't care what will happen to the Yangs as long as they back her up. But good thing Old Man Yang was able to think of the bigger picture. Was he ruthless when he decided to abandon Yan Lina? Yes, he was. But at the same time he saw the bigger picture. They are the Main family & a lot of the smaller branch families were relying on them. If he protects Yang Lina every member of the Yang family will face the consequences.

The Villain's Wife · C206
4 months ago

Aquire2: Yang Lina, how much fear is running throughyour system? Huh? I mean is your mind going on a meltdown to know that Lily beat you to the sky without trying to get revenge for someone she loved and you murdered in cold blood?

Oh just sit back and watch as she uses every disposable tactic and weapon in her arsenal to anhilate you. And now you have no support no support whatsoever as your entire family despises you. The Yang is going to cut you off so you can only sit as a sitting duck.

The Villain's Wife · C205
4 months ago

mad2311: Lily is brutal in paving the attack of Xuan & Yang LN. She's savage, shocking them & her decoys are superb. Now the Yang family are with her after seeing Yang LNs true colours. XH too had succumbed & had already bought into Qins ailing stocks. The guilty who had murdered her mom & her unborn child must be brought to justice.

The Villain's Wife · C205
4 months ago
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