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You sounds just like my mom... View More

Dwarkin: As an Asian I want to ask Zhang Fan on behalf of his parents: "Why only 533 and not 600? Our neighbor's distant nephew scored 599, you have to study more!" 😂😂😂

Path of Medicine With a System · C55
1 week ago

Dwarkin: As an Asian I want to ask Zhang Fan on behalf of his parents: "Why only 533 and not 600? Our neighbor's distant nephew scored 599, you have to study more!" 😂😂😂

Path of Medicine With a System · C55
1 week ago
So, can you accept what not everywhere medic is highpayed and high respectable proffesion. But amount of workload, study time, and responsibility stay the same if not more.

So you fck'ing studying for 6-8 years, work without off days, receive about 1/2 or 1 average wage by region, and everybody treat you like **** or personal slave. So they leave for better life or became alcoholic while standing for something greater.

Anyway some of them even work better when became little high 🤷‍♂ View More

Hnn17: Why are you just laughing it off and passively accepting the shoddy docs ? Is there anyway to make them raise the professional standards or is it a situation of take it or leave it ?

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
3 weeks ago

TurtleSect: Yeah. Drinking and drug abuse is common between health practioners. It is a demanding job, people get sick, health problems, lack of instruments, administrative work making your practice difficult. Et cetera.

Path of Medicine With a System · C6
3 weeks ago

Foxii: Lul Angor's first kiss even tho it was indirect was from a beautiful Flower with a mouth. 10/10 support this ship

Flower X Angor.

Warlock Apprentice · C93
1 month ago
Any? Are you insane? View More

Gunpar: If you think this is cliche then you have no idea how human beings mind works.....this is one of the few things that any human male would do as soon as they think they can do if they won't get punished....I swear some people don't even know basic psychology

Mutagen · C13
2 months ago
Personally I think it just greed for power. View More

kresslar: A mystic that corrupts the Jadestar family? Or a demon?

Kingdom's Bloodline · C490
3 months ago
Like relativity theory, which you never ever could criticise in any publication. View More

Dao_destroyer: Yes they should be. But they are also scholars. They are bound by the views of those came before them. Like mendavev or Tesla who contributed greatly but there ideas were only reconganized after decades. Scientific community has always be like and always be.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C423
5 months ago
Isn't it oblivious? It just merrily name for symbol, should be some difference with default moon symbol, something like David star, not the star at all View More

Urizen58: No seriously, I need to ask, how tf does he draw a CRIMSON moon, like, can he color with the fingers?

Lord of the Mysteries · C268
6 months ago

SaintBookwormLich: True🤔 and for some reason that's make me associate Klein or at least his persona The Fool with the greek god Hermes: the acting, the trickery and the smartness.

Lord of the Mysteries · C245
6 months ago
It have a point in user terms and agreement's. Well, in most games -> you can use any kind of bug, if you report it to developers... View More

Landsraad: Yeah, developers disgust me. The bugs are there because of them but when they get used they take NO responsibility and just punish players. Makes a guy want to shoot up a studio or two. Especially when some of those accounts are a decade old of memories and uncountable amounts of time.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C108
6 months ago
Sounds like selling nuke blueprint to you know whom... View More

Lvl1Bard: Klein could try to sell his partial formula to Mr A for 10.000 pounds... If I remember correctly you need crazy ingredients like the blood of the Sun God to advance, so meh! if he's helping the enemy.... (for 10.000£ it should be allowed to help your enemies a little, right?)

PRAISE THE SUN!!! ☀️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Lord of the Mysteries · C245
6 months ago
Lol... She would be new healer) View More

jarbo: Barry barry barry... the end

Doomsday Pillars · C83
7 months ago

FlakyFlak: Please, no plot armor.

12 Hours After · C61
7 months ago
Like any other Chinese novel protagonist? Dream on.
It always work this way, just plot armor save them from offending any good person View More

TonyTony: I think the MC will be a good boss. I just hope that he won't turn out into the same type of people he hated because of money.

12 Hours After · C61
7 months ago
Maybe it's all about new info, like "different for each individual" For example I feel like I am a clown when just talking on scene on something like that. So it's not about big red nose or something.. View More

BinaryCancer: I wonder if the clown potion has a different ancient name, if it does the acting method might be different.

Because acting like a clown just seems weird I cannot see what principles he would have to follow.

But I guess we will soon find out.

Lord of the Mysteries · C167
8 months ago

zerodissolver: "You feel your bond with Miss Audrey and Mr. Alger has deepened".

Social link with Justice and Hanged Man arcana unlocked!

Lord of the Mysteries · C67
9 months ago

LoliWorld: Lot ppl like mc LOL i give u 🍬
I dont know why they mad if we say bad thing about mc

Well MC IS GODLY uncle 28age bully 8 year or so maybe little girls the reason he bully little girls is becose she like him and here im specless

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy
10 months ago

andrwood: lol, you need to be isolated from society

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy
10 months ago

andrwood: The content has been deleted

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C1
11 months ago

F5S_GuardianElder: Basically Zorro with Hammer...

Soul of Searing Steel · C207
11 months ago
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