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this reads like a fanfic lol View More
Silver Overlord · C361
2 weeks ago
i think its kind of strange the meditation spells are so expensive as they are the core of a wizards strength. if they gave them out to people easier wouldn't the power of their group rise as a whole? don't they want their students to be stronger? View More
A Wizard's Secret · C147
3 weeks ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: Potato server

Soul of Searing Steel · C1
1 month ago

LegendaryMagi: 5/5 insulting Unisoft is worth 10,000 likes

Soul of Searing Steel · C1
1 month ago

Millu16: I like the author how he randomly disgraced the Ubisoft....hahaha

Soul of Searing Steel · C1
1 month ago
slothing the chapters out at a ridiculously slow speed to try and get people to buy the super premium chapters is very scummy, but i don't expect much else from this website after all the stolen novels and shady stuff i've seen over the years here. View More
Silver Overlord · C315
1 month ago
why is there no new chapter still? we can literally see you have chapters done already. your just holding them back to try and force people to buy the super premium stuff? View More
Silver Overlord · C314
1 month ago
why does he have such a hard time believe this guy when he knows for a fact that the event will happen in 4 years??? i don't get it, is the MC just completely stupid? he's so smart in everything else. View More
Silver Overlord · C304
1 month ago
“Han Xue, place a drop of your blood onto the sword’s surface.” he screamed from 40 miles away. View More
God Emperor · C797
1 month ago
god please do not let this be a book where they measure power in horses View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C4
1 month ago
luo is suddenly acting like a cocky young lord calling himself granddaddy View More
Supreme Uprising · C558
1 month ago
does the chapter title have to explain the entire chapter? View More
Supreme Uprising · C552
1 month ago
i want to keep reading but the grammar is so terrible i can't View More
2 months ago

SimpleSlash: Your grammar could use allot of work

2 months ago
times up??? there was no time limit in the final round. you mean everyone's finished so lets check the impliments levels. View More
The Legend of Futian · C628
2 months ago
hes only 10 meters tall now? he was 15 in all the previous chapters. they even made a big deal out of his height. its an important plot point. please try to remember your own story better. View More
Legend of Swordsman · C759
2 months ago
God Emperor · C786
2 months ago
why can't an MC just get laid without losing his mind in every single chinese novel. it's never on purpose. View More
God Emperor · C771
2 months ago
light years is a measure of distance, not time, so your part talking about light years makes no sense. View More
Supreme Uprising · C510
2 months ago

freestonea: First the story was good with Alot of world building but after reaching chapter 100 it gets old fast, the story is not moving at all despite the endless text walls, at this rate the main char is gonna stay a 7 year old for the next 1000 chapters.

There are far to many different POWs from filler characters that hold no meaning to the overall story, this is the type of story you stop reading after 500 chapters cause you got tired of reading info text walls while waiting for the story to get juicy .

Kingdom's Bloodline
2 months ago
omg the main character is alive?! no way! View More
Legend of Swordsman · C718
2 months ago
you'll understand when your older. View More

coldramen: What’s Dream of the Red Chamber? I looked it up on Google but all I get is a rise and fall of a clan with a love triangle? I don’t really get it.

Joy of Life · C28
2 months ago

Ichor: HeHe....just the tip😏

Way of the Devil · C412
2 months ago
it's a general ackbar!!! View More
Legend of Swordsman · C709
2 months ago

EatDatPussy445: Author really, you can do better I know you can. I mean really, the guy held his own teammate/slave as hostage to a stranger who nobody in that group knows and just started killing them. Like realistically thinking that would never actually happen in real life since it would have no effect. It’s like a serial killer breaks into your house. Then the dad holds his wife hostage while saying, “if you come any closer I will kill her!” If anything the serial killer will be like fine go ahead I don’t care it’s your loss.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C31
2 months ago

Celestial_tyrant: Did the translator change feel like the translation quality dropped

Legend of Swordsman · C699
2 months ago
breaking every bone in your body doesn't seem to mean much it doesn't even slow him down. View More
God Emperor · C704
3 months ago

ink3r5000: This was so stupid. He just risked his life and nearly lost to be in the place and your telling me he doesn't use the regulator from the start. The best place to cultivate and he became stupid all of a sudden

Supreme Uprising · C455
3 months ago
10 miles away then 1000 miles away then 10 miles again then 800 miles away. what the **** learn to count u dumb fucking author and/or translator View More
Supreme Uprising · C453
3 months ago
when you name your own final book chapter "perfect ending"... ok then. View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C790
3 months ago
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