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Zarivon: Hey guys, have you heard of this guy named IET? I heard he's the number one expert in the Dao of the Illusory Realm in the Qidian World. Have you heard? IET's Illusory Realm technique World of Repetition is so powerful he no longer needs to write anything new to get you to pay for the next chapter. IET can just write paragraph after paragraph every chapter repeating things he just said last chapter, and the chapter before that, and every chapter the last 10 chapters. In fact, have you heard? There's rumors IET made advancements in his Dao of the Illusory Realm and upgraded his World of Repetition to the point that he can repeat whole books, while only changing names and minor details, and we will pay for the whole book! What an IET. Did you hear that even those folks that are powerful enough to know they're trapped are still unable to resist and can only complain? They will still get trapped! They can't escape. What an amazing IET.

Now, imagine I spelled out IET, except make the name have 10 more characters, and you have read every chapter of every IET novel since Coiling Dragon.

Lord Xue Ying · C1238
1 month ago

tekite: Heh, and we will go another hundred chapters before this wasteful idiot can enter the final realm. Trash can. Undying would have ascended with the amount of opportunity this trash had. Dog****

Lord Xue Ying · C1197
1 month ago

tekite: Trash ***** still wont break through. I swear if it was any other nigga, they would have broken through at the moment the inspiration came. But XY is trash so he would need like another few inspirations lmao. Others need one or 2 but our boy needs atleast a dozen. Dog****

Lord Xue Ying · C1195
1 month ago

JPNovelFan: Wtf are you on about? He literally can’t even kill a final realm cosmos god. He only has the strength to slightly injure them. I think UUE just tried to delay too much. Now XY is going to get his face slapped for sure. There’s no way XY has enough strength to anything more than flee. He’s even mentioned before that he is only confident to leave with his life because of the destruction realm technique. He’s an idiot that hasn’t even reached the final realm yet he’s angering an elephant while he’s an ant. It’s so dumb but IET needs some sort of way to setback the MC so that he can make a breakthrough.

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago

7sins_Lord: I always feel sad when the villain loses because they are true underdogs. He worked so hard and the "good" Mc even looks down on him and his path. See him as someone destined to fail.

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago

tekite: The trash who couldnt reach final realm with literally the best resources in existence is trying to be cool now? Dog****

Lord Xue Ying · C1191
1 month ago

JPNovelFan: And of course XY isn’t even a final realm cultivator to be able to help. How stupid. -___- fk u IET

Lord Xue Ying · C1190
1 month ago

tekite: Regardless of how LONGer they stayed in that realm than XY, he essentially used fucking resources that are TRILLION TIMES BETTER! YOU THINK THAT SUPREME SCRIPTURE IS A JOKE? There is literally only ONE of those in the Origina World we know. ONLY ONE. And he essentially had billions of years to use that, AND the fucking really expensive and rare World Flowers that no one essentially uses AAAAND his previous realm and accumulation to break through. LOOK AT THIS DESTRUCTION DEMON? He didnt have even a 10 percent of what XY had, but stiiillll broke through when he got ONLY ONE resource whole XY had what was essentially something thousand times better than that. I feel like all these readers are overlooking how rare and how fucking OP this scripture is. Literally give this to any random 2nd level Cosmos God, and they would break through in 1 million years if they were using Dao of Void before. But our dear slow ass, pampered ass XY will take another trillion years to breal through lol. And the author keeps mentioning enlightenment lolol, so funny. The fucking book itself counts as one of the best enlightenment possible as it is essentially a direct guidance and method to the Chaptic Lifeform realm. If you have a fucking physics book that essentially tells you how a fucking thing works and every use related to it and how this was found out, why the **** would you still need to figure that **** out by youself??? The book is there for a fucking reason. Just another **** of a Chinese novel lengthening. Typical

Lord Xue Ying · C1181
1 month ago

Seregosa: There's an anime adaptation, a cooperation between some chinese guys and japanese guys.

The thing is that this anime is pretty much like a japanese parallel universe story where the settings are almost the same by the story and everything else differs quite a bit. It's more like a western sword and magic anime than a chinese xianxia one.

They brutally mutilated this story to make it fit in with the japanese audience, turning it into conveyor-belt junk food anime. Almost all events are changed until they become almost or completely unrecognizable, all the characters have a change in personality, none of the jokes are that good, the whole story feels quite stupid and the characters became immature, the animation style and jokes changed into japanese style ones... All while assuring that 95% or so of the events in the novel are left out with just the very bare minimum required to drive the story forward are present.

I mean, really, you know that most novels adapted into anime turn out to be sh*t? This one really took it a step further and completely changed the story. It was so bad that it even started to be acceptable since it's a bit interesting to see it in a japanized version(parallel version set in another world with other events but the same people), and some of the jokes are funny enough to make you smile, even if it's a far cry from this novel.

Let's see, just in episode one we could see how the story went out of control and stuff was changed left and right. You know that old man who he got the quest with the ticket from? Yeah, that was changed into a scene where an old man spoke a lot of gibberish no one understood so no one paid attention to him, then it was not the old man asking for water, the mc just thought he was thirsty on his own, and then it quickly ended a few seconds later when the old man was in love with some young girl and didn't dare flirt with her, so the mc helped him get the girl or something while pretending to get some cake... I mean, sh*t, so simplified(and changed).

Then all events and characters are dumbed down and made immature to unbelievable levels. That lady boss no longer had this snarky attitude and the thoughts of exploiting people, it was just a bet she made and she didn't believe it would work nor did she want to sell them at higher prices. Then there's the event where the mc goes down and buys radishes to incite the others, that's turned into the mc going and offering her help when hearing of that "sell 100 radishes" deal and it all turns into some mascot event with banners and a subpar and retarded "scheme". Believe it or not, that little whiny b*tch errand boy under the mc is EVEN MORE of a whiny little dipsh*t in that anime. All the characters changed into ones with japanese personalities...

Well, the anime was pretty interesting, but the quality and hilarity was so far off from the novel that if this novel gets a 10/10, the anime gets a 2 or at most a 3/10. If not comparing it to the novel, I'd say the anime was enough to score a 5-6/10, pretty average but interesting and amusing enough to watch. It's really just the usual junk-food that is extremely superficial and leaves no real feelings at all while or after watching it. Watching it is just a way to waste some time, it's acceptable but nothing more than that...

Now, why can't I just write one or two paragraphs? It always gets out of hand when I write about stuff. Ended up with an entire review... Well, I hope you and anyone else has an idea of what that anime is now. If you love this novel, it might be worth a shot to watch it just for the hell of it, you don't lose anything more than time which you probably wanted to lose anyway.

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain · C6
1 month ago

Gabriel_Maza: it's bull**** .
nothing is understood.

6 months ago
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Exp-Sect · C1
9 months ago
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Exp-Sect · C1
9 months ago
Exp-Sect · C1
9 months ago

Fossa: Well this is a really poorly done.
Tell us if you are unable to update soon and if it is a recurring problem tell us when it will go back to normal.
You have to understand that this is a JOB not a hobby like before. You are getting PAID.
If i'm away from work like you guys do i would get fired long ago.
Since i am paying for this i have no obligation to be the slightest bit grateful for this totally ****ty update stability.

Lord Xue Ying · C1064
10 months ago

superaidan999: I've watched Naruto. I've watched Naruto multiple times. I'm sure this is nice for some Naruto fans, but I've already seen all of this.

This isn't to discourage the Author it's just that I personally see no reason for these type of chapters in fan-fiction to exist. I've seen Naruto, I watched the character grow up and suffer. I've seen him move past tragedies and grow as a person. I haven't seen the same for our MC though.

Once again, the Author should do what they thinks is best, but Naruto isn't the MC anymore. Ryu Uzumaki is the MC, he is the crux of the story and what makes it unique, what divides a Fan-Fiction from a re-telling of the original story is an understanding of this fact. I can watch the anime and get the same experience from it as I did in these last two chapters. I don't want that, I want the Authors ideas and their own original story. Not the copy and paste tactic I've seen in the past two chapters. Please don't restrain yourself to the source material Author, go beyond that and make something new.

A Warrior's Path · C45
1 year ago

oscblade: 1. lets talk about spiritual fruit that has been mentioned many times in other chapters.
2. lets explain bottlenecks for no fucking reason.
3. flashes of inspiration for no damn reason.
4. lets recap that mc was an idiot when it came to utilizing the dao of mirage and so now he can progress fast because of inspiration and the fruit.
5. lets recap that he is in closed-door cultivation and for how long.
6. Lets explain the differences in strength between cultivating systems again.
7. his illusory realm world became a tiny point. *congrats you have reached unity.
8. lets explain the process of his realm turning into a tiny dot... congrats you have reached unity!
9. lets talk about experts at the unity realm vs higher realms again. oh and star pagoda again.
10. lets open our eyes and reiterate again that he reached unity and a different perspective.
11. lets cultivat again oh and reiterate how he was stuck at a bottleneck and now he no longer is with the dark bubble.
This **** needs to be free stop forcing us to pay for these stories i would rather watch ads then pay for this ****.

Lord Xue Ying · C842
1 year ago

DeadSoil: even if it is not mentioned how mediocre the protagonists of this author are, either because they always think they are right or simply because they never use their brains and only depend on luck, the worst thing is a protagonist who lives "billions" of years and seems to be always a spoiled child, thinks everything has to be his way and everything else is wrong, mc basically is unable to accept that everything has a beginning, middle and end, and thinks that his family have to live forever , the funny thing is that here in "reality" we live only a few decades, even less often, but regardless we know that the end is inevitable and we have to enjoy life, people deal with death in different ways and often not accept or do not understand, but of course when the person has lived 100 years when she dies is sad but also not equal to this protagonist who acts like a fag who never seems to mature.

Lord Xue Ying · C779
1 year ago

oscblade: Ah the aged old pick a disciple that will be forgotten forever. Every cultivation story I have ever read has always been the same. The mc is a cultivating freak who does not act like any other immortal. Those immortals spend billions of years to reach their level but the mc is always like eh 1k year jeez so long. Then other immortals be having at least one disciple while others have more. But mc jeez what a burdon here i pick you... Make sure to cultivate ok goodbye and good luck now back to MY cultivation. Like seriously would it really kill the author to have other parts matter in a story this long. But hopefully, mc will actually pay attention to his disciples and maybe even gain more later on. I would hope that he at least reaches the level the mc in desolate era did with his like 10 disciples. But even in that one mc was like ok here is a cultivation technique go figure out the rest, hopefully, you will be alive later when i remember you.

Lord Xue Ying · C677
1 year ago

JPNovelFan: Yes I’ve read several others and I hate when he does **** like this. Just think, in the 666 chapters we’ve had so far, they all encompassed that first 1 million years. How many things and major events happened and progress was he able to make in those 666 chapters?? It was SOOOO MUCH. How can you just then skip 8 million years so u can just say, “Whelp there’s another dao completed.” For fucks sake it’s so bad. They even skipped over what XY’s reward would be from the other rulers. What the hell was the point of that chapter if they just skip over it for a few chapters+8 million years? This is such lazy and bad writing now. It’s atrocious. Get off your high horse.

Lord Xue Ying · C670
1 year ago

DarkG7: Wonder why in eeevery novel there is “peace” for thousands of years but when the MC starts to power up some kind of outside force comes and fucks everything up.

Lord Xue Ying · C626
1 year ago

Exale: remind me why the author made the MC a world deity. Everything in the book must have logic and everything should be done for something. but the main character simply became a world deity to fight the ordinary deities with his clone ... Hmmmm

Lord Xue Ying · C413
1 year ago

Exale: one of the most talented world deities, realm lord struggles with the peak deity. What an interesting chapter.

Lord Xue Ying · C410
1 year ago

Apex_Cultivator: After the young dies, the old arrives. After the old dies, the older arrives. After the older dies, the oldest arrives. Then Yi Yun runs away like a dog.

True Martial World · C1534
1 year ago

mcreader7: The author is a master of ending arcs with Yi Yun running. Felitious Rain, Old Snake.... we will never hear of them ever again

True Martial World · C1524
1 year ago

Raynar: AND? We should have worried? Or can be worried about the hero? But who cares about this? The author is not gifted with the word "completely". No intrigue can not create - only pathetic attempts, which look ridiculous. Characters can not create normal ones - everywhere there are some downs with a superfluous chromosome. The plot can not be created - only repetitions of already existing arches that can ALL fit into one scheme: meets the girl - gets help from her - gets to another place where the villain appears - defeats the villain, saving the girl, and goes to the sunset, the next girl and conflict.

Lord Jesus, I have never seen such talentless authors in my life. Even among the authors of the fanfiction on Harry Potter with a gay subtext.

True Martial World · C1467
1 year ago

GrassMudHorse: What exactly is the sinkhole? Is it like a realm that consists of other smaller realms? Or is it like a space that leads to numerous other worlds? I still don't get what the sinkhole actually is...

True Martial World · C1359
1 year ago

Incantation: YiYun is too stupid to actuallt took away the fire seed and replace Ling xie'er in the first place. Now he got the karma tho, I pity Ling Xie'er got used by YY like this, while his strength actually so slow improved. Now already chapter 1350+ but he still at the supremacy realm. While divine lord was mentioned and already fought divine lord alongside felicitous rain as his master at around chapter 700++.. isn it too long?

True Martial World · C1357
1 year ago

DemonSect: This is the most cringe worthy novel. it just make me want punch a hole on my laptop

True Martial World · C1357
1 year ago

DaoistFedUp: "he never had the chance to forge and temper his foundations. As such, he spent the first eighty years just fortifying his foundations."
F***King really? is the author typing another story that we don't know about? is this still True Filler world?
Really? the MC never tempered his foundations? wtf?
Say that again... i can't even hahahahahhahaahhahahahahah, apparently what's the author trying to tell us, is that the last 1300 chapters was just bullsh*t..

True Martial World · C1354
1 year ago

TrueImmortal: The author completely forgot that yi yun has to return to tian yuan world before the age of 100. Not to mention that he has many other matters in the 12 heaven that he has to solve like killing the evil souls or find his sisters father which up until now wasn't even mentioned or the luo clan that can be annihilated any moment by that evil sect. But who cares about all that right lets just offend a young arrogant bastard than kill his faction and did i mention of travelling to that divine kingdom which is rushing right to his death. And honestly all this rubbish of meeting one arrogant young master after another and nothing exciting in between is boring the hell out off me. Even the dragon couldron and dragon technique and combat body were handled in such a vague manner that i fellt NOTHING Zero excitement. I'm really considering if i shall drop it

True Martial World · C1300
1 year ago
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