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These are all good things you said, but most of it you said if Mo Fan didn't destroy the Devil Tree. Since he did was smart, because he had Flame Cut ready which is fire type. This will probably stop it again. Then Mo Fan can bring him out of the range. Also at the first part he needs vision on them. You might know this already I get that. But when you have limited vision and no close range fighting abilities it can get hard. Including the fact that his screen is constantly shacking. Playing defensively was a smart move though in the first place. He should have done that, but the problem is that Li Yuan might run out of mana. Also you might say that they could walk over, but they were out of the range, unless you make a command, and like I said earlier the fact he can't give one in the first place it is hard. They can walk around and everything, but by the time they reach they will disappear because of time. These are all reason to say and flaws to it. Your reasoning is good. He could have play defensively, so he didn't need to get stuck in his situation in the first place. If there are any flaws in this argument you can put them out. View More

AltQQQQ: Mo Fan will definitely gonna win this battle. Suppressing his opponent by raining ninja skills that would interrupt any attempt to summon any spirit. But I really can't understand why his enemy had to set up his summons in one spot if he could call them over all at once and let them help to get away from his situation. In that way, his summons might give him an opening to get away from Mo Fan. He will also have the chance to distance himself from Mo Fan and take the oppurtunity to summom more spirits. If I'm on his shoe, I would rather be defensive and won't take order my spirits to go to a distant location knowing the fact that I don't have any close-ranged skills. Even though Mo Fan is known because of his patience, Li Yuan should've taken consideration that his opponent is a ninja that has the ability to close their distance in an instant. He should've never teleported away from his Devil Tree that could've help him to defend his character while calling his summons one by one.

The King's Avatar · C1406
8 months ago

Technothepig: ye xiu is busy assembling the most overpowered guild of all time. instead of 100 elites in a boss fight it'll just be 100 retired pro players

The King's Avatar · C996
9 months ago

Forlindon: At the end of the next seaon of the glory pro championship.
Ye Xiu: "Why I have not win the title of Best Rookie?"
Journalist: "Euh, you are Ye Qiu, the ultimate God, Winner of four championship, the Human Textbook, and a pro player since a long time."
Te Xiu: "Ye Qiu?! Sorry but I'm Ye Xiu a new player in the alliance, I know Ye Qiu but it's not me. So can i have the title now?".

The King's Avatar · C1133
1 year ago
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