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Hmm what does this remind me of again.... ah right two metaphors fighting using harden and nothing else View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1061
3 weeks ago
That or witnessing him grind the tribulations like a game View More

Nohirelo: Soon enough whole cultivation world will kneel before Venerable White’s charm muhahahahahaha

Cultivation Chat Group · C1060
3 weeks ago

CaTastrophy427: Plot twist: Legend of the Paladin (the author) was being reminded of that gourd every single chapter by just one guy, for several hundred chapters straight, and finally wrote this bit into this one as a way of saying "OKAY, I GET IT, YOU CAN SHUT UP NOW"

Cultivation Chat Group · C1051
1 month ago
Should I be or not be surprised that none of the seniors are wondering how they even survived a 7th or 8th stage tribulation, then again this is SS we are talking about... View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1050
1 month ago
Well given SS's rate of growth, he probably realized SS will surpass him sooner or later and any blackmail would be worthless. Best get on his good side View More

BluebellBerry: Here I thought Seven Lives would go the standard route of threatening or blackmail but no! It's bribery instead💰Where can I find myself such a senior? 😂

Cultivation Chat Group · C1041
1 month ago
Alright... where are my decensor patch or blue ray? View More

Khalis: Anyone who watches anime knows the pain of censor bars that block away all the good stuff.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1040
1 month ago
Aren't you at risk of choking or spitting out your coffee while your reading this? View More

DBPooper: Me: new chapter is up!
My wife: ccg?
Me: yup.
My wife: I'll make the coffee.
Me: you cook the pop corn, im already making the coffee
My wife: ok! Don't you dare start reading without me!

<True story!>

Cultivation Chat Group · C1036
1 month ago
Come join us, if your dead you won't need to breath View More

BrausBru: Holy ****, I can't breathe! Take my power stones! I don't want them anymore.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1034
1 month ago
Heavens... I can't breath, laughing too much View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1028
2 months ago
Why do I get the feeling no matter how ridiculous we imagined the next chapter the author will still find away for us to go wtf View More

idreaminanalog: I predict that the lamia indulges her hobby and fakes death while screaming with Shuhang's voice... while broadcasting her divinity to the masses.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1027
2 months ago
That or the will is just way too bored View More

Mum0f5: No, it's because the Heavenly Deo isn't stable anymore.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1025
2 months ago
do you honestly expect any thing else? View More

RinTohsaka0: how the hell this novel keep getting wierder every time ?XD

Cultivation Chat Group · C1023
2 months ago
Haven't they though? I'm pretty sure they met once, just before Ye Si became ss's spirit ghost View More

System: Heavens, i cant wait for YeSi and 16 to meet

Cultivation Chat Group · C999
2 months ago
Well in ss's case it's less of him seeking death and more if death seeking him and the only way to avoid that death is to chase another death View More

Twice_Named_Magi: Death seeking powers have increased a thousandfold.

Cultivation Chat Group · C998
3 months ago
Isn't he in the mechanical department? So i doubt if things proceed normally he would have many chance to learn with her. Then again this is song one we are talking about... View More

ZhizunWuya: Hehehe well this should be a fun student life for SS from now on.

Cultivation Chat Group · C996
3 months ago
Btw I thought that senior medicine master was coming to teach ss the trade? View More

SmilingReader: Shuhang should buy some lottery tickets while Senior White is still around. Then he can take Ye Si shopping 😁

Cultivation Chat Group · C991
3 months ago
Well unless you count not getting a "cool" intent as bad luck but it does seem to be too mild for the benefits he gained View More

Mum0f5: Something bad has to happen soon right? He never has good luck without some bad mixed in.

Cultivation Chat Group · C988
3 months ago
Well he does have to be there to cheer on his waifu doesn't he? View More

CaTastrophy427: "Bring me with you"
Um... Shuhang? Did you forget something? Something about a fear of riding his flying swords? Especially since he doesn't have his main one ATM, so he's using disposable ones instead... Are you SURE you want him to take you along?

Cultivation Chat Group · C982
3 months ago
? Didn't the last time space was locked, ss was still able to warp into his world? View More

LackyAs: If this stone giant locks space it'll be impossible for SS to escape in this way

Cultivation Chat Group · C953
4 months ago
Shouldn't it be 6? He does need to keep one for himself else he'll just go back to having no name View More

CelestialMeatbun: Is it me? Or was it a flag?! Song Shuang has 7 names, does that mean he would have 7 disciples? Was that the flag?

Cultivation Chat Group · C905
5 months ago
I don't think it works that way though, if I remember correctly the strength or weakness of the btl is pretty much dependent on the process used to make it View More

Zacc: Every new character who is introduced in this novel is a death seeker! Also, since you can dilute the body tempering liquid in water I don't see what the problem is. Just dilute it enough for people to take it and help his 'disciple' out!

Cultivation Chat Group · C858
7 months ago
Well according to Einstein、 things like gravity are distortions in space and time so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that distortions in space cause distortion in time View More

Barometer: Maybe it's just not the power of space, but time too

Cultivation Chat Group · C809
8 months ago
Well you never know, with this novel pretty much anything can happen View More

Jackpotace: Okay ssh will have small world. Does this mean he will have unlimited blade work? But he dont have sword, only saber and onion? Unlimited cooking work?

Cultivation Chat Group · C789
8 months ago
Well some of the cultivators have a harem, I'm shipping SS with sixteen though View More

xKen: Shuhang can be paired with a lot of the people in the group. Hard to even decide who's the best pairing lol.

Cultivation Chat Group · C710
11 months ago
I wonder if the author is caught by a cultivator in a room... View More

Zacc: It is ongoing! The author writes super fast.. like 2 chapters a day or more. He's at 2169 chapters atm. So the translator needs to write 3 chapters a day or more to catch up.

Cultivation Chat Group · C585
1 year ago
I don’t, it’s too funny View More

DazzyFinky: I feel bad for song shuhang, so many misunderstandings hahaha

Cultivation Chat Group · C415
1 year ago
Pfft View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C415
1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C400
1 year ago
Poisonous catapilar? View More

quins: How did the sea urchin warrior die?
Shuhang is so formidable!

Cultivation Chat Group · C400
1 year ago
exp View More

Duex: Based off of the rate he improves, he'll reach the third realm before he finishes those pills.

Cultivation Chat Group · C398
1 year ago
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