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Author’s notes? View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C66
1 day ago
Filler...I liked the first side story better...meh View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C65
1 day ago
I think some readers are upset because the author hooked you with a type of “alternate world” storyline that appeared to be fantasy at first. However, the real story is a slice of life about a 6 year old who is reliving his life in modern Japan. The premise and setting from the beginning have been discarded as if the author changed his mind about the story he wanted to tell after the first few chapters. Either that or the ole bait and switch to get readership. I think the opinion is justified since the author did not need to include the prologue. He could have started the story in the hospital instead. You like the development because this novel turned into the type of CEO romance novel, but this also means the other audience that was expecting a fantasy story was abandoned. View More

Chaudhry: I have to say that I dont agree with how every one keeps requesting the auther to do time skip or send the MC to the other world.
I am truly enjoying this novel in its current phase and I hope the auther dont skip all the events just to send him back to edea fast as i wish to see the slow romance and slice of life aspects of the story.
So keep going the way u are and all the best to he auther in writting a great piece of work.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C60
1 day ago
I think Mei is a comforting sanctuary. She represents the MC’s ideal woman. I think Kyouko is good friend to her and mentor. The story mentioned her new assistant used to be her classmate and friend. There may be others, but the focus of the story is the MC. I wish the MC had another ten years under his belt. At least he could consummate his relationship with her. View More

imortal_lovers: Mei's obsession starting to annoy me. He is a six y.o, oh big sis (at least his body). Even old people needs friends. Let future be future. Right now, MC still a student. And Mei, she needs friends too, even more than the traumatic MC.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C57
2 days ago
It is the op, system, and other outworks we things that have drawn me to this story. Please continue and don’t abandoned them. I don’t know anything about the 3 kingdoms, but the MC as well as the endgame you seem to have in mind later sound fascinating to me. To be honest, I don’t mind the background of 3 kingdoms since I am getting my first exposure, but I don’t think you need to justify to anyone just because you don’t follow it close enough. I think your choices have been creative and balanced. I guess my opinion is a bit skewed since I don’t have any impression about those historical figures, but if I wanted to read a history essay then I would that instead of reading fiction. View More

DamnPlotArmor: I had a relapse of inferior complex, so I was being sarcastic. sorry about that lol

Writing for a long time made me paranoid to ill comments. Besides, I'm kind of tilted today because I boldly read old comments and hurt myself before I finished both chapters. ;w;

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C205
4 days ago
Ping is more interesting than the MC. I wish Tong was more charismatic like him. I guess I am just used to cultivation novels where MC is more like the antagonist of this story. View More

ShinYuhao: Come on Author can't you create an antagonist morr interesting than Ping I mean at this point Ping is the MC of thr novel . .

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C94
1 week ago
Anyone seen that Reborn! anime? Can’t help but wonder if it was an inspiration for this story...a 6 year old killing intent would seem more creepy than intimidating to me. View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C45
1 week ago
It feels like the novel is beginning to derail a bit...will the introduction be ignored the rest of the story? Will this ever tie back into a bigger narrative that explains the amnesia, etc. or will it just be random episodic content going forward? View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C42
1 week ago
This would make more sense in the larger frame of the story if the system gave him a side quest or something. His nemesis has a more interesting story than the MC lately. I don’t understand his attachment to his family or Hua Shi. This setting drags on and on...it was better when it was still a battle royale. So much detail us spent on investing in a fake world that will disappear when the simulation runs its course anyways. It was exciting when had to fight other sinners or during the large scale army engagements. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C79
1 week ago
Does Japan allow minors to play the lottery? Is he allowed to keep the winnings or would his guardian be given the money to handle? Also, do they allow 6 year olds to run a company as well? View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C38
1 week ago
Exactly...add ten years and maybe it's a bit more conceivable. The author would have less of a problem if this happened in another world, but this is taking place on earth. View More

Lost_Turtle: Author wrote the character's as six years old. Then became trapped because he needs them to be acting as teenagers. Any instance where he acts older is fixed by adding a 1 to the front of the children's age.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C36
1 week ago
Unfortunately, I have to agree. The author made the MC 6 years old and yet told a story that would have made more sense if he was 16 years old. The other children around the same age are victims in the same plot MC has been caught up in. The MC blames the other children? Does he think they have superpowers like him to protect themselves? He is ruthless to his enemies and especially traitors? What about Mei when she abandoned him to go to Lee to protect him? The MC can afford to not be coerced or corrupted because he is powerful enough to refuse. None of these people he directs his wrath upon can say the same. He doesn’t seem to have any idea that he became just like his brother Lee when he treats those weaker than himself like this. View More

Sinfish: Wherein a 28-year-old man dislocates the shoulder of a 10-year-old girl because she gave into the pressure of bullies.

For somebody who's watched his own life unfold countless times, he sure didn't learn very much from it.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C30
1 week ago
Not enough action recently...hopefully next chapter will be good! Also, sad to see that Kurumi appears to be innocent and MC treated her very poorly. View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C29
1 week ago
Was his older brother not ruthless? After the author gave this example and even mentioned that suffering in silence was not a solution, I felt that his approach to the Kurumi girl was supported by his desire to proactively address these problems instead of sweep them under the rug like he did in his past life. His adopted brother threw him away like a piece of **** that he had no use for any longer. He took a stand in order to avoid this happening again. I think there is something very wrong with that girl. If taken lightly then I think the MC will end up turning out the same as before. It’s too shallow to think she is “just” a little girl. The MC’s amnesia and the people that surround are absolutely unusual and cannot be judged using common sense based on the fact he was actually summoned and the story alludes to a conspiracy. I would liken it to something like “Men in Black” where is another world hidden underneath the world we know only because we choose not to pay attention to anything that doesn’t jive with our common sense. View More

IckleRonniekins: Is he really an *****? (mentally speaking). He's being too childish and cruel. I find myself liking him less and less. Not a good sign for any novel.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C9
1 week ago
And if she was instead doing a character study to evaluate his nature as a means to select him as a summon candidate, then would her tactic not work? She was able to get him to retreat using such methods, which indicates he might easily manipulated and easy to control. We still don’t know the reason for his amnesia and why take everything at face value if there is obviously more going here...perhaps there is no way to have the author to convey this without giving away a possible story twist? I just feel like something might be going on. View More

Sinfish: So MC is a time-traveled....25-28 year old man probably who is trying to avoid a 6-year-old girl because when they were like 14 she paid attention to him so he got bullied?

I can understand not wanting to play with a 6-year-old when you're 28, but this is pretty ridiculous, especially when he can surmise that the two of them were playmates in his past memories.

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C9
1 week ago
The story has conspiracy in the title...there must something to this. Lotsa people feel sorry for that little girl, but what if she is not what she appears? View More
Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C9
1 week ago
What if that little girl is a scout? Perhaps even someone from the other world? If the selection of a hero to summon is part of the conspiracy, then perhaps assessors were sent to Earth as a method to look for candidates. Could his amnesia be a part of this arrangement from another world as well? After all, it would be easier to manipulate someone who doesn’t remember their life. He still hasn’t handed over the research material to his predecessor Uriel and I feel like this Kurumi girl and the adopted brother Lee are somehow too coincidental. View More

Adelasorra: I feel sad for that little girl 😢

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C9
1 week ago
Not 18M, but 80M! However, with these types of stories...that amount usually become less impressive as you work your way up ranks. View More

ZeitHaere: Steady and slow xD.
He was years running after keiser runes. And in 3 years got 4th one. Wich cost 10000. Now he has 18M

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C408
2 weeks ago
That sentence made no sense... View More

LingDong: there is an ancient saying: when a man a constantly water the seed, will eventually get a tree to take a shelter from rain and heat of the sun.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C61
2 weeks ago
I am not sure, but I think only the officers were called by Tong to receive his plans. The other troops might not know it was a fake escape. Tong even disguised himself as a wounded soldier. Only those officers that Zhang He guy told Tong about we’re let in on it as far as I can tell. That’s why the rest were so happy to return to their army. Also, only that Zhang He guy promised to serve Tong for that 2,000 gold later on. View More

LucioOrdo: It's quite something that not a single person out of the 2000 people leaked the news of the plan

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C55
2 weeks ago
Who can respect a cuckold anyways...hero or not. Not reading this either... View More

zodzero: Keikokumar a legend from royalroad,, i like your writing but in the end you just blow away your beautiful legend because your fetish NTR (netorare)

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)
3 weeks ago

NoQuestion: Nicee.... keep the good work bro
The story is nice
The scene are rly intersting
I am not good at english but for me the grammer is ok.
So. Try it.

Naked Sword Art
3 weeks ago
I don’t understand where the story is going...no development, just monster hunter world. View More
End of the Magic Era · C571
3 weeks ago
From your perspective it is amusing, but different people have different things they care about. He is smart to avoid STDs if he can and the lack of medical screenings and proper hygiene could lead to epidemics. In this case, you can only make an educated guess based on someone’s situation. I think this would apply to men as well as women. View More

BrightLight: It's always amusing to see an MC who is on their own in an apocalyptic world still somehow care about women being chaste when in reality it would be something they care about the least.

The First Order · C3
4 weeks ago
Reading Status: C364
The world is extremely interesting and characters the MC meets are intriguing. Although the MC is a bit mentally challenged at times, the story offers characters that help him out when needed. He is not self-reliant like protagonists in other novels, but that also makes this story stand out from the others because the MC’s continued reliance on others highlights side characters that serve the story well. I hope the author will revisit the overarching plots that keep coming up in bits and pieces throughout the MC’s journey. I love these big picture background mysteries and hope they eventually become the main focus of the plot. This is much better than a random plot that leads to an abrupt or unresolved ending. View More
Paragon of Destruction
1 month ago
Reading Status: C354
The cultivation system is a bit all over the place, but the MC has a compelling background which unfolds into a consistent growth of his power base. He is not OP relative to other opponents. It’s more that he advanced faster than other his age. However, he constantly faces threats more powerful so you never feel like he is strong. The story continually reminds you he is weak and this would be intolerable for me to continuing if not for the fact the character seems earnest and hard-working in trying to become powerful enough so he doesn’t have to worry about remaining easy prey. The places he visits are interesting and varied. I am curious to know who he eventually develops into. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword
1 month ago
Considering her words...Nina may very well die in a future battle. I wouldn’t get too attached. He may come to care about her, but still not trust her. It’s more casual imho. There is simply not much there to begin with. She has her duty to country and he has his commitment to become a god. View More

Ishkariot: Honestly, hope that Noah starts to care about Nina. It would be refreshing to see that he isn't a notorious lone wolf and so on. So he can start to enjoy life a little without thinking of revenge all the time, and how to get stronger etc.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C306
2 months ago
He may very well be her enemy tomorrow...just like that other lady he ****ed to get a map. A map for a good sum of money and so she could ride his cock. His behavior fits the world imho. View More

kcorny: Look, i get it. Noah is a loner, does not want attachments, that kinda ****.

Can he just ... lead a normal conversation for once? One where he doesn't sound like an edgy 15-year old?

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C305
2 months ago
All I read in this chapter are losses upon losses...he lost centuries of his life? I thought he was only a novice/adept/maybe master? How long is his lifespan then? Why would recovering remove traces...he is not even an archmage yet...and I remember MC stating the only difference in ranks is amount of essence...so centuries in the shadow realm would have exhausted his life span easily. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C295
2 months ago
Because it’s more creative... 🤪 ...sometimes good thing come in dozens like 🍩 or 🥯 or 🍪 View More

BattleLord: Quote, "Several dozen thousand troops", who counts like that? Other than the possibility that the count is easily divisible by 12, is there any difference from saying there are 'several thousand troops '?

King of Gods · C1028
2 months ago
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