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All I read in this chapter are losses upon losses...he lost centuries of his life? I thought he was only a novice/adept/maybe master? How long is his lifespan then? Why would recovering remove traces...he is not even an archmage yet...and I remember MC stating the only difference in ranks is amount of essence...so centuries in the shadow realm would have exhausted his life span easily. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C295
3 days ago
Because it’s more creative... 🤪 ...sometimes good thing come in dozens like 🍩 or 🥯 or 🍪 View More

BattleLord: Quote, "Several dozen thousand troops", who counts like that? Other than the possibility that the count is easily divisible by 12, is there any difference from saying there are 'several thousand troops '?

King of Gods · C1028
1 week ago
I think that the MC underestimated his enemy and the reaction from the reader you responded to is normal. Some readers are naturally attached to these characters that are followers or family of the MC. So they won’t like to see them harmed or killed...even though in this instance his son deserved to be taken/killed and this might have been a more interesting plot development. I won’t draw a parallel to real life...since kids are nowhere that likable and in some cases you wish wish could leave them in daycare forever. I understand what you saying though. Parents need a break sometimes too and sacrifice a lot for their kids, but I also think this story doesn’t portray Han Sen as a good parent. Not because of what happened here, but he neglects his family a lot in order to focus on cultivation in the sanctuaries in my opinion. I think his family deserves better...so does Zero. View More

PopcornSectGenius: .................You's a special kind of dumb aint you. Sigh, i get why you saying it but it's a stupid reason nonetheless, especially when the man has natural biological needs. Also, one of those kids is a super demigod that can more or less ascend at any time she feels from the looks of it

Super Gene · C1642
3 weeks ago
This fight seems be lasting a lot longer than 2 minutes. If author doesn’t have him occupied with something else then it is more like Han Sen slacking off again. View More

KONO_DIO_DA: Stupid? Oh so your a stupid person when you leave your kids to a Kids Zone for a couple of minutes just so you could go to the bathroom. If so then Yes, he's definitely stupid like all other parents who leave their kids to a safe and fun place like that just so they could have a rest or have a f*cking bathroom break. Not to mention that he left Bao'er a being who has equal maybe even greater power than himself with Littleflower for protection.

Super Gene · C1641
3 weeks ago
Why is that Phoenix lady so corny? She is a lot less interesting than the other two guardians. View More
Supreme Magus · C195
1 month ago
I think the forging success rate is not really clarified at all. Is he really that stupid to waste materials knowing he doesn’t yet have the ability? Why not focus more time on cultivation and stockpiling ingredients. He needs to hunt for rent anyways. He hasn’t explored many different types of ingredients. He should keep looking because the forging doesn’t seem to be making any kind of progress and it’s boring to read about his one million failures. Failure is unavoidable, but I think that was already established...again and again. View More

Dread22: I kind of like how the forging is going. Plus it makes sense that he can’t use the elemental forging on something like a gun just yet (too small, delicate unless he uses it only on the bullets and the concept would be tricky in comparison) and a regular gun is too weak to hurt cultivators. I do want him to finally have a breakthrough tho in the forging! Also move on to a new concept at some point too!

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C204
1 month ago
Reading Status: C100
The story began well enough, but while the world-building started off as gritty and realistic the character later becomes less and less so. This story is perfect for anyone who likes traditional good vs evil where MC is a force for good. Unfortunately, I tend to like MCs that are capable and willing to have a dark side because this adds a dimension in my opinion. This character is too sweet and pure for me, but you might enjoy. View More
World Domination System
1 month ago
Although I am enjoying this novel, why does the author hate little old ladies so much? He killed off his mom and now this poor old lady. And they both died for an MC who hardly shed a tear for either. He mentioned he would get revenge on his father, but then went ahead committed a similar offense. Sounds like he has more in common with his father than he thinks. View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C183
1 month ago
Well...at least it fits with the nonsensical fashion he usurped the throne. The story becoming more and more childish...perhaps the author’s choice. View More

DragonKnight531: I disagree with everyone 100% I think its Good that he cried. Every king before was reserved and didn't show weakness. And look how they turned out?! If he can't show his emotions to people he will need support from then it's likely they won't feel a connection with the king. He's a person before he's a king. He's not god. Human emotions is what a king of oppressed people need to have and its why they will support him.

World Domination System · C96
1 month ago
Lith daydreaming about his romantic relationships while Salaark the hypocrite tries to argue she is fighting for her people while considering how to create test tubes as replacement for her subordinates? What happen to this story? View More
Supreme Magus · C195
2 months ago
Warlock of the Magus World was all those things, but MC of this story doesn’t have to be the other extreme. Is novel a romantic comedy now? WTF? Why are you reading this instead of the other romance novels on the site? This chapter felt like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...except it wasn’t as good as Joss Whedon...so please don’t try to be...the story was original for what it was and writing it into something like Soap Opera would ruin it. View More

Atlas14: finally, some fucking romance. please dont turn this novel into warlock of the magus world or similar ****, that calculating, coldnblooded, nihilistic and misanthropic mc is for teens. I hope Lith will grow up from that being into normal one and his friends\lovers will help him. Good novels cant exist without romance, characters have to experience all kind of emotions to grow. But please, dont delve too deep, because if you do, novel will die. Now is critical point, where mistake may cost you a novel, but if you succeed - it will shine. TL DR: please, dear author, make for us some romance like in Advent of the Archmage but bigger, but at the same time not so big as in Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos because amount of romance in that and harem factor is cancerous. Thank you. Gl bro.

Supreme Magus · C192
2 months ago
The complete 180 degree turn by that teacher doesn’t seem plausible at all. It’s a bit like wishful thinking honestly. I hope the story doesn’t degrade from here...it was actually pretty decent up to now. View More
Supreme Magus · C191
2 months ago
If he still had all that food and wine, he could have help those people not starve...😞 View More
Paragon of Destruction · C131
2 months ago
Since the essence crystals become less effective with use and he needs to create more while eventually no longer needing to use them, then how was trading the god-tier food and wine for so many an upgrade? Trying to understand the MC here...giving up his foundation for a temporary fix. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C128
2 months ago
Fine...he should return the food and wine though. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C123
2 months ago
The MC blew it big time and now is rationalizing this blunder this entire chapter. He got ripped off severely. He didn’t have to dump everything. He could have parsed smaller trade offerings...you know, actually value the things he worked so hard to acquire? Too short-sighted and impatient like premature ejaculation if a sorts. LOL 😂 View More
Paragon of Destruction · C122
2 months ago
To be honest, I think that food and drink from Panurge was probably more valuable than anything else aside from the void bag. Unless the author writes some plot armor for him to recover his losses...thus is probably the worst mistake by MC. I think he just about gave away his entire fortune. Why did he turn so pathetic all of a sudden? View More
Paragon of Destruction · C121
2 months ago
If you think 22 years is old, then what about 2200 years? View More

attentivetentacles: I know we tend to believe that the protagonist is a teenager, but a few chapters ago, several in fact, it was mentioned that he was already 22 years old, if he seems to have spent time traveling and all the rest he is already old, something like 22 to 25 years. Of course the fact that he is a "practitioner" rather than a "normal person" makes him age very slowly.

Paragon of Destruction · C109
2 months ago
The academy will show up anyways since they can’t seem to leave him alone. Since he is being offered a kindness it is also an exploratory move where he is testing their attitude to his pursuers and gauging the level of academy influence in that area/region. He gave a little and in taking that risk may have gained a lot. It’s more realistic that he relies on others because he is not the OP super MC from cultivation novels. However, he is not pathetic either. He’s got guts and grit. It’s a nice balance. View More

Dao_destroyer: MC is way too trusty. Even after that guard captain betrayed him he is still trusting strangers right of the bat. I donnu if author wanna make too dumb or too retarded.

Paragon of Destruction · C70
2 months ago
If the story crawled then it would boring and filled with lots of exposition and no development. I think the pacing great since it doesn’t take several chapters to have anything really happen and thus end up feeling like filler. View More

Zelsa: This scene was like telling a five year-old why going to college is important. A five year old can not grasp a concept like this. They would have to mature, gain wisdom and understanding of culture, society and possibly others things before understanding the weight of this advice. By the way, your main character has none of those . He doesn't even know geography, of his own world. The culture he knows very little of, politics etc. The pacing is too fast and your skipping essential world and character building that needs to proceed prior before dumping your character into this mess. Even in great books like the game of thrones, plot twist and confusing politic events happen and can be overwhelming at times but there is always a build up. Learn to walk before you can run. This story is clearly running without knowing how to crawl. This is my opinion. It's a good story. But pacing is the biggest issue this story has. Black cover manga is also fast pace, Akame ga kill is fast pace as well but they still throw in necessary world and plot development before doing anything else.

Paragon of Destruction · C65
2 months ago
Is the author a high school student at the time of writing this novel? It did he just have a past traumatic experience? View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C46
2 months ago
Does anyone else think the MC has become a major douche bag and seems to flaunt it more often recently? He is now the one provoking everyone. It would be more interesting to see him actually find someone more powerful than himself and the star seed. His sister has become worse as well. She really is quite cruel. View More
My MCV and Doomsday · C557
2 months ago
Really liked the ending to this chapter...best chapter! View More
Supreme Magus · C185
3 months ago
Why does the poor principal deserve the beating of his life from Phloria’s father? If he wants to spoil his children to grow up useless then that is his prerogative. His daughter could have elected to take the regular exam and not venture to the dungeon. This Orion sounds more unreasonable than his wife. View More
Supreme Magus · C180
3 months ago
I think that there is value to trying to address how the nobles spoiled their their children to grow up to become incompetents (or at least less competent than the generation that preceded them) View More

loskro: I think we all get that but it was far too rushed I mean they go from never having had to kill a thinking creature (knowingly) to straight up murdering someone all at once its different then slowly getting used to killing then killing a person , its all about that buffer that linjos messed up . in summary right idea, wrong execution.

Supreme Magus · C180
3 months ago
Yes it makes me wonder how he could have done the things he did while still maintaining that personality. I think Lith is more credible and realistic portrayal. Also, Phloeua’s father coddling her that way may only hurt her in the long run. Overcoming painful obstacles or challenges builds character. I can’t think of any substitute. View More

Eddicted: Wow... Phloria's father might be a little a dumb(with all the puppy,bad guys thing) but he is a very good,capable and loving parent. That last scene in the chapter is very emotional. It is Friya's 1000% luck to have a step dad like him.

Supreme Magus · C180
3 months ago
I think he is on the right track. I am disappointed that those 2 who killed their targets were so broken up about it. Do they not feel that killing 2 monsters who treated humans as cattle or lab rats to protect others is a good thing? View More

PrimalKaos: Cut that poor principal some slack will ya ? That world is a violent place, hiding from its horrors will not benefit their survival rate. Sooner or later they will face situations like these, the earlier they are prepared the better off they will be !

Supreme Magus · C180
3 months ago
I think that those 3 prisoners deserved death. I don’t understand how children of nobles can be so soft...even though they are sheltered it was explained how terrible those 3 were. They have sympathy for the criminals, but none left over for the victims who suffered or are dead due to their acts or the many more victims they might have had in the future. View More

MasterHaug: Everybody else: Trauma.
Lith: I will just grab my dinner and leave you alone. It is just murder, you will get over it.

Supreme Magus · C180
3 months ago
Nobles are not needed. Instead, they need a representative republic/democracy, a public education system, a bill of rights, etc. Monarchies and dictatorships are not needed. It’s better to create a country for the people...that is what is really needed. There are other people like the minister who could help work towards this, but the other nobles who treat commoners like trash should be irradiated. View More

novelreader_read: The content has been deleted

World Domination System · C74
3 months ago
Sounds a bit like a fetish group...😫 View More

Snoeq: I like the story, but Domination Corps, seriously? Cringe.

World Domination System · C72
3 months ago
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