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Demon's gate View More
The Demon's Gate. · C0
1 week ago
I laugh every time when the imp fights notifications. He took the dagger and stabbed the annoying notification! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 View More
Demon's Virtue · C32
2 months ago

SaltySal: Uploading privilege chapters but not the normal ones? It’s as if you’re trying to get people to drop this novel.

Divine Beast Adventures · C484
3 months ago
An editor is needed View More
Supreme Origin: Time King · C1
3 months ago
Any news about the update? View More
Monster Paradise · C1239
5 months ago
Can someone clarify about the levels higher than 100th phase of high immortal? I can't compare power difference. View More
Sovereign of the Karmic System · C407
6 months ago
Mr. Author. Is the release time once a month? View More
Beast God · C76
6 months ago

Pirate_King: Wow!! The legendary plot armor is not used on our MC but on this fatty!! Fatty will be back!! Yes!!😀

Monster Paradise · C1147
7 months ago
Don't waste ss. Chapter is useless. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C1105
7 months ago

BigBootyLover: Time to drop. I mean wtf? Saves a person from the evil bxtch, gets forced to have a slave (he could have tore up the damn contract to void it) and then in a few hours, they get married after some flirting? No, this is garbage.

Kingdom of the Weak · C12
7 months ago
Can the mc the use six elements or it is still water? I'm confused View More
Badge in Azure · C123
8 months ago
Any news from translator? View More
Monster Paradise · C1073
9 months ago
No chapter? Again? View More
Monster Paradise · C1073
9 months ago
Butt biting bloodthirsty bees🤣 View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C5
9 months ago
Is it going to be another two week break? View More
Monster Paradise · C1044
9 months ago
I'm curious what zf is up to View More
The Lord’s Empire · C960
10 months ago
Who is xiao mo? I can't remember him View More
Monster Paradise · C1012
10 months ago
2ho is this Xaio Mo? View More
Monster Paradise · C1003
10 months ago
So? That's it. Is it going to be another two weeks stop? View More
Monster Paradise · C991
10 months ago
Where is his 2nd sword? View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C94
10 months ago
I need an update,badly. View More
Monster Paradise · C989
11 months ago

1Raunak1: Awesomeness original novel by wonderful author. There was a time when I simply got tired of reading boring cultivation and game novels when I found this gem.

There is still some clichés common to all novels- poor background MC, system, but the author skillfully uses them to their full potential. One thing I liked is the lack of arrogant,silky pants young master. MC's sect is more or less united. There is no intra-disciple killing,intra-elders though there are rankings but it is much peaceful. In my opinion that's how a sect should be.

I hate arcs on sect civil wars and MC's first sect being the weakest sect in the weakest kingdom of the spiritually weakest region of the weakest continent ( the list goes on if you know what I mean😏). Here the MC's sect is the strongest in his world and the sect is still powerful and not ruled by young masters. Here elders do not shout ," Kid, don't you know the immensity of heaven and earth!!"

I hope the author continues the story in this manner.

Heaven's Wrath
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Monster Paradise · C1
11 months ago
I feel that insect queen will be kind of last boss. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C22
11 months ago
He seems to hate banks quite a bit. View More
Legacy: Lord Alba · C162
11 months ago
Thanks View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C183
12 months ago
Is there any superpowers in the nobel like magic and so on? View More
The Union · C17
12 months ago
Don't forget that his int. over the 100 View More

Hultzy: Lachlan thought he might look call (cool*) wielding it.

The Strongest Beast Tamer · C34
1 year ago
Maybe the planet and its inhabitants are very talentless View More

SimpleSlash: A planet is only 1st grade potential?!? I mean what a sperm whale is close to a planet?!? I want more sense!

The Strongest Beast Tamer · C4
1 year ago
Who is hong zhuang? Is she the woman who brought mc to purple crow? View More
Monster Paradise · C908
1 year ago
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