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Byakuei86: thx for triple!! m(_ _)m all hail Nomyummi and team!!

keke Lord Grim the hidden healer strike again XD that heal really change whole thing.. Samsara thought they can kill her before the attack land but HAHAHAH dang God Ye did it again no doubt this match MVP should be him no matter how good other player from Happy is

The King's Avatar · C1715
3 days ago

DeuxeDMN: Happy: You think chaos was your ally? You merely adopted the chaos. I was born in it, molded by it.

The King's Avatar · C1711
4 days ago

Lancron: Poor Tang Hou, you’re limited imagination can’t begin to fathom the miracle that is Steamedbun invasion techniques

The King's Avatar · C1699
1 week ago

BakedBolognese: Can’t wait for all of the viewers to be face slapped by the genius plays and 3D chess our Steamed Bun will set into action!

The King's Avatar · C1700
1 week ago

BakedBolognese: Less than a month left till we’re done! Only 31 chapters to go!

Can’t believe after all these years it’s finally ending. Reading Happy’s adventures has been part of my morning tradition for so long now. What do I do with all these spirit stones???

The King's Avatar · C1697
1 week ago

Tidy_nerd: It really highlights that advice that there's no such thing as wasted experience.

Even if we go down a different path from the one we initially planned for ourselves, the things we learned along the way will always find some way to be useful, sometimes when we least expect it.

The King's Avatar · C1695
1 week ago

listenedpromise: 28 September is Wei Chen's birthday. Happy birthday, shameless grandpa Wei. 🎉🎂 Do you love dolls as gift? 😅

Some Wei Chen's moments (chapters) :
511-519 Introducing, Commander Wei Chen
531-541 Stealing boss, shameless trade with guild leaders
545- 546 Helping LG escapes
543-544, 618-619 start as spy in Samsara
610-614 Wei Chen arrives in Happy internet cafe
541-542, 544, 626-630 Skill points research
811 - 812 Challenger's League, old Wei on stage
1199 Wei Chen vs Xiang Yuanwei (Miracle)
1354 Wei Chen vs Li Xun (Void)
1410-1428 Wei Chen in team battle vs Blue Rain
1498-1502 Wei Chen vs HWQ in group arena
1657 FR executed plan based on old Wei's judgement


The King's Avatar · C1686
2 weeks ago

TrisMode: I must say I'm one of those people who vote for books without even looking at them just so I can get it stones.
But why does everyone have the novel so bad!?!? I perfectly understand everyone has their panties in a wod because this novel was picked before another one and I have also been on the receiving end of this, but what does that have to do with the book? Smh. Sometimes I feel quidian is better disabling the Review section cause 9/10 people don’t even use it to leave a TRUE review not just their salty comments.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks
3 weeks ago

somesoaringstellar: Everyday I tell myself to wait until this whole arc has been posted then read it at one shot... Everyday I open this app to read the latest chapter. There's no helping me.

The King's Avatar · C1683
3 weeks ago

JYGT: Excellent chapter!!

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C822
3 weeks ago

QueenKing: Only Ye Xiu would have the guts to do this 😂😂 Omg, if Steamed bun was with him, he would be 100% on board with Ye Xiu not even questioning why they are doing that hahahaha casually singing and curse at Samsara if they tried to attack them hahaha

The King's Avatar · C1676
3 weeks ago

BakedBolognese: Only Team Happy would dare to send 4 rookies in the final competition!

Go rookies! You can do it!

The King's Avatar · C1674
4 weeks ago

Laugh_Not: Who would win?
A two time consecutive championship team roster or Ye Xiu's 10th server dungeon team?

The King's Avatar · C1674
4 weeks ago

Laugh_Not: Fun fact, if the 1 vs 3 hp remaining records in the Group Competition includes the playoffs, Happy occupies the top two spots
1. Fang Rui (Happy) - 68% hp remaining against Wind Howl (Season 10)
2. Tang Rou (Happy) - 52% hp remaining against Samsara (Season 10)
3. Wang Jiexi (Tiny Herb) - 48% hp remaining against an unknown team (Season 4)
4. Zhou Zekai (Samsara) - 45% hp remaining against Happy (Season 10)

References: Chapters 1276,1654,1673

The King's Avatar · C1673
1 month ago

Tenzin_sama: Ladies and Gentlemen, True Battle God's successor Tang Rou.

The King's Avatar · C1669
1 month ago

Jofrie: Ahhh the butchering of the goblins in the hole technique. Can't believe even the early dungeoning technique of ye xiu would be employed in the finals.


The King's Avatar · C1668
1 month ago

Cindermoth: So. It's over.
No new chapters
Book is closed
A journey finished

Been quite the ride
I hope we'll get a sequel
Somewhere further into the future

Where there'll be references of the characters
Some clearer, some more hidden.

I want to see the Van'er space program
What'll become of prince Gerald's kid
Will Leaf lose her memories to the forest
Can Snaketooth escape the friendzone
The adventures of birb, lightning, wolf, and fish
Will mystery moon ever become useful
The spy agency of Hill Fawkes
Where all the damn napalm went
Will White get himself a submarine
The progress of festive port, need dem oil
Will Kyle Sychi ever make an explosive even he thinks has enough DAKKA
Will Roland become god emperor Roland
Will Morning light and May ever get a child
Does Morning light shoot blanks

And finally, I just wish to see the progress later.
A grown Neverwinter.

One day hopefully
Some day

Release That Witch · C1498
1 month ago

Kaiser357: I don't understand, I mean, I appreciate a MC who doesn't fvck everything that moves, I do. But like, I don't want one that hasn't an inkling of a clue about the opposite sex, and absolutely ZERO interest in even speaking with them, unless it's about math or money. Even if it's just the AI, it would be a step.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C133
1 month ago

LIX: He has such a punch-able personality and I have a feeling that he would have a very punch-able face as well.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C120
1 month ago

Iacko: No one could buy their way into an Ivy League... oh really? Apparently, it was only $2.5 million for Harvard in 1998.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C115
1 month ago

shelwyn: I am also resistant to seduction, after all every morning the mirror shows a handsome Male God.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C113
1 month ago

SmilingReader: He did work hard but that’s because he did have the system. Without it he wouldn’t have the motivation to actually study and achieve the results he got. So yes it is BS in that it says that he could’ve achieved the same results but it would only take longer.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C112
1 month ago

Pedro_Sousa: Okay guys just used google translator and from what i understood, it seems the country(China) came cracking down on the author(probably cause he put a Huaxian villain....) so the novel is frozen for now, if the country decides to block the novel, it seems the author will try to think of something in the group he is on (don't know which). So yeah, China being China... Let's us all pray for the best and that the novel resumes in peace. > http://c.tieba.baidu.com/p/6196310420 < For those that want to see the forum i translated.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C841
2 months ago

Mute: It's cute you think they elect leaders in China

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C79
2 months ago


The King's Avatar · C1624
2 months ago

tlst: Do you guys know which team won with an entire lineup of rookies? Season 1 Excellent Era.

- YX, probably

The King's Avatar · C1576
3 months ago

JustDude: Reporters: what can you say about this match?
ZX: we've been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled

The King's Avatar · C1574
3 months ago

Zeke12344: Wtf, shut up. There have been so many updates recently and you’re still complaining.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C754
3 months ago

Tepid: Oh no, Seiji's fallen into the anime dimension and torn open a hole to Kimetsu no yaiba.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C822
4 months ago

shelwyn: For a harem novel it does things fairly well. Sure there are so many women you want to give up when you think about it... but at least here we are 700 chapters in and he still hasn't taken all of them yet. A little romance still even when you're so far in hue hue.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C732
4 months ago
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