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Just one announcement and I am back to this again hahahah View More
Chronicles of the Weakest Wind Mage · C44
2 weeks ago
Harem protagonist EX lols View More

Cangkun: Hmm why only haru can training Haki, Chakra, Magic & etc?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C79
4 weeks ago

Lord_Snow: Because he is MC?

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C79
4 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C79
4 weeks ago

Satan666: Lol. Hes damn op but its gradual and is a lot better ride than xianxia op protags who instantlu get op

Cultivation Chat Group · C889
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Sword View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C1
2 months ago
200th chapter congratulations Guys View More
Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul · C200
2 months ago
Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter · C16
4 months ago
Reading Status: C22
Magic Bullet in Magic Land
I am sad that this LN has stopped translating this HEALED me....thanks .....
-BY CHAP 22-
OK no the review guys gets a system but a system with actual rules and balance(UNBELIEVABLE right) so the MC might seem like a typical conqueror but he just arrived there in that world so he has not really had the time to internalizes things yet, this means he hasn't weigh the consequences of his actions all that well and he is just going by his (gamer) instincts....BUT ALL in ALL pretty smart guy.

the side characters have yet to been developed all that much beside a few but all of them have functions that progress the plot ..... READ this if you like...(^_^)

On a side note PLEASE NO HAREM or at least not have that many girls in it that it would low down the plot with unnecessary "Thots" it just doesn't fit the story of military or realism ...but you do you... thanks for reading... View More
WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World
4 months ago

Drakensji: So connor is aware of how unusual his attitude is?

WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World · C22
4 months ago
he probably has to face those inner demons when one of his men gets
killed......right? (now I am sad) View More
WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World · C22
4 months ago
The content has been deleted
WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World · C22
4 months ago
Reading Status: C15
By chapter 14/15
So far so good, I was getting tired of the cookie cutter transmigration/rebirth/isekai-ish( especially harem Bull-****) stories that were being so so dull, so this is a refreshing take on the story......Well it does not exactly step out of the norm but the MC (Female) is pretty solid and has a personality, I really do hope that She does not become a Mary Sue later on because that would be a waste, flaws make a character great after all especially when they overcome/compensate for them.

As for the side character well their definitely not a peanut gallery and have actual purpose in the plot and the relationships they have are not messy nor over exaggerated, like in some novel.

Lastly I am a bit concern this might end up as a reverse harem but considering the author's setting for the story where the Mc is not a "The Heroine" or "The Villiainess" I don't think this is the case at least I hope so and the relationship a defined (for now) as being "JUST" friends or family.....pretty good stuff read if you like....(^_^) View More
Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter
4 months ago
this reminds me of library of heaven's path View More
Delete me · C0
4 months ago
damn you guys are fast View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C758
4 months ago
Reading Status: C32
SO far it's been good so hope it continues (by chap 45)
-the mc is good person, not a hypocritical piece of chit and also female, which is you have read a lot of cultivation stories being a piece of chit can be for the males and females.
-the background is pretty solid as well as the story progression ( for me anyway) the comedy might be few in between but the story just takes itself seriously and the action is good as well. View More
The lone dragon
4 months ago
Welcome back and nice pic View More
System Programmer · C37
5 months ago
congrats for the ending View More
Beginnings End (Completed) · C48
5 months ago
Giving my stones again to fuel my daily depression ...... ha life. OH THANKS for the chapie View More
Project: Socialize · C256
5 months ago
I approve this is indeed a good character development for our DEAR Irina, who is rank top 5 in best girls... right guys~ View More
Project: Socialize · C254
5 months ago
MAKE Loria happy about her to children AUTHOR sama please View More
Project: Socialize · C252
5 months ago
so more school arc **** huh .... college arc here we go View More
Project: Socialize · C249
5 months ago
aww a HAPPY FAMILY View More
Project: Socialize · C247
5 months ago
Please let Alvelyn be the reason they both become better.... do for our LORIA PLEASE give her something to be really proud of View More
Project: Socialize · C245
5 months ago
Alexa play Bruna Mars: The lazy song View More
Project: Socialize · C244
5 months ago
I JUST NOTICED A lot of people are commenting now are happy now author... View More
Project: Socialize · C241
5 months ago
XD XD smooth like sand paper View More
Project: Socialize · C239
5 months ago
Project: Socialize · C238
5 months ago
who is dropping this book no of the clones told me this........ but really we are back to regularly scheduled abusive relationship we have huh author ..... a (whole) lot pain with little to no pleasure..... weird...right??? View More
Project: Socialize · C237
5 months ago
<<<<<AHEM>>>>the CLONE sect extend their invitations to all View More
Project: Socialize · C236
5 months ago
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