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Rather then an open ending I fell like the author tried to give the illusion of an open ending but the context in the final paragraphs kind of heavily imply that Kim Dokja is now awake. We don't know if he remembers them but he's definitely awake now.

From the fact that HSY conclusion is in the room, and the fact that HSY is smiling like an idiot upon opening the door, it would imply KDJ is actually awake. "The story she didn't get to complete, it was right there." You'd think she'd be talking about the conclusion but this entire time she was trying to create a happy ending for Kim Dokja. A story to save him.

If you take it literally, that means the story she tried to complete is now awake in front of them. So while it seems open ended, there's just heavy implication that the very least, he did wake up based on the stories roaring out their storytelling for the first time in a while and HSY final thoughts at the end. View More
Omniscient Reader · C551
3 weeks ago
Is there a meaning behind It? The author likes to mirror a lot of things with the story from both the reader, writer and character perspective.

I.e 99 main scenarios and the story ending on the 99th episode. View More

Arrange: The next one is the last chapter... *sigh*

I don't know if it's intentional or not but... 551... 51.

If I hope this is the prelude of the happy ending we all have been eagerly waiting for.

Omniscient Reader · C550
3 weeks ago
There's one more chapter after this. View More

Cat_likeToJudge: ty for this final chapter UWU

Omniscient Reader · C550
3 weeks ago
This is it.... we've made it... we're all almost there comrades. We're going to make it to the ending together, no matter how painful or heart breaking it may be. Let us hope it ends with how it should of began, with a happy life instead of a tragedy. View More
Omniscient Reader · C549
3 weeks ago
We're coming full fucking circle again I see. More of this inception stuff. View More
Omniscient Reader · C546
3 weeks ago
Biyoo is still yeeted out somewhere right? Maybe she can help the situation when she gets back.... View More
Omniscient Reader · C544
3 weeks ago
She doesn't creawte multiverses. If I recall correctly while she technically created ways to survive a ruined world, nothing would of happened if Kim Dokja never read it.

Kim Dokja is the one with the power to actually physically create everything while HSY writing is what gave him the inspiration for it. From what I see, had he read some other story aside from ways of survival, then that story would of became reality instead. View More

DarkDragonGoddess: So now writter-ssi is writing the story about that other dude who hates regressing? Sigh there she goes creating multiverses left and right

Omniscient Reader · C543
3 weeks ago
I'm still holding my breath. Just waiting for YJK to walk in, all of them thinking about the past. Then out of no where, right when they're going to leave, Kim Dokja just shows up. Please let it be so. View More
Omniscient Reader · C543
3 weeks ago
I feel like, at some point they're going to have a reunion after the disband and then when they all meet up, somehow, someway, Kim Dokja is going to be standing there with his bath or him or leaned against a wall when they all meet up again.

Then he's going to turn around or look at them and be all casual as if he didn't tear their hearts out. Either that or he's going to be stunned while staring at them because he had something planned to say but he froze on the spot. Then one of them is going to smack him and the rest are going to give him a hug.

At least that's how I hope it turns out.... just... one final troll from Dokja.... please.... View More
Omniscient Reader · C542
3 weeks ago
They derailed the scripted campaign. Let's see how the DM recovers this. View More

LadyTass2001: I don't think it was Dok Ja ssi who closed those lines. I think by taking Dok ja from the train they derailed themselves they truly are beyond the wall now. New territory not the same story.

Omniscient Reader · C541
3 weeks ago

It's okay, we still have time, there should be a way, THERE'S DEFINITELY A WAY. View More
Omniscient Reader · C540
4 weeks ago
I think I recall a real life story someone mentioned of having a dog like that. It took a full on hit from a car, flew through the air and then was taken to the vet. It only had some minor scratches on the leg.

Now, I don't know about you, but if a dog can tank a full hit from a car and survive with only minor scratches, that's a pretty scary dog. View More

Qchen: I always wonder why Tibetan Mastiff are shown in chinese webnovels as such ferocious and fierce dogs.
The only Tibetan Mastiff I know is a sweet and cuddly dog. He is at first a bit shy and wary of strangers but he is easy to befriend and is always so sweet and carfull when he plays with children ...

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! · C8
1 month ago
I'm guessing it's a combination of the three of them. HSY is the catalyst, KDJ is the power and YJK is the result.

If anyone of them was missing, this world would cease to exist. HSY needs to create ways of survival so KDJ can imagine it into existence and YJK needs to regress to give KDJ the power to sustain the timelines.... Or something like that. View More

Danilus: Wait, so did she create the worldlines or was it young KDJ as the oldest dream?

Or is the point that the writer, the reader and the character is needed to truly create a world? I'm assuming its this cause it would be incredibly apt.

Omniscient Reader · C534
1 month ago
By the gods, it's a time loop within a time loop. All these events that happened, that were meant to happen and will happen have already happened and repeat themselves to ensure the universe continues on consistently.

KDJ can't become the most ancient dream unless he reads ways of survival which means he'll never meet or save YJK in the 0th turn. Ways of survival can't exist unless HSY goes back to the past after completing her own turn and after KDJ already becomes the most ancient dream. Her going back triggers him being the most ancient dream which triggers the regression events by YJK in the 0th turn which then triggers ways of survival being created in the first place and it keeps on looping.

Omniscient Reader · C533
1 month ago
Speechcraft 100 View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C47
1 month ago
That's just sexist. If I assumed every women was a gold digging whore, you'd call me out for it right? Same here, watch your words. View More

coolysofty: What a scum of husband and father sheating on his wife for decade ! Woww! And he got such beautiful wife and amazing boy bit still! Menn never get enough

Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C42
1 month ago
Which spear? The upper one or the lower one. Since he's naked, I would find both equally terrifying. View More

DarkDragonGoddess: I hate that jaehwa! Hate him! He dares to point his spear at kim dokja without even trying to confirm the truth and wants to kill on his mistaken assumptions?! Hate!!! 😡🤬 i use to think his novel was cool, now i dont!!!!

Ps:TEAM regressor FOREVER!! yu junkyuk FOREVER!

Omniscient Reader · C528
1 month ago
You know I kind of want them to see Kid Kim Dokja. Just to see their reactions to it. View More
Omniscient Reader · C526
1 month ago
A lot of stories are like that? Have you seen star wars, happy potter or Lord of the rings? The conversations are as unrealistic as they can get. This isn't a serious novel with realism and it isn't meant to be real. I don't know why you're using real life criteria as a judging standard for a romance book about fictional characters.

I've seen extremely bad writing and this isn't it. View More

Ellie_Sky: I just downloaded this app and this is the first story I read. I already used all the fast passes I have and ended at Chapter 12. So far, the story plot is interesting and somewhat exciting. However, it was poorly written. The conversations among characters and reactions are very unrealistic and too coincidental. It's like a young child having a fantasy and writing it down.

My brother is an Idol · C12
1 month ago
Whew, this story. It just gets more and more amazing everytime you read the chapters. View More
Omniscient Reader · C525
1 month ago
Wonder how many epilogues there will be. View More
Omniscient Reader · C522
2 months ago
I mean, yeah it's gonna be hell but, now you have an entire group of people who are all allies who all know how to clear the scenarios in the most efficient way possible. They'll be stronger together then alone. View More

GridRoom: Group Regression... I think this is going to lead to some interesting events. But, this means they will have to go back through all the scenarios except this time without Dokja.

Omniscient Reader · C522
2 months ago
I don't know, in some stories people are willing slaves... *cough* sex slaves. View More

GABaller: "As a slave of nature, he was able to feel the slightest magical fluctuation..."

This should be 'servant' instead of 'slave.' Slaves are unwilling, servants are voluntary. Saying one is a 'slave of nature' is typically reserved for negative things, like lust or rage. Saying one is a servant of nature, though, typically implies that one is getting something out of the deal, in this case the ability to "feel the slightest magical fluctuation."

There's a lot of little contradictory connotations for synonyms in the English language. Just thought I'd point that one out.

Summoning the Holy Sword · C225
2 months ago
The antagonist is the god damn antagonist for a reason. He's supposed to so ****ed up **** and that's why readers don't mind. The protagonist can be jaded sure, but no one likes reading a story about a protagonist who goes on a killing spree with flimsy ass reasoning as an excuse.

People hate dickish antagonists and we're supposed to hate them. We don't need the protagonist to be a fucking dick as well because we have to look at his or her viewpoint for THE ENTIRE STORY. View More

AzureConqueror: I always find it amazing readers don't mind anything antagonists do and their plot armor but it's a problem if it's the protagonist. If an antagonist kills for no reason it's fine but it's not if it's the protagonist. If the antagonist is OP for no reason it's fine but if the protagonist is OP for no reason they start crying plot armor or Mary Sue or Gary Stue. It would be good if all the characters actually have some reasonable amount of intelligence and not be mindless so there would be reasons for whatever they do and not have to rely on plot armor to solve all problems. In my opinion if plot armor is needed to solve an issue the author shouldn't have even given the mc a problem out of his/her ability to handle. Just enough to struggle to win or escape would be fine. A novel that requires plot armor for almost everytime the mc gets in a fight is a bad one in my opinion

Summoning the Holy Sword · C222
2 months ago
Heh, nice. View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C208
2 months ago
Damn it Dokja, you got this. Go reclaim your companions or maybe they'll come reclaim you, who knows. View More
Omniscient Reader · C517
2 months ago
Unprovoked? You know what the word provoke means right? They literally threaten to kill him, they tried to steal his hard earned core and when that failed they actually tried to kill him. Death is what they asked for, death is what they got. View More

Admiralen: Really makes all of the times Rhode got outraged by bad behaviour seem really hypocritical when hes murdering for exp unprovoked

Summoning the Holy Sword · C191
2 months ago
What the **** was the point of this chapter. I normally don't complain about chapters with a lot of descriptions, but really, what the flying **** was the point of this!?!??!?! View More
The Law of Webnovels · C43
2 months ago
No he's very aware it's the real world, he stated as such several times. However there are some game elements he can't get over. In his anger, he thinks of the people in the village as worthless npc's who aren't even human. View More

Vayo: So Rhode still doesn't treat it as a real world but a game?

Summoning the Holy Sword · C157
2 months ago
Realistically speaking, if it was a single dog, I'd be able to kill it with a knife. What if 100 dogs attacked me though? Same situation. Even if the snake is a low level, you don't suddenly become invincible to their attacks for being stronger. Their bites and wind blades will still hurt you. In this world, 1 vs 100, okay sure. 1 vs 1000 is a lot more difficult though. View More

ToanN: An experienced and top notch merc group cant handle a thousand lowbie windsnakes? Please. Do you have to make every group so damn incompetent in order to elevate the protagonist?

Summoning the Holy Sword · C118
2 months ago
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