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If you kill the population they cant replenish. It may not immediately solve any issues with the strongest beasts, but they'd struggle to add more of the strongest level and continue to give you time to level up more humans. Scrapping nukes was a waste. View More
Godly Model Creator · C506
2 days ago
Enough bad overlord fanfics exist. The way that comment sounded, don't encourage him, no need to add to the numbers. View More

ChuchunmaruGod: write your own **** and stop demanding what she/he writes.

「Dropped」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C34
1 week ago
Chinese and Japanese text can do it to. View More

Heavenly_Devil: Remove emojis, itll remove the Spirit Stone donation ability on your novel. (I heard this from other People.)

「Dropped」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C33
1 week ago
Shame we didnt have a madara level solution and start dropping meteors. Thatd show people View More

Ruined_Leprechaun: He only asked him to honeytrap him... Not to actually do it... She could just put the guy in a genjutsu... The guy is weak as hell...

The White Demon Fox · C32
2 weeks ago
Shame that didnt have a super tier variant View More
「Dropped」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C21
2 weeks ago
Meh. In the 2 months since I made the comment I don't remember the story well enough to comment anymore. View More

CarefreeReader_Zen: the emotion, not the intelligence(even though my first thought was that it was everything including his memories) nor his capacity to feel negative emotions. He should still know why he got into the situation and the harm caused even if he doesn't feel anything negative about it. And should feel negative emotions now that he is going through "new" events.
Like Candice situation btw quite stupid plot point if you ask me, if she is the only one he cares about and she would worry/care about him, why he wouldn't say anything about a possible transfer BEFORE leaving? It doesn't take much to leave a message after all. Also why not tell her to be careful cause it was kidnap/forced labor? stupid logic IMO (Basically it seems MC and her "elder sister" either lack in common sense or have something wrong with their brains). Quite frankly this chapter it's quite upsetting (don't really know why) so I'm gonna take a small break before I read the next one.

Harvest Dungeon · C6
2 weeks ago
He did worse than that. He kept her from getting raped and saved her from the worms, but put a genjutsu on her to make her think the worms got her. He literally stopped it then decided she should suffer anyways. View More

swaran: Dude purity is not something you can just give back and i don't know why the **** there are so many authors out there why save sakura in their novels but only after the worms has been put inside her and she's been raped, i mean just what would it take to either just go back to time and stop anything from happening or just change the damn plot of the novel, is it really necessary to have a broken girl without any self esteem in his harem

Reborn into the Nasuverse with a System (18+) · C3
3 weeks ago
Meh. Make him kill his favorite toads sage edo him then let minato keep stabbing him. View More

tanatana: NO!! Kurama stop what you think right now, you don't burn Minato to ash!!!.
You need to have some of his DNA to use Edo Tensei and then you just need to ask him nicely to kill every single cityzen of Konoha by his own hand.

The White Demon Fox · C22
4 weeks ago

DeadEye12: He says he was born there but than quickly changes it to he was from earth and doesn't know how he got their... ugh sorry author but this story gets a 1/10. You can't even get your details right, you are constantly changing what he says and it seems that everyone there is retarded cause how would they not pick up on him changing his origin constantly

The Dragon Evolve God · C4
1 month ago
All this to avoid saying, they hired me to mine ore? View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C10
1 month ago
Hes gone back in time and hes wasting the opportunity to write scifi nonsense and diaries about aliens to **** with everyone? I'm severely disappointed. View More
Nova Roma · C2
1 month ago
Meh. I'd of verbally agreed while killing the other masters and then just kill her without putting it into the system. What manpower problems? Don't need that 1 additional person that I know wants to betray me. View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C44
1 month ago
He determined it impossible View More

Ancient_God: Another inconsistency. He said he wanna raise the loyalty points of that shang girl before, now he's just gonna ignore her? Genius!

Apocalypse Meltdown · C47
1 month ago

N0xiety: Chu Xian used loli lure ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
It was resisted! (◐﹏◐)
Chu Xian used forceful drag ლ(◉ ͜ʖ ◉)ლ
It was succesful! (≧ д ≦)
Loli has entered the car ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)

I Can Turn into a Fish · C62
1 month ago
Now to wait for it be meters long. A true nightmare View More

SanchoPanza: The first thing chooses to remold himself into is a thing of nightmares

I Can Turn into a Fish · C46
1 month ago

Ancient_Devil: It doesn't matter if it's worse I just like dragons

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C3
1 month ago
They should reset the energy count every Sunday and introduce whatever new they want you to vote on then, because I agree the current way is pretty dumb. View More

Hnn17: Fresh exp for everyone.
I thought the underworld gamer was going to win by a dragon whisker, whats the point of voting system if the novels are always release in the same order qidian reveals them.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C1
1 month ago
So... pie charts aren't a thing? View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C292
1 month ago
I'd say lower. Considering you know, 1 wizard would wipe out a nation on an idle walk. View More

Demondroid8: Maybe our Earth is one of the higher universe wizard god has visited.

Night Ranger · C126
1 month ago
He never left the game, he has always been a bard and this is his story. View More

Daoist_Pinkerton: Marvin's still investing heavily in his Dramatic Suspense stat I see. Are we sure he didn't cross-class into Bard?

Night Ranger · C39
1 month ago

aFallenLeaf: Your master had paid him with his consciousness and his soul D,x
Kinda sad now that I think about it

Night Ranger · C23
1 month ago
Instantly shot down for tossing ideas out is bad. Inviting someone over when the other side has bad intentions towards them is bad. Demanding they give up equipment on the first clear they didnt help in slightest with is terrible. Let's wait patiently for the things they've done nicely? View More

Roren: He was not treated badly by his guild but rather the fool from the other one. Please keep in mind everyone here is a noob the game was just released, how would they know the MC knows the future and has an item that hides his gear and level. If he did not hide his gear/level they would be treating him very differently.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C49
1 month ago
I'm a Male so I might not get it, but it definitely feels like sleeping with everyone because someone else told you is worse than people seeing nude pictures? Then again, I have no shame and could care less. View More

kessu91: yeah makes sense she doesnt want nudes to be spread around so she takes part in a smut film instead.... all to protect her virtue...

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C41
1 month ago
The cheater from the past is dead. He has respawned with even more cheats. Fear him View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C2
1 month ago
They could do what people did to his dungeon and farm the minions. But I think most people don't abuse the 99 stats at creation and end up with things like Alberto. Well. The humans at least. I'm severely disappointed in a devil that pulls an Alberto. View More

RK9: I just thought of a problem with this world building........If all dungeons have a personal guard with 99 stats, how can ANY ordinary people ever clear dungeons?
It is clearly stated that stats can't be earned outside of dungeons..........and it's not easy to escape dungeons........so dungeon masters are invincible if they stay in the dungeons all the time and no ordinary person can become stronger........

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C26
1 month ago

MilkGod: MilkGod's Fact: The largest Harem in the world belonged to King Tamba of Benaras. The 6th century BCE king's Harem was about l the size of a city and housed approximately 16,000 members.

Ok now this is a Harem God.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C84
1 month ago
You don't watch dbz and assume energy you feel inside of you is anything but ki after being reborn as a saiyan. That just seemed like dragging it out. View More

Aht: Yeah I was debating whether that was too slow and I changed it again to make it more presentable. And while Nao feels full of energy he still didn't really know what Ki was until Nappa showed him a metgod of using it.

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes · C13
2 months ago

ErozothDraeor: I don't get it, someone with a few hundred BP is a planet destroyer in dragonball world, they have 10k and cant lift a weight.

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes · C12
2 months ago
Let's just circle back to the fact goku could grab raditz tail and he was pretty much paralyzed yet they're grabbing kids tails and throwing them around hours? After birth. This is probably still murder so it's about the same result. Lol View More

ErozothDraeor: Still a good chapter. With the 3rd Vegeta im sure everyone would have expected a different outcome.

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes · C4
2 months ago
Meh. System defends the yc, turns mc into rapist pretty much, threatens death all the time. Cant take anything from yc so knowledge is pretty much useless in advance. Did your character upset you or something? View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic · C12
2 months ago
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