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  • The CrAzy "Fenzi"

    The CrAzy "Fenzi"

    Video Games video games scumbag

    "Boss! We have a big issues! We are currently surrounded by five super guilds! They want us to be eradicated! What should we do now boss?" Laughter came from the man sitting on the a small wooden chair. He keep laughing and laughing. It was deep and hoarse laughter that came from the young man. "Ha! Ha! Hahaha" I guess it was time! Gather all our brothers tell them it's time! ------- New world is a virtual reality game that is completely beyond words to be describe. As this what people appreciates as a second world and enjoys playing the game. Join and tracks the improvement of our Fengzi as he progress in the virtual world and outside world. Where he will deal and experience as he matured more.


Exallion: Yep, we're not in the immediate area around the volcano but the ash can reach ours because of the wind blowing, especially at the start of the eruption. Even the schools in our area were closed for a whole week already. And it's really annoying how we had to sweep the floor every now and then 😑. There's ash everywhere in and outside the house.

Mutagen · C329
4 days ago

MoaningFrodo: *Sees new update*
*Checks new chapter*
*Just a repost xd*
*Zips back disappointedly*

Dual Cultivation · C32
5 days ago

Apex_Cultivator: Amazing job! Keep up the work! I don't care if you take your time with the chapters if they are like this.

You didn't pull the BS where reincarnated MC's just act like h*rny little kids. You didn't pull the BS where even after they reincarnate, they forget all their past life comprehensions.

Dual Cultivation · C23
5 days ago
There is one in real life but the dude regrets or doesn’t like his job View More

lazyleo: What job would be better than this, where you can earn money and, enjoy different heavenly beauties as they moan on his bed and desires for more pleasure. 😏😏

Man wish I had such talent and job as his. 😂😂

Dual Cultivation · C14
5 days ago
There seems to be a missing page isn’t? Like you just made it and skip the awesome things which kinda sucks! I love the goofy side of the story oh well View More
Guild Wars · C111
6 days ago
Love it ambitious villain hope he last longer View More
Mutagen · C326
1 week ago

Pannnnnn: I’m excited for the guild war! I wonder how are you going to describe it?! Haha can’t wait. Would it be better than the rossg, the master tamer, weed story”grass porridge “ and many more yeet

Guild Wars · C105
1 week ago
I’m excited for the guild war! I wonder how are you going to describe it?! Haha can’t wait. Would it be better than the rossg, the master tamer, weed story”grass porridge “ and many more yeet View More
Guild Wars · C105
1 week ago

Smiths_Chips: Damn an arc well over 70ch this early. But we have seen thro this segment and have been welcomed with a thing that truly expresses the core of Webnovel, an underrated novel with a mc so powerful the ai allegedly made a child just to spend time with draco. An armory of items, racial advantages, a world boss mount, the very peak of existence an origin god thinking his is her dad, an orgy the size of an alienated species not once but twice, joined a mafia powerful enough that they have a ranking system and connections with the world order thing and finally a bloodline of the most powerfull "human" of course it has to be the most powerful and purist within both time lines. Fell free to remind the fellow readers of anything I forgot

Guild Wars · C105
1 week ago

Crazedreader: You forgot the dirty jokes.

Guild Wars · C105
1 week ago
Damn draco! He already have a kid! Wonder what would be Eva’s reaction hehe View More
Guild Wars · C105
1 week ago

Vallen: Don't worry we all got a real life stuff, take your time, we will be waiting silently hahaha. thanks for the chapter. BTW, FY laughed coldly while showing shock. What a swindler haha

Reverend Insanity · C55
1 week ago

Vallen: lol a 500 years experience of deceiving people hahaha.

Reverend Insanity · C55
1 week ago
Plundering the heavens?? Haha that’s the same thing happened in that novel View More

ProblemsEye: I hope he is forced to leave the clan, but before he leaves he plunders his uncle and aunts place

Reverend Insanity · C54
1 week ago
Try one ! Haha I just read an amazing news today where the wife get way too rough with their foreplay that ended up being sued by her husband View More

DumbyAccount: Is it really that bad to be a henpecked husband?

Just curious 🤔.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C76
1 week ago

Okedra: Same. There should be a website dedicated just to the food of the story and how we can make it ourselves.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C61
2 weeks ago
Haha Damn dog haha😂 View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C1291
2 weeks ago
Are you still doing or continuing this novel author?? It is so good I can’t stop reading View More

SnoozySloth: Lol. Time to kill all the heroines! I'll just throw Ed and Jake together in a half-assed ending later on. Just kidding.

Steampunk Apocalypse! · C46
3 weeks ago
Love the work author View More
Guild Wars · C90
3 weeks ago
That you are a man lol View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C1270
4 weeks ago
Haha a fucking twist 😂😂😂haha damn I’m laughing so hard haha View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C1268
1 month ago
I hope he loses his resolve so that there was a big twist 🤣 View More

hosfahim: I hope the mc never loses his resolve.

Death Scripture · C55
1 month ago
Lol you are the guy from ROSS, super gene, and many more nice too meet you again haha View More

GhostZero: Ghøst wasn't here

Death Scripture · C29
1 month ago

GhostZero: Ghøst wasn't here

Death Scripture · C29
1 month ago

KingChowdhury: IMO, the Will of the Divine, is just MC's way of encouraging and reassuring himself.
For a spoilt young master like him, to suddenly lose everything and be powerless. The Will of the Divine is his hope and self-created illusion that is guiding him to his revenge/destination.

Death Scripture · C16
1 month ago
With his peerless butt! View More

Arawn_: MC is still too naive...so what if he somehow managed to get closer to his enemy? How is he gonna kill him? With his **** Kung Fu which cannot even enable him to knock a guy his own age?

Death Scripture · C13
1 month ago
Oh yeah you are right my fren View More

System: Hadnt he noticed that everytime he thought of Will of the Divine, things get worse.

Death Scripture · C11
1 month ago
Will of Devine! Haha View More

SkyScar: better than most of OP MC novels without reasons for power up aside from luck, cheat system, and chosen one.

Death Scripture · C10
1 month ago

Reached_The_Apex_: Mama xue seems to a be very good at fingering, kung fu

Death Scripture · C9
1 month ago
Well it because the author just went and suddenly killed the parents without us having any affections on them. It would be better if he did it the same way The great ODA did in Op View More

Sighingmadman: Somehow i cant sympothize with anyone.... Srsly the story telling is sooo bland. Everyone he knew and loved suddenly died but the mc is like w/e ill take revenge in 30 years LOL no sadness no rage no detailed suffering, a "silkpants" just marched for 4 hours and he didnt eat or drink for atleast a day, nothing of that is mentioned like mc is a machine. Chapter ends he became very depressed because he found out he's enemy is strong. FCK ME he's whole family just got massacared and he's depressed ONLY now because of some trivial bullsht....WTF im reading this like filler while waiting for King's Bloodline to get updated, no shame in advertising other novel here.

Death Scripture · C5
1 month ago
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