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Only chapter 3 and I'm already feeling stupid to even read this View More
Invincible System start from One Piece · C3
2 days ago

Quidanstealsnovels: Well i gave it a go and its exactly like I figured.

Pointless fantsy self insert, stupid unbalanced system that completely upsets and power balance in the world in a few chapters.

Generic 'harem' setting that has little to no actually development of a relationship and is just 'he's so strong, rich, cool etc... lets just fall for him instantly'.

No character depth, no character development.

The grammar is horrible, there is so many mistakes everywhere I had to reread entire sentences multiple times because they barely make sense.

Oh and its one of those multiple worlds type ones so don't expect any good story, meaningful side characters etc... because the MC will just go into another world to destroy that eventually. There has never been a multiple world hopper fanfic that is any good. Ever.

So yeah if you're one of the few rare readers who hope to find a nice quality fanfic here and do actually enjoy anime/ manga adaptions if they're done well. This isn't for you. Low quality.

Of couse this won't stop the huge amount of fake reviews, the idiots who get excited over harem etc...

In fact I wonder if the author will delete this review out of spite, they usually do. Someone copy and paste and save it.

Invincible System start from One Piece
2 days ago
1 or 2 yandere in a harem is fine, but when everyone of them is a nutcase it just not fun anymore. There're no chemistry between any of them, they are just crazy for the heck of it. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C72
1 week ago
Just the fact that you're calling him stupid for simply stating his opinion already made your argument invalid, your entire post made you sounds like a butthurt fanboy. Instead of pointing out what's actually good about the novel you acted like he farted in your mouth. View More

PrinceOfNilfheim: He doesn't have anything interesting ? Again, stupid. You have just forgone the majority of my reply which was showcasing xhat is truly interesting about the MC, to say that he's not interesting, without any proof.

Now, about the realm of destruction, while it is true that it is important, but I wouldnt go as far as saying it's what defines the MC, I can think of so many novels, where their defining quality, only comes into play at least halfway into the story. Now, I'm gonna go at you personnaly because right after you say "don't tell me to read past chapter 100" You go on to tell me to read another novel (Which I already checked out, and dropped it into the first 20 chapters) so please, next time you use your twisted common sense, make sure you go by it too

Paragon of Destruction
3 months ago
too late, he's already full of **** around 200th chapter. View More

assassinsking: he really needed a solid setback before the cockiness got the better of him...

Profane Prince of Domination · C303
3 months ago

SheepMeUp: Well, 4.1 is overrated, mostly via Rating bots :(.
From what I've seen, the author is from spain and writes in spanish and has little to zero english knowledge. His chapters are machine translated and some early and late ones are edited by another one with a little more english skills.
Like most pseudo p*rn authors, the 18+ chapters are written by a virgin who gathered experience by watching po*n. Null Imagination, null seduction.
MC gathers his harem members only by being strong. There is zero affection or romance.
MC is also an irresponsible asshole. He is about 10 years away from home. Because of circumstances he was unable to return. His parents and brother are worried sick. But MC's thoughts about that are: I've sent them enough Money, they should be happy. So even when he returned, he let his family wait for anothersome weeks just to chase some more skirts.
The MC starts as a likeable person with overly responsible behaviour and transforms with time into a typical chinese xianxia asshole MC that is meaninglessly arrogant and kills everyone he doesn't like.
It is rather sad to see a Story, that started so promising only with bad grammar and is now at a point with relatively good grammar but shi*ty plot :(
The characters have no noticeable personality. Girls see the MC and love him, boys admire or hate him - whatever is better for the plot. But there is nothing special about anyone. If one or two of his wives die, because the author forgets about them, you probably wouldn't even realize it.
Writing Quality **
Stability of Updates *****
Story Development **
Character Design **
World Background ****
average ***

A new life in High School DXD
4 months ago
I haven't read this train wreck of a novel in a long time but let's see: she's his maid and he knew she is incredibly loyal to him yet completely treated her like air and busy trying to get in some other pretty face's skirt instead, I would be hard press to say they have no relationship. Yes he didn't slap her but giving her silent treatment for no reason is not much of an improvement. View More

Crimson138: So to you basic manners is treating women you dont have a relationship with like a girlfriend its not like he did anything rude to her dont try to act as if he slapped her and told her to know her place or something

Spirit Cultivation · C20
4 months ago
Ah so only a couple is qualify for you to treat someone with basic manners, I bet you have tons of friend then. View More

Crimson138: What common sense its not like they are a couple yet you just don't have basic reading comprehension

Spirit Cultivation · C20
4 months ago
There're so many female I forgot most of them. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C267
4 months ago
Glad to see you associate common sense with SJW business. View More

Crimson138: Can you stop white knighting nobody is gonna **** you for that

Spirit Cultivation · C20
4 months ago
"If you are a prodigy, what am I?"
Uh... a lucky sunova***** that wasn't born with a golden spoon but constantly pick up one?

Honestly man, I'm a little bit disgusted at Konrad acting all proud about his prowess when everything amazing about him come from his plot armor. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C260
4 months ago
I don't think voting via powerstone is a good idea, especially with the bots they have around here. If anything I would remove that requirements for a review BEFORE you can vote because oh boi! there are a lot of crap I want to give 1 star to but writing a review for those garbage? Just no. View More

Oniichan_Thickskin: the so call "review" is pretty bias against Pokemon, I think this guy just do it for the attention, honestly I wish there's an option to just disable all reviews and rating, just using the powerstone voting system is fine.

Journey Towards Greatness
4 months ago
I doubt a deranged murderer care if the kid came from his sperm. View More

TDI: I believe there is a difference for some people between people and their own blood

Master of Time · C11
5 months ago
Dungeons are boring
Make it short View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C225
5 months ago
The artist is Sasahara Wakaba, his pixiv:
華若葉★3日目西り42b View More

_Felix_: XD Klee so true also where is your pfp from?

· C21
5 months ago
Don't remember, don't care. It's been so long the only thing I knew about this novel is that it's a badly written novel. View More

Senior_Nepuko: brother, did you actually read the chapter :/ ?

Spirit Cultivation · C20
6 months ago
What a long bathroom break dontcha think?
Teacher: "What the hell did you do in the bathroom?"
MC: "Exploring the unknown and saving the world." View More
When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C16
6 months ago
Because making a sandwich required some serious muscles. View More
When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C12
6 months ago

Raze_: I like the comedy

When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C7
6 months ago
Stop going into too many detail about how the character thinks, you don't need to tell us why they think the way they do, just let them do it.
Not all of your readers are stupid. View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C2
6 months ago
I've never said I wanted her to be his lover, the point I'm trying to make is that his men raped her, what do you think will happens when the girl find out that her father's subordinates bang her mother? You think she will shrug it off and go for a drink with them?
And there's the tag, you forgot to included rapist. Because had I know I was going have a human filth as a protagonist I would've never come in. View More

Erosire: Yup pretty much. Did you actually read the story properly or skipping through chunks of text?

He has no problem with mass genocide. He kills ppl without batting an eye. Did stuffs for fun even though there are alot better methods like bringing Atlantis to from before anyone settle on it. Nope. He rather sees people fighting each other and killing each others.

If he does everything like a cold logical robot then this story will be boring. It will also filled with self doubts, which is fucking annoying.

The only thing that pulls his heart string is his family. His blood not someone who give birth to his children. He doesnt even love her in the beginning so why you keep trying to make an argument out of that o.O

Also, check the story summary and tag again to know what you are going to ne in for. Huh.

Master of Time · C11
6 months ago
Accept the daughter but completely disregard her mother, rather irresponsible if you ask me,
Whatever the case, now that he's decided to take care of the kid, I'm sure he'll have a fun time when the girl asks the inevitable:
"Dad, where is mom?"
"Oh her? I ordered my men to gangbang her and then have her turned into a baby, you two are about the same age actually incredible right?"
Surely she wont resent him one bit.

And I find it a little hard to believe that erasing an innocent child from existence is enough to keep him awake at night - when he's already commit a mass murder on the defenseless people of Atlantis, then allowed his men to steals and rape anyone they fancy like a bunch of savages from middle ages.
Someone being both a mass murderer and a rapist, you're telling me that killing a baby is too much for his conscience? View More

Erosire: I dont accept that definition.

MC doesnt care about her as he already condemned her for what she will do. I dont want to debate the morality of that.

MC only revisit her due to an oversight. Although he could undo what he did, he choose to keep the baby despite it is not in his best interest to do so. This is just his characterization.

If he is a true calculating bastard. He could reverse her time and then leave. No need to give her a chance or let the baby live. But MC isnt like that.

Cold and ruthless but also human. There are lines he is not willing to cross. Like erasing an innocent child from existence, especially if that child is his daughter.


Master of Time · C11
6 months ago
Wife is just a figure of speech, the point is she gave birth to his daughter and slept with his subordinates and they got away without any punishment. Isn't that essentially be saying that whoever his wife is in the future, she will also be a free-for-all? Since they already slept with one, one more wont hurt, after all their lord is generous no? View More

Erosire: Who said she is his wife? She is the mother of his daughter not his wife. Not really sure who will be his wife since his adventure is through time and space ;)

Master of Time · C11
6 months ago
Doesn't matter if the girl is turned into a baby, his men will still be able to say that they slept with their boss's wife, low-key NTR no? View More
Master of Time · C11
6 months ago
If he's that lazy he shouldn't be going to school in the first place. View More

GreatSage_Master1: He is too lazy to waste any energy in the rabbit! But he can´t withstand to much so his facade would be revealed.

The Hunter Academy · C16
6 months ago
You could have just let him died by heart attack or good ol' Truck-chan instead of this roundabout grenade stuff, other than telling me that MC is a moron i see no other purpose.
If that was intended as comedy then no, not working for me. View More
Serpent of the Chat Group · C1
6 months ago
Okay View More

DarkDesire: You got plenty of points wrong here. MC never had feelings for the maid, the previous body had. No reason to follow through. Plus what he does is truly not her concern. She couldn't even save the previous body from death while he was killed right in front of her.

Spirit Cultivation · C20
6 months ago

Wyatterp1: stop biching let the author write how he wants if you don't like it don't read it or go write your own story

Deleted_ · C0
6 months ago
This hard working chap is making my eyebrow twitching View More
Deleted_ · C0
6 months ago
Forced to watch a fatty 24/7 even when he's poopin', yep punishment alright. View More
Deleted_ · C0
6 months ago
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