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Thanks for the chapter. It's been a good story so far can't wait to see more View More
Naruto: Ninjutsu Online · C5
9 hours ago
Yeah if I was 8 and meeting an orc for the first time I'd faint too. Also pee my pants. Please release more when you can View More
Harry Potter and the Forgotten Realms · C3
17 hours ago
Sounds about right for the Amazons View More

NP_3228: Since she is an amazon and greek don't think she would care. Greeks were pretty open about sexuality and harems were a thing back then. Amazons would not care if the man had more than one woman I would think as long as they bear a strong child with him in the end. Prob dont even marry men, just take his seed and boot him off the island.

Fate/Heroes · C54
18 hours ago
Thanks for the chapters. They weren't exactly boring more so a little slow but that's not a bad thing so keep up the good work View More
Assassin Initiate · C8
18 hours ago
Thanks for the chapter. Hope you're having a nice week View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C32
20 hours ago
Thanks for the update too bad you can't continue the story. I hope to see from you again View More
Marvel's Agent Belova · C13
1 day ago
Thanks for the info didn't know that View More

Whargen: For those who dont release: the red smudge is symbolizing the master pact between servants (heroes) and masters during the Holy Grail War of the fate series.

The mark showing on his hand means that he'll be a master in the upcomming war.

Overall, this'll be very interesting to see who the masters and servants will be in this war and how the JL will deal with then or interactions with them.

Fate/Heroes · C53
1 day ago
Anyone mind explaining that last bit? View More
Fate/Heroes · C53
1 day ago
A good one would be heaven or hell or just the afterlife View More

FilledWithHope: Or psychology (mind).

The Law God - Artic · C7
1 day ago
Agreed whatever Fate befalls Shinji I don't think I would care and if anything might think he needed a more brutal send off View More

FBI_B1TCH: I honestly hope Shirou just straight up kills Shinji. Shinji is one of the few antagonists I truly despise, most of the time I quite like the antagonists.

Fate/King of Swords · C24
2 days ago
Yeah cause they're already better than a good 80% of the other authors View More

ElderDragon: You do you first. Us freeloaders come second.

A New Path · C126
2 days ago
Take your time man most us who have been here for a while are willing to wait so make sure do what you need to we can wait. View More
A New Path · C126
2 days ago
Thanks for the chapter Soul hope you enjoyed your weekend View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C12
2 days ago
Thanks for the warning and I can't wait for the next chapter View More
Kaiju King Among Bijuus · C6
3 days ago
Thanks for the chapter. I'm really enjoying what you've done so far can't wait to see where it goes. View More
Kaiju King Among Bijuus · C5
3 days ago

DarthCerdac: Thanks for the Accurate list

Fate/Heroes · C49
3 days ago
Jail Bait is going on the offensive with a little help from our best friend liquid courage. View More
Fate/Heroes · C49
3 days ago
Thanks for the Accurate list View More

Moonfang148: Recap:
Saber= Ado Edem
Lancer= Scathach
Archer= Alcides, I presume since King's Order only works cuz it's not Hercules(The divinity)
Rider= Achilles
Caster= Tamamo-no-Mae, maybe all nine-tails?
Assassin= King Hassan
Berserker= Enkidu
Ruler= Qin Shi Huang
Avenger= Oda Nobunaga
Gunner= Gun God
Saver= Buddha

Fate/Heroes · C49
3 days ago
Anyone who takes this one please reply so I can find it again View More
A God in Percy Jackson · C7
3 days ago
Same View More

FBI_B1TCH: That's why I don't give out powerstones until the story reaches at least 20 chapters. Right now I'm donating all my power stones to Fate/Heroes tho 🤷‍♂️

A God in Percy Jackson · C7
3 days ago
Thanks for telling us at least. View More
A God in Percy Jackson · C7
3 days ago
Agreed and it was going so well too View More

FBI_B1TCH: Wow, that didn't last long at all.

A God in Percy Jackson · C7
3 days ago
Agreed View More

Dannylg14: it would be great if any extra information is given you do this again, great source of info even better than the actual wiki of this novel.

Monster Pet Evolution · C571
4 days ago

The_25th_BAM: (I'm putting "probably king/emperor/overlord" on familiars whose levels are not yet confirmed since there might be some unexpected twists in the story.)

Current Familiars:
✓Da Zi (Overlord)
✓Dumby (Overlord/probably Saint)
•dumby's minions
•Xiao Hua (dumby's daughter. King)
• Woody/ Amorphic Hell Tree (King/probably emperor)
✓Silly (Probably Emperor)
✓Stripey (Overlord)
•Two orange kids:
-Nan ju (king)
-Bei zhi (king)
✓Xiao Cao (King)
✓Moneymaker (King)
✓Desolion (probably Emperor or overlord)
✓Flowing Light (emperor)
✓Goldie (Overlord)
✓Flamey (emperor)
✓Brainy/ Brain of growth (King)
✓White Paper/ Dragon Slaying Chapter (King/probably emperor)
✓Elder Baby (probably emperor/ Ancient Blood Rage Dragon Variant)
✓Second baby (probably emperor/ Diurnal light dragon variant)
✓Third Baby (emperor/power king kong ant)
✓Fourth baby (Emperor/Aurora Dragon ant)
✓Fifth baby/Xiao Wu(Emperor/Hidden Dragon Ant)
✓Sixth baby (probably emperor/smoke dragon variant)
✓Seventh baby/Baldie (probably emperor)
✓Fatty Big Sea (Lord/probably king or emperor)

Uncontracted familiars:
2 Meteorite Magic Balls (Emperor)

Dark Child (Great Cutting Altar, Damaged)
(Probably a god tier item in its peak)

Monster Pet Evolution · C571
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Fate/Heroes · C46
4 days ago
You OK golddragon? Is this dropped or IRL happen View More
Demon Dragon Uzumaki · C22
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Lone_Wolf · C127
4 days ago
Is there a reason you posted this story under 2 accounts? View More
Succeeding in the Women's Kingdom · C1
5 days ago
This is pretty good I'd like to see more of it if you have the time View More
From a boring Irishman to a Japanese pervert: The Irish Highschool DxD · C3
5 days ago
It's all good man take as much time as you need. I've enjoyed your story so far and I can't wait to see more. However always put your health and mental wellness first. View More

manny0101: This was the limit of my imagination and my tolerance for violence. Sorry if you are dissatisfied.

Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C0
5 days ago
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