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premium is 25 extra chapters View More

DarkG7: Which is sort of weird. A few chapters back the translator said that they will most likely end in March. Which doesnt make sense with their 30 a month schedule. Either they are very bad at math or they plan to release more next month. Or they are just plain lying.

Lord Xue Ying · C1334
15 hours ago

DaRK_hand18: The clan he built and the characters I cared about just died like that because of his stupid decision haaaah and then the cliche where there are stronger than him during his heyday it would still be interesting even without those stupid cultivation cliches but no, the author decided that the omnipotent dad is not so omnipotent but just an arrogant senile old man
Honestly, the thing that draws people to read this novel is the fluffy scene(barely) and the character development sadly the novel turned into I'm the strongest but there are stronger out there so I will head out to get stronger again and there are mysterious characters which are not so mysterious at all and aren't even interesting at all and lastly the title should be changed he wasn't omnipotent at all he was incompetent honestly.

Unsealing: Omnipotent Father
22 hours ago

Dragoony: Feel kinda bad for our poor MC, doing all this and supporting ridicule for so long just to protect the ones he care for. Yet in my opinion they're not that grateful for it, especially the 2 sister-master he worked for.~Enemy came knocking at the door~"Slave White-Robed Chief take care of it while I sit in my throne room and then make sure you teleport me to crane-land and all over the place so I can sightsee."

White-Robed Chief · C908
3 days ago

Shubhamtripathi033: the worst fucking novel, i ever saw the strongest char joining a bunch of guys just because he needs some fucking idiots as friends so that he can help them level up. by wasting his own time . the mother ****er is doing it because he needs a girl to lick her ass.

VRMMO: Basic Attack
3 days ago

Daoist444379: Was good then it’s became a music fanfic out of nowhere so if you enjoy music fanfics and not really black clover fanfics then this is the one for you but if you are expecting a black clover fanfic then it’s not this one and also it’s really weird how sister lily is in love with a child that’s under he age of 10

Black Clover: The Golden Sand! (Busy and Hiatus)
3 days ago

Seregosa: I really wish that the translator would stop translating 100 yuan as 100 dollars. It makes things become a bit ridiculous. 100 dollars for one pancake? 20 as the standard price? Really? That's just ridiculously high, clearly the price isn't supposed to be that high if you see the reactions from everyone. 20 yuan is more like 3 dollars and 100 yuan is more like 15 dollars, that makes things sound more reasonable, not that I doubt him being able to sell these pancakes even for 100 dollars to desperate, pancake addicted people, but for now it's very clear that he only slightly raised the price.

A Valiant Life · C8
3 days ago

FoX_EnGinE: look like they are fucking zombie begging for human flesh

A Valiant Life · C8
3 days ago

Heaven_Above: t-this is.. the origin of talk no jutsu?! now i know where naruto get his lol

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C21
4 days ago
that's why I said insinuated. the author has not made a clear route for romance. even the end suggest he is going after Xu Jingya. even if it is just a scheme the author going to say he feels bad if she don't show interest. View More

DEMONBEE: actually he actually said that he wanted a pure relation ship and said he no longer wanted to look at other women after he cut off his relationship so she can become an enlightened master. he then went on a killing spree.

White-Robed Chief · C904
4 days ago
author has never insinuated. at the very beginning his goal in life is to create a harem of all the beautiful women. the Mc even says multiple time he want all his female friend to fall in love with him because it would make him feel more manly. View More

DEMONBEE: Jesus the mc is turning into a pile of ****. The author can t do romance and should stay away form it. So many novels try to make mc pure and only care about the main wife, but still end up with a harem. It so unfaithful and disrespectful to women and all relationships.

White-Robed Chief · C904
5 days ago
I like how this novel shows woman only like the hot blooded powerful Men in positions of power, but it's getting stale. View More
White-Robed Chief · C895
1 week ago

Abbeysensei: Honestly I laugh to this, coming from the man who get all the ability through wishes.

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer
1 week ago

Ryuu_Sama: if it was just the power of the accelerator, I would still read it, but from the moment you said that the author put the system in it is when I don't read it ... I started to hate systems, there are so many ways for someone to get stronger, but the authors always want to give a fucking system ... Serio was boring and embarrassed ... Thank

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer
1 week ago
Let's remember this chapter to see if this God Emperor Fire Phoenix well have a end game appearance. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1326
1 week ago

ShrimpSama: Can i have all the forbidden knowledge ?
« Yes »

White-Robed Chief · C884
2 weeks ago

kiryudono: Lmao... They are just using the plot as an excuse to deal with that sect. That sect had a lot of bad blood that just because a member was push was enough for Mc to kill their whole sect.

The Nine Cauldrons · C589
2 weeks ago

zukA: Is MC stupid or what? If humans can learn the beast language why can't the beasts learn human language? Especially so when they live far longer than humans...

The Nine Cauldrons · C563
2 weeks ago
I can stop laughing ever time it mentioned how much money he has. It always piss me off when the mc is broke and author wants me to be mad for him when people call it out. View More
A Chaotic World · C270
2 weeks ago

FunFun: We all knew it was gonna be a girl, and its still disappointing. First 10 times are a coincidence, but wtf man just let mcs have a boy.. jesus..

The Nine Cauldrons · C546
2 weeks ago

Ezraa: Personally I feel he’s behaving unfairly. It’s really egotistical of him to have to create a sect of his own. Why not just make his martial arts an inner branch of Gu Yuan Sect? Is it really that important that it has to be completely separate? Can he not see the potential future problems? And if he doesn’t care then he’s a real bastard in my opinion. I’m starting to like his character less and less as the book goes on which is quite the novel experience.

The Nine Cauldrons · C538
2 weeks ago

Asura_: 🐍🐍🐍🐍

The Nine Cauldrons · C511
2 weeks ago

Mute: Tbh i see her point, why befriend someone selfish and who has no interest in joining you?

The Nine Cauldrons · C511
2 weeks ago

M_x_R_x_Y: Always thinking about the little phoenix coming back and helping instead of thinking of improving themselves. Oneself>rely on others. Also letting such a legendary beast face so much danger...not good

The Nine Cauldrons · C504
2 weeks ago

Weirdo: Feel like this is some sort of big mind game... In fact, I would love to see in the end, the girl just show her Sadist smile and laugh, "The final laugh is still mine, my dear brother!!!!!! " And then, Gaara suddenly felt dizzy and weak, and the girl reveal her while cliche evil plan of 'Use other people knife or kill and then kill the knife holder'...

Gaara · C85
2 weeks ago
If it was a girl it wouldn't matter. View More

lolsolow: Yeah so smart lets make a random stranger secretary

Hate System · C42
2 weeks ago
This author is really talent at writing bs. Most novels the Mc would have his thing half way into a girl by now. View More
Easy Cultivation (Semi-Paused?) · C9
2 weeks ago
Just noticed this was about lu bu View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C39
2 weeks ago
you guy think the mc will till be weak. i know he need a new skill to you the blade thing, but he cannot possibly need another to compete with the forever spawning younger generation. View More
White-Robed Chief · C878
2 weeks ago

Readerboy333: I know its a fanfic and all but ....still being infertile in the 40th century ? I mean there are some cures in the current time already so like being infertile in the 40th century is a bit .....it ruined my immersion

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C2
2 weeks ago

PelicanEel: You know there is something wrong when a harem lover doesn't like a harem story. 😄

Invincible System start from One Piece
3 weeks ago
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