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  • Dropped - remake/reinvention coming

    Dropped - remake/reinvention coming


    This story is dropped ... for those that wanted new chapters, seeing the story progess... I'm sorry! Im working on a remake/reinvention of the story. ------------------------------------------- I do NOT own any rights for the used Artwork in the Cover! All rights reserved by the Artist! Seen at the bottom of the Cover! -------------------------------------------


S_jay: Thanks for reading! I'm going to have Rin train his flames to be more practical than just having flames of instant death. I don't know if I want him to get rid of his blue flames and replace it with another colour. I mean I like blue. If you have any ideas for his flames than please tell me!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago

S_jay: Holy ****. I never thought of something like that. Hmm, first it'll require me to do some research of the demons than the story of Soloman but it actually sounds like a interesting idea now that I think if it. I could probably be an arc on its own once I catch up to the originals. Thanks for the ideas! I'm off to do some researching now!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago

S_jay: This One thanks you for reading, Greedy_Dragon. If you have any ideas for world building, places for Rin to go to or even future events than please tell this One.

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago

S_jay: Hmm... I don't know how I'll implement something as big as that but I'll do my best! Oh and you might want to read the auxillary chapters as they give some spoilers to the main story but only about the demons and the power rankings. Thanks for the ideas!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago

S_jay: Congrats on being the first comment! I'm feeling much better thanks to it. If you have any Ideas for future interactions, events or demons that please tell me!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago
Oh please don't implement it if it doesn't work with what you plan or general-story... it was more of a quick idea of possible inspiration for you :D

Because you already told us Rin is going to get more familiars, and Solomon could be like "One of the First Exorcists ever, taming whooping 72 demons." View More

S_jay: Hmm... I don't know how I'll implement something as big as that but I'll do my best! Oh and you might want to read the auxillary chapters as they give some spoilers to the main story but only about the demons and the power rankings. Thanks for the ideas!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago

S_jay: Yep, finally a chapter. Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas on interactions or for future events than please tell me!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago
I'm not the most knowledgeable about Blue Exorcist, as I have only watched the two seasons and the movie, but... maybe go a bit with the Solomon Myth?

You know, his 72 demon pillars, him being the "true" king and so on. Maybe something about the myth might inspire you ^^

Hope the myth might be able to inspire you to further develop your story to a unique one, you can proudly call your own :3 View More

S_jay: Congrats on being the first comment! I'm feeling much better thanks to it. If you have any Ideas for future interactions, events or demons that please tell me!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago
uhhh an update, yessss View More
My Life in Blue Exorcist · C26
5 days ago
Hajimeno Ippo vibes~
I love it :3 View More
King of Sports · C69
2 weeks ago
I hope Tang Yan KO's him immediately! View More
King of Sports · C66
3 weeks ago
Finally caught up with the story! And now I have to wait :(
I enjoy this way to much :D
Hope you get into the top10, you deserve it :3 View More

David_Tieku: Nearly there David you've got this 👏👏 Just three more to go.😌😌😴

Which will be out tomorrow cause I need to eat and catch-up on some Youtube 🍿🙃

P.s Never doing something like this again 😤😤 Watch how I'll raise the target to every 1000 gifts. 👏

P.p.s For 🤬 sake just realized we are #46

King of Sports · C64
3 weeks ago
Is there an update schedule? or is it unknown when a new chapter is posted? View More

ChaosFawn: Welcome to hell

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C233
3 weeks ago

ChaosFawn: Welcome to hell

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C233
3 weeks ago
finally caught up with the story!
now I need to wait like everyone else... View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C233
3 weeks ago

Anone: Yeah I plan on doing so, I just wanted to finish the novel first

Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening · C360
1 month ago
nvm, I am an idiot xD its in the description... View More

SpaceRendingPig: His webnovel isn’t letting him upload chaps for some reason
Check the discord

Nurarihyon System in Another World · C111
1 month ago
could you post the discord link please ^^ View More

SpaceRendingPig: His webnovel isn’t letting him upload chaps for some reason
Check the discord

Nurarihyon System in Another World · C111
1 month ago
1143* View More

Don_Yu: I saw somewhere he going to be imperial level at chapter 1134

Monster Paradise · C1131
1 month ago
in about 20 chapters View More

Tri_Path: When will LH elevate to imperial!?

Monster Paradise · C1131
1 month ago
Nice chapter, bo3 hmm? I am more of a mw2 fan, preferences i guess View More
My Life in Blue Exorcist · C15
1 month ago
now after you satisfied my addiction with a new chapter, I once again have to wait until I get my new dose of this drug... I mean, novel.
Thank you for the chapter, and take the time you need, health has a higher priority^^ View More

S_jay: finally got better so there's a no chap for u

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C14
1 month ago

PettyOfficer: There are like 20 reviews from two people giving this 5 stars and I have to put my foot down.

I’ve read up to chapter 18 and I want to blow my brains out. Wanna know why?

It’s not lacking chapters. It’s not the decent grammar or the general narrative style.

It’s the overuse of clichés, emphasis of “plans,” and useless characters. Also, the dreadful POV shifts.

For clichés, we got MC Mark, a “badass” anti-hero/hero mix. We got a random mother and daughter burden for escort. Then there’s the strong and uncooperative love interest with her friend. Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s the unnamed male employee as the servant.

Some bus is in an accident and then zombies come out from it. It’s the apocalypse and somehow, the zombies have hacks that allow them to bypass crowds and kill any good guy with a gun. No police or guards! No phone service, so you can’t call for help!

That means everyone is getting slaughtered! MC steps in to lead everyone to safety! Oh no! Someone needs help, so he goes to save them with his badass one-handed shotgunning skills! He got it from a zombie guard that happened to attack him!

But he can’t just save them without showing how all other guys are trash! A mom gets grabbed by dying man! How she is still alive when running from zombies with her daughter? Who cares! Love interest shows she can fight, but MC saves her because he must be better!

Oh? A rich fatty goes crazy and holds everyone hostage in his base? He locks out MC and kills someone with a gun? Guess it’s detour time for MC to go save them because they’re helpless without him! No need to try and reason with the fatty.

Don’t worry! It’s all according to “plan!” MC loots a place and makes the path secure. Oh, a detour to the detour? Oh, it’s time to save a new love interest? Oh, we have to get the hero a heroic entrance instead of assassinating the gangsters. We’ll have the MC talk to the Boss as he r*pes the girl because this is the “plan!”

What!? The Boss has a gun? No worries! MC knew and wanted to make sure by talking to the gangsters! He just wanted to get a better shot. What? He only shot off the Boss’s arm and kicked a gangster’s balls? What “plan” is this?

How will he survive now? Oh? It was instant KO? As expected of MC, the other gangsters run away since they luckily don’t have guns. Now the MC is the hero. Let’s have TWO chapters of FLASHBACKS to show this pampered and beautiful love interest having a hard time with her family, friends, and fiancé.

Don’t worry! Literally disarming the Boss was part of the plan! He’s bleeding out, but don’t worry! MC must have a moment with his love interest! Oh, the Boss died? Time for a new “plan!” The fleeing gangsters attracted the zombies away? As expected of the “plan!” They never could have lured them back! Even if they did, MC had “plans” for it!

Ignore that his people had to kill zombies attracted by his gunshot! Hey, that mom can come over here and clean up the love interest. That gangster Boss r*ped her all over just by himself! She’s coated in his slimy seed!

Great! We’re ready to move on! Ignore how the daughter keeps up. Man-servant has been carrying the injured mother the whole time!

Do you understand how tedious and discomforting that is? It’s a droll format. It relies on cliché encounters to build up a harem team because the author doesn’t want to have MC alone. We go back and forth between characters only so the MC is no longer the focus of the story.

It’s fractured but whole, like a fractured butt hole. Incomplete, but complete; empty, but full.

1 month ago
I assume you haven't had the needed time to write another chapter yet?
*silently crying in a corner, waiting for an update* View More

S_jay: thank you!

My Life in Blue Exorcist · C14
1 month ago
Are you planning on rewriting the beginning? This novel could get way more attention if the introduction-part (first couple of chapters) are on the same level as the later ones, like this one. View More

Anone: Thanks for reading

Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening · C360
1 month ago
As I see you still didn't get my point.
I am not saying Itsuki is ruined, but all his women are.
Why? The way the author pictures them does not fit MY picture of those characters.
Itsuki is fine, as this is truly him, but the way his harem is portrait is not at all how I pictured them after reading the whole manga. View More

Senior_Nepuko: Man, this was a lenghty comment to something I already said I knew XD.

Anyway, your comments are quit elenghty, so I may have skipped some parts.

Don't worry about the structure, my main point was the vagueness of your comment.

For Part 1 :

That's nothing new from your part, bro. It's basically what I said about bias. You're free to think what you want, but to reply to a comment using Bias as the primarily reason for it to ruin THE story, that's another story(pun intended) altogether.

For the "gg harem community" part, it's clear.

I never said "there is good harem too", not once. I was talking about Romance itself, as putting this as "Harem" or "not harem" is just idiotic in the bigger genre of romance.

And you didn't seem to get my point. My point was that it does not ruin the "character" if you don't like it. It not setting well with you has nothing to do with the logic behind it and behind the characters' actions.

Again, you thinking it's impossible for one to love more than 1 wife dosen't change the fact it IS the case in the story. In the story he loves more than 1, so I really don't see the problem. Again, it does not ruin the characters, for that to be the case the character must go against etched principles in him.

To give you an exemple, I am against r*pe and murder. If an MC is a r*pist and a murderer, but suddenly gives money to the poor and save women, THAT's what would be called "ruining the character", "going against his character".

Which is why I said you probably misuses the word "character". *You* not liking it has nothign to do with the IN-VERSE situation.

You see, I was an anti-harem dude before, but I saw real life case and a woman who was the 2nd wife of a dude. I asked her why does she demean herself, and her answer was enlightening. There are also biological reasons behind that as well.
Also, people tend to misunderstand "love". True love happens when time passed to nurture it, before that it's just chemical reactions in the brain and lust+affection that people think is love. That's at least the experts' and my point of view on this.

I'll give you another reply about later.

Yes, all people have bias, but my gripe on this is people using the bias as the source and primarily reason in an argument and a debate. In this case, it's you using it as an argument of it ruining THE story, and aspects of the characters, with no other argument than...your bias.
In a reply to a comment of mine, to boot. With me who was already in "debate"-mode prior to your comment. Yea.

You're free to think that, that they're characters are ruined, but you need more than "feeling that it's wrong" to convince or show others that in a debate. From a logical and social point of view, their actions are for the most part inline with the in-verse logic and character personalities, as well as with the World Setting. So yea...

Yes, again, everyone has his own preferences, but just don't brind this up in a debate as your primarily argument, or don't spark a debate without looking for it..............using subjective arguments....

This is where it starts to get weird. "My picture of them". That's like saying "I'm interpreting 2+2 = 4 in another way". It's not a "not wrong for me or for you", it's about an already established character in the novel and the fic that does nothing out line with its character but suddenly someone comes and say "they're ruined" with no apparent reason than his bias against harem as the fuel behind his accusations. Anyway.

And no, Comment Sections are here for a reason. If the author is doing someting ruining the characters, it's out job to say he's doing a bad job at it. One has to have proper reasons tho, of course.

From an objective point of view, they're not "alien" at all. In the first place there wasn't even a "romance" aspect to them in the Original Works in the first palce, so that make your comment about this....null.

Up to part 2.

Rebirth in Bleach · C83
1 month ago
Part 2/2
For me and my picture of the characters and their personality, it is completely alien how they act and react.
It might not be for you, nor for the author, but for me.
With that being established, I hope you can see where I come from. As this makes me feel like those characters are “ruined”, not “faithfully” displayed.
You, and many others might oppose me, but it won’t change my mind, as this is the picture I build for myself through reading every chapter of the source material: the manga.

Next thing, the “Don’t you dare lecture me”

If intentional or not, but your comments, at least for me, have this “air” of superiority, as if you are putting yourself above one else in your comments and replies.
And like I said, I have my preferences, and my own interpretation of things, that form my personality, disposition for certain topics, etc. and so do you.
So, it might even be possible that if we were to talk, to come to an understanding, and not talking in different directions, wondering why the other one is not understanding one.
With that being said, I despise the idea of superiority, or higher-class. As everyone is still just human, and only that, nothing more, nothing less. Making it impossible for one to stand above another.

Next point, your little talk about “you like/dislike something but it still happens/or not”.
Sigh, as I made clear, and talked about for some more than I like to; yes, I do not like harems, and yes, I am sad that the author decided to walk this path. Did he try his best to make it as organic and good as he could? Yes, indeed. Does it change anything about my preferences? No, why should it?
And since when was it forbidden to voice an opinion? I do not agree with your pov on this and I guarantee you, I never will.
(a bit cocky? I hope so)

Now in order to end my double wall of text,
I do understand the majority of your points, but it still seems like you are unable to state the same.
I will not like this harem, and if it gets even a bit worse as it is right now, I will even stop with this story. Because I do not want to utterly waste my time reading something that I can’t enjoy.
And because of this lingering fear, did I even react reading your post. That while unintentionally (I suppose) was poking me with its wording about the community and its “acceptance” of the oh-so good harem. Why? Because I do fear about it getting worse, or even more prominent, making me no longer able to enjoy reading it.

With that being said, good day sir. View More

Senior_Nepuko: And, as I abhor situations like these (and to be fair it's partly a bit my fault), I'll be willing to play the bad guy and apologize (again) :

My sincere apologies if I slighted you :/ !

Rebirth in Bleach · C83
1 month ago
Part 1/2
To answer to all of your posts, as I don't want to split it into multiple ones...

First of all, I didn't even realize that there was another reply of yours, as I'm not 24/7 on the app.
So for that, if it offended you in a way, I apologize for that.

The next point on my agenda; Yeah, your messages were structured, mine not. Why? I was on my phone and I'm lazy as one can get.

You don't have to apologize about your commends or anything, as it is still in the shroud of anonymity through the internet.
It might be the morally right thing to do, but sadly not the most common reply here...

And now to the juicy part...

First things first; my point of view: I don not like the idea and act of polygamy in any way, even if the "romance" is done "great".

The whole intention of my first message was to voice my POV out, as I kept quiet for the most part of the book.
The meaning behind it: My sadness as a reader about those certain story elements the author has decided upon.
Like I tried to make clear in my other replies: The author was not sure about going harem or not when the novel first started, and it was for the readers and him through developing his story to decide how to handle the romance part in this book.

My "gg to the harem community" was in intentionally "trigger-happy" written, as most of my comments are, just a personal thing.

The reason being that while I do not share this favoritism towards it, many do, and I understand it, but it still is nothing I enjoy reading, even less if there are dedicated chapters only about it.

And to your point of "there is good harem too", or "harem doesn't ruin a character"...

For you it may be true. You may find stories with a "good" harem, or fanfics with harems that don't ruin the original characters.
But that is not the same for everyone else; for example: I.
As I made clear through the various massages we send, I am by no means a fan of it.
So for me for example, there is no "good" harem, never. No matter how "good" it is written, in my eyes it will never be "accepted".
Why though, you might ask.
Because the shear idea of having multiple partners or my girlfriend having multiple is disgusting for me.
Why? Because in my opinion it is impossible to be able to feel true love towards multiple persons. Your heart can't share the same amount of true affection and love for multiple partners. And who in their right mind would be fine with "sharing" their loved one? What thought must there be in someone to think, that the whole relationship is about love, while sharing that "love" with multiple "competitors".
It is by no means a relationship of love, but one of lust.
And that my friend, is what doesn't sit well with me.

To the next point: The talk about bias.
Yes I am biased, so are you, and everyone else. It is impossible to not be biased, you can try to shake it of for the moment, but subconsciously you cant.
So of course I am talking about my preferences, why wouldn't I? I mean, its about the hobby I invest quite some time in.
Its no rarity that emotions and wishes are outed in here, the comment section.

I do like stories with and without a romance, but if there is one, I appreciate it only if its monogamy. As this is my preference.

And if you or anyone else doesn't share the same view, I'm fine with that, everyone his own.

Now to the Character Ruined - debate:
For me, someone who "wasted" his time reading the whole manga series, and watching the anime, and with that building a fair picture of the characters and their personality for myself. I do feel that the way the author portrayed them in their interactions with Itsuki as "wrong" and "out of character", as they in my opinion wouldn't have done that.
BUT I am not the author, so I do not have the right to decide nor criticize the decision that he made.

For me and my picture of the characters and their personality, it is completely alien how they act and react.
It might not be for you, nor for the author, but for me. View More

Senior_Nepuko: And, as I abhor situations like these (and to be fair it's partly a bit my fault), I'll be willing to play the bad guy and apologize (again) :

My sincere apologies if I slighted you :/ !

Rebirth in Bleach · C83
1 month ago
Imo, the harem members would have never done what they did.
I don't care how the harem is done, the concept of polygamy is disgusting to me.
Still, if the author wants to go this way, who am I to oppose him?

In the beginning the author himself was unsure if its going to be harem or not, so my "gg" was legitimised by that, and not a low-snobbish-poke at those that enjoy it.
Heck, if they like it, no problem, just not my cup of tea.

And please, by the love of god or whatever, don't try to put yourself above others in any kind of way again, like you tried with me in a moral kind if way.

everyone perceives things differently, for me the actual bleach-characters are not how they should be, imo. And yes, it is a gg to the harem following, as the author didn't know in the beginning and went with their flow, so it is completely right to say it, and not some kind of snobbish behaviour. Also I as a person do not like the idea of polygamy, to be precise, it disgusts me. And imo the way the "harem" reacts and the girls within are ruind for me. maybe not for you, or anyone else. I don't force my way, nor did I cry in any other chapter about it, as this is not my story and I have no right to question the authors decision. to make my point clear, I don't like the harem, and the way the "members" are pictured, but this is the way the author does it, so I am fine with it and read the story for the plot.

And trying to generalise my comment, and even criticising my character, shows that you didn't even understand my original comment.

I am not crying about the harem and the way its build, I am just disgusted by it and it ruined all harem members for me, personally. How? because humans see things and interpret them each a bit different, and for me this depiction goes against my interpretation of those characters, thus ruining them at least for me.

So the next time you try to lecture someone, try to understand the actual meaning behind their words. View More

Senior_Nepuko: The Harem dosen't "ruin". People began having this misconception after sh*tty authors started focusing too much on on a Harem and made it the usual sh*tty Japanese one. Or when the girls' personalities are completely meaningless and they're basically just dolls.
It's a sh*tty *Romance* (and not just harem) that ruins. The whole "Harem ruins" is people taking their bias and pointing at the harem, saying it's its fault rather than the not-well exectuted romance and characters an author is doing.

Then it turned into a childish petty "Harem vs non Harem" instead of just watching the *Romance* itself. Ugh.

And no, I really don't see what it "ruined". It happening in this story is compeltely going with the MC's original personality, it also flowed natrually and smoothly.
The Seireitei is also old-ish and traditional, with Clans and stuff, not unlike the Feudal period, so again, it compeltely goes with it.

If it WAS going against stuff and ruined aspects, people would have already began shouting in outrage in the comment section dozens of chapters ago.

People who still wish for THEIR view on the matter to still happen even if it goes against any building and characterisation, that's called snobbish and being egoistic. Or Selfish. But humans are selfish anyway ;).....

And yes, if it was Single Love it would've went against characterisation established as early as chapter ~3, and would have ruined more aspects later on in the story.

Reducing the author's efforts to make it seamless the best he could, make it flow naturally while not neglecting the girls' personalities, all along him actually focusing way more on the story itself and the plot rather than "the" harem, to a simple "accept his decision"/"gg harem community", that's kinda not cool.

Seriously guys.

Rebirth in Bleach · C83
1 month ago
its just sad to see a harem ruin a story, and yes, imo, the harem did indeed ruin some aspects and characters, but its not my story and if the author wants it this way, all i can do is accept his decision, even if i am against it. gg harem community View More

Senior_Nepuko: Man, those bring back memories. Somewhere along the way tho, everyone turned quite and simply watched, and even as the Harem slowly but surely and smoothly unfolded, even the Harem-opposers were quiet XD.
A rarity in fanfictions *sweats*.

Rebirth in Bleach · C83
1 month ago
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