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    Year 2310, the world has almost come to an end, country's were devastated, most of the population is gone be it from sound, laser, or nuclear weaponry, while less than a fifth remains. they wouldn't have survived much longer, if not that a God showed up, calling himself The God of Potato's, he said: "You all, weak potato's disappoint me, i thought that at least you would make it to another planet and not disappear so fast, i dearest God of Potato's, shall give you all another chance, let the shackles of the world be free, let it be your last chance." Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheWorldUnchained


The truth is that itachi was an hypocrite. View More
Cool Anime System II · C0
11 months ago
That's just you thinking highly of yourself, you call gods barbaric, when you are nothing short of a leeching worm. View More

Moonraker: Ah we call your kind of place barbaric, but an honest society is sometimes more comforting than ours with vieled threats and fake smiles.

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World · C1
11 months ago
yeah, from where i am, the strong rules over the weak, but not with pretty word's and tricks, only strength matters. View More

Moonraker: Ah, must be someone from asia yea? Europe has the same laws and so does the US so you gotta be from somewhere far off.

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World · C1
11 months ago
:b he got thrown because he was being a pussy. View More
Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C113
11 months ago
e.e then no wonder nobody get's to jail when someone is shoot, not even talk about sending assassins to competitors, how nasty your country is. View More

Moonraker: Its not illegal here. At all. A real gun as a prop are expensive and challenging to use but many prefer their use despite the high price tags.

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World · C1
11 months ago
what a retard. View More
A Chaotic World · C39
11 months ago
Tsk, i said that's illegal, not that they don't do it, and if someone does anything illegal, there is no accident. View More

Moonraker: I just told ypu that here in the west the use of authentic firearms wasnt uncommon. Some directors decided on a real firearm loaded with blanks. There are even people called "Firearm Consultants" Who modify firearms to be used in the movie. Do you really think all forearms on movies are props? Only when injury is a concern are rubberized gun props used.

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World · C1
11 months ago
ey bro selling fanfiction isn't legal, if the chinese known you do that they would take you down, it's better if you only receive patreon's as a writer rather tan selling chapters. View More
Cool Anime System II · C0
11 months ago
DMCA TAKEDOWN okno. View More
Cool Anime System II · C0
11 months ago
You just don't use real firearms on a show unless you are a lazy cheapstake or want to kill someone.
it's not whether it had bullets or not, it's stated that they aren't allowed to use real firearms for such thing's.

The accident may be that an actor pushed the trigger, but, giving a real firearm to an actor it's no accident. View More

Moonraker: There have been people accidentally shot, in real life. Blanks and actual bullets dont look too different and it was stated they were using a real firearm, something not too rare a decade or so ago.

Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World · C1
11 months ago
Ey bro, sustainable energy is called "Cycled Energy", meaning that is in a perpetual cycle of energy generation, whereas the "Miniature Sun" is only a Energy Source that could last around 30+ years burning materials. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C42
11 months ago
ey, you are infringing naruto copyright! you are gonna go to jail!, okno. View More
Cool Anime System II · C0
11 months ago
-> Btooom!, the gist is that if you leave the show, they will send you again x_x. View More

NightFox_: Cool sounds like a show

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C3
11 months ago
theheck humaonid npc pet View More
Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C111
11 months ago
ey bro, this sounds like a spicy chicken advertisement, when they roast the chickens. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C36
11 months ago
tsk, i i don't say something doesn't mean that i am a fool, i known what to do. View More

Djabilong: Whoa now, let's not get hasty. Uchihas have some fine looking ladies, no need to squander them.

Naruto System Within Naruto · C39
11 months ago
wow, his arm becomes purple in summer and pale in cold, the same symtom** of a corpse, it only lacks worms. View More
Elixir Supplier · C105
12 months ago
retard, painkiller wont better your health, they will just numb your nerves. View More
Elixir Supplier · C104
12 months ago
hey dude why give the same formula for every illness? are you nuts? View More
Elixir Supplier · C102
12 months ago
dude, i thought that he used the booster to escape, but he used it to go in a random direction. View More
Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C104
12 months ago
ey guy, that has gonne really nuts because he doesnt known what to do, like a guy who kidnapped his girlfriend from leaving him for the cause of "eternal love" View More
Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C103
12 months ago
usb cables are not that long, and are fragile, he might as well buy a router. View More
Super Electric Eel Avatar · C169
12 months ago
ey bro, you just simply dont test things in laboratorys, what if they sumbit the reports to a international association and they come for you?, they may even go as far as stoling your samples. and kidnapping you, is better to test it on animals at least. View More
Super Electric Eel Avatar · C168
12 months ago
yeha, it sounds so strange, it must be because i forgot about this novel already. View More

DaoNotExist: tsk tsk just what i predicted after reading the first chapters, at that time i thought "what could make this mc seems like a true mc, when he is so stupid?", in my mind the first thing that come was "Something like an earth core but with cheat powers" how silly.

Earth's Core · C40
1 year ago
ey bro, the mc will become a holy guardian again if they report to the city lord. View More
A Chaotic World · C25
1 year ago
e.e is smart to fire a gun when you cannot see the target, you might hit the enemy when its in front of your gun :) View More

Supersanttu7: Fires a gun at some monster of a man who moves faster than his eyes can follow, S M A R T

Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C63
1 year ago
e.e you are wrong, he is too conservative, he is only prepared to prevent things from going wrong, he is not prepared to face things when they go wrong, i can tell that he only wants a safe place to live and has a weak complex. View More

Supersanttu7: Rahul's really keen on using the skill slots as future investments, maybe because he experienced how fucking boned a person is if they don't do so?

Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C64
1 year ago
dumbass, you can always use fodder as distraction to escape.. View More
Path of Evolution (Dropped) · C100
1 year ago
so you mean to do a Coup d'état then?wow, you might as well create your own country. View More

Dannymysteryman: Not at all actually. Its real easy actually. Just smile and pretend they are on your side while hording money. Plenty of people do it without being government officials. Different is we put our trust in the government which is a mistake

Evolutionary Prison · C1
1 year ago
they are smart enough to keep money to themselves, is not that a smart thing to do? rather than meddling with a stupid country. View More

Dannymysteryman: Its the government. Since when are they ever smart?

Evolutionary Prison · C1
1 year ago
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