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O mc tem milhares de anos mas e mas fraco que Voldemort View More
God made a mistake · C13
5 hours ago
Mc e muito BETA View More
Pokemon: The Wandering Guardian · C14
1 day ago
Futa lixo View More
Symbiote saga Book 1 · C1
1 day ago
Porra ele e ou não um reencarnação????
Uma hora ele tem memória de sua vida passada outras não, assim fica difícil View More
Black Soldier · C4
1 day ago
*Cheira* cheira* MC beta View More
Black Soldier · C3
2 days ago

Maelstrumao: to hell with that bulma deserves a better husband then that trash vegeta (who i hope the author just kills the Fck off honestly) =^-.-^= seriously abused her all his life and didnt even bother wishing for eternal youth for her when she was old x.x

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes · C57
3 days ago
Cara já estamos no capítulo 33 e o Mc ainda e criança, sua história vai ou não ir para a frente View More

Kura_Yamie: Tch, I really want to post gif now after reading this XD...

GIF *Kaiba after lose in the first episode*

The Creator Adventure ( Boku no Hero Academia x K.H.R x Other ) · C33
4 days ago
A história mal começou e você ja fez o mc ser um BETA
BETA MC 😡 View More

Purplezhz: He can practice martial arts and make genetic modifications

Ben 10: marvel heroes · C3
5 days ago
E foda cada capítulo você nerf o mc View More
Bio Droid · C35
1 week ago

SoulReaper6199: 1. It is interesting to have a mix between DC and Marvel universe.
2. Space Marines ? Sounds awesome but I'm a bit worried if there will be some more explanations (abilities, possible character builds) seeing as I'm not well versed in the Warhammer franchise.
3. The first two chapters are relatively quick passed and it suits my tastes but I can understand that for some it can be a big no-no.

DC/Marvel: Space Marine
1 week ago
Cara para com isso, toda hora você faz um corpo novo para o mc ou clones, e foda ler isso, você fez.a personalidade do mc mudar sem uma explicação plausível, e foda tá difícil continuar com sua história View More

EternalMonarch: As i said, the incoming arcs are gonna be super long like at least 80chaps in fairy tail. Why too much?! I am trying to write it exciting and unique, whats the point of delaying the story? What happened in fate for exampe would have happened anyway, i could have written it in 40 chapters. You know what would have filled in between, me retelling what you already know of fate/zero, do you want that?! If i wanted to write this story that way we would still be in naruto warring state era and the fanfic would have dropped somewhere there because of being uninteresting to me and you, you would have never known what it could have become like now.
This is the last time i am answering a comment in this fanfic sorry everyone.

Mortal to Omnipotent(Dropped) · C18
1 week ago

Blasphemer: I don't like uncertainties,it doesn't make sense for him to forget about the time aspect when he prepared so much when he was gonna die :/ from smart to dumb.Next thing we know we gonna have 3 split personalities fighting for his og body lol

Mortal to Omnipotent(Dropped) · C18
1 week ago
A história e uma cópia descarada do original e o mc e um personagem lateral View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C24
1 week ago
Então as namoradas do mc depois de tantos treinos estão apenas no nível de todoroki??? Sério???? View More
1 week ago
Aqui podemos ver um Mc lixo, egoísta e antipática View More
The Hollow God Slayer in Fairy Tail · C0
1 week ago

Ryujii: Hahahaha haha karma is a Butch and this calls 4 Murphy's law whatever can go wrong Will Go wrong

Dumb as door face slaps is funny

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C58
1 week ago
2 Mcs????? View More

Arashi: Venom will be a lot stronger, just you wait.

Klyntar · C10
1 week ago
Então vai ser mais um daqueles Mcs sem vida social e esposa que só treina e não transa View More
Dragon Ball Z: Flame Demon Rudra · C10
2 weeks ago
Cara porque o mc e menor que sua "irmã" outra coisa no começo o mc lembrava de tudo agora você nerf a memória do mc e outra sua "irmã" e sua IA mas ela age como se o mc fosse seu cachorro.
McXbulma View More

XxSoRaxX: The content has been deleted

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes
2 weeks ago
Cara sua história e muito lenta e chata, o mc e um beta mesmo sendo forte deixa ou outros desrespeitar seu mãe, ser chamado de bastardo e ele não tomou atitude em relação a isso , não importa se você escreve bem se seu MC e um merda View More

Aht: It's still a growing story still in its first volume. Guess people are enjoying it and just staying quiet. I'm approaching 500 collections :)

Rebirth : Traversing the Myriad Planes · C40
2 weeks ago
Esse capítulo foi muito ruim, o mc não tem vida, família, amigos ou uma esposa ou namorada View More
As Broly in Fictional Works · C0
2 weeks ago
Yun che teve NTR dela???? View More

Raj746: Author haven't you read latest chapters. Heart of glazed grass of hers has awoken and that b**ch killed her own family and MC family by destroying blue star planet and killed MC almost two times. MC survived due to his plot armour. And you telling me that this small thing make her feel emotions. Just know the current plot of atg. In current plot MC has only hatred for her and Want to kill her but he is powerless. Don't make her chapter cheap

Against the god (fan-fic) · C7
2 weeks ago
O mc e gay ou sexualmente impotente? View More

Badfic: I'll get used to standing for 12 hours but for now I need to take my voucher for steel-toed boots, don't want to lose my feet anytime soon.

A Cheat's Survival Journal · C27
2 weeks ago
Então o mc agora e um vilão que abandonou sua família, noiva e amigos???? Sério???? Que enredo de merda View More

Snowstar: I probably forgot to mention its name its ASH eye means all-seeing heaven's eye. Taken all-seeing from byakugan and heaven from sharingan

The Sharingan Hyuga · C47
2 weeks ago
Serio author NTR??? NTR???
Trash author
Mc trash, o mc caiu de heroi do mundo shinobi para um merda que a noiva trai View More

Luevy: "aired" should be stared. My bad for the mistake.

Tales of Demons and Gods: 2-Tailed Jinchuriki · C11
2 weeks ago
Mc gay????? View More

southgamez: I dont remember it so thats what I used. I also wont change it because shes just a mob character, thanks for telling me though

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C53
2 weeks ago

Curtis_Ickes: NO!!! NTR!!!! PLZ!?!?!?

Teen Wolf The Argent · C25
3 weeks ago
SelenaXmc ?????? View More
Teen Wolf The Argent · C25
3 weeks ago
Obrigado, sua história e ótima View More

Facx: There were gas masks during ww1 though it wasn't really used. Btw how are you reading this novel translating this i see your Portuguese. Thank you for reading my novel.

A Glitch In The System(DC) · C12
3 weeks ago
Cara sua história e muito ruim.
1 o Mc e um lixo doente, fraco e podre, essa história a cada capítulo vai ficando pior, e você ainda quer Matar ou estuprar a Aiko ae e foda View More

shank18: patience
first I need him to get small trauma then

Bending in One Piece · C11
3 weeks ago
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