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LX is skittish already,the emperor knows that so let him play his game. View More

hydzky: Yow.. let them do it..cook rice together. 😂😂😂

Circumventing Fate · C103
1 minute ago

hydzky: Yow.. let them do it..cook rice together. 😂😂😂

Circumventing Fate · C103
1 minute ago
That was so a Neil move and cute too. Haven't read Rapunzel story in a loooooong while. View More

Ajemzrye: Oh my neil polish his moves till mi rei stucks with it again....

The Typhoon's Wife · C320
10 hours ago
Light, funny and relaxing chapter. Glad that Onita and QC are making some progress in their relationship. However, from what we read so far, it seems that Onita may have to act. View More
The Typhoon's Wife · C318
1 day ago
Do not mess with the mentor's mentee especially when the real owner is behind the scenes. Glad that the matter was resolved for both MR and the women who worked at the company. Also, the money was coming out of those lawyers salaries, what a lovely salary cut. View More
The Typhoon's Wife · C316
2 days ago
You are right MR needs to be cautious of this fake person. Neil responded correctly. Glad that former company is getting the what for, serves them right they were so full of it. View More

mnmf: Love how Neil turn down that Ning Xue. How's satisfied. But Mi Rae still need to be cautious about her & never let her guard down.

The Typhoon's Wife · C315
2 days ago
Is she truly free as 4th miss YY now that the wedding went through? Glad that she will live as herself focusing on other things. But I'm concerned about Hui'er. I guess she will be in the new arc.

Congratulations on completing 100+ chapters and the arc. I enjoyed every chapter and am looking forward to more. Take that rest, you deserve it. View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C140
2 days ago
Here it is, I just wrote a review which include an author's notice and it is fulfilled. As readers, being aware of life pressures/challenges we have no choice but to be patient and wait. Your life is overflowing at this point so we will be understanding. View More
Wei Lan · C30
3 days ago
LX's fear of snakes makes her more human, people have fears. Plus on a whole most women do not like snakes, who wants them near her would be surprising. View More
Circumventing Fate · C102
3 days ago
Reading Status: C29
I look forward to each chapter of this enjoyable story about a brave FL who strengthens herself to take revenge as well as her journey. The story at this stage is early yet, but the reader gets to understand what motivates their action and the consequence of the decision. The ML, I think had a cameo in an early chapter so as a reader I cannot talk about him yet. I do have to ding on the stability of updates as the last chapter was a month ago.

Recommend that if the author plans to go on a break, to make the announcement in order to assure the reader that you will be back. Looking forward to more interesting chapters from the author, good luck. View More
Wei Lan
3 days ago
This is a good novel which I hope you will continue in spite of your current challenges. I caught up on all chapters which were a month a go. It would be nice if schedule like a mass release every two weeks, taking breaks intermittently. Thanks for the chapter anticipating more. View More
Wei Lan · C29
3 days ago
I guess the king liked the pencil. Enjoyed the chapter, good thing that based on this proclamation Yuija will be able to recover the 500 taels. Will not go into the stepmother plan by sending an empty sedan to the Yangs. The parents should note a common thread in their family - the girls want a choice and are willing to run away to get it. View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C139
3 days ago
Reading Status: C18
Dear author,

I am sure that you are not happy with this review but I'm going to be honest here. This story for the most part seems too similar to another translated novel out there i.e. Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith which is still ongoing, though I admit that I've stopped reading it after less than 30 chapters. Although the FL name is different and other characters, some of the names are similar but have been switched to minor characters, not only that there are clear instances that matches the other novel.

Its rare that I give low rating for stories, but I am being objective here and recommend that you confirm/compare it to the other novel to see for yourself what I am talking about. It could also be why very few persons comment on the chapters or give reviews. If you see the similarities, I believe you know what you need to do and wish you luck in your efforts. Take care. View More
Peerless Alchemist: Useless Sixth Miss
4 days ago
No offense, but so far the story reeks of Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith novel in its similarity. Which I started and stopped after 20+ chapters. I am hoping that is not the case. View More
Peerless Alchemist: Useless Sixth Miss · C18
4 days ago
We know there is no way Neil will hook up with her because she is his ex sister a woman he so happens to hate. View More

StanLJP: I actually think she likes him, I only say this due to her disappointment in him not recognizing her and hoping to reunite with him. I can already see her scheming to come between Neil and Rae’s relationship. One sister who hated him and another who loves him. How troublesome. 😒😔

The Typhoon's Wife · C312
4 days ago
Happy 100 chapters, continue telling your fun interesting story. Emperor, there are rivals abound for LX. The first thing that LX upon transmigration is buy and free slaves of course that has come back to her. View More

Akima_Mulok: Congratulation on your 100th chapter. Thank you for your continous updates. I keep on checking every now and then. I just can't wait for the emperor's reaction now that rival's in love are showing up 😉

Circumventing Fate · C100
4 days ago

Akima_Mulok: Congratulation on your 100th chapter. Thank you for your continous updates. I keep on checking every now and then. I just can't wait for the emperor's reaction now that rival's in love are showing up 😉

Circumventing Fate · C100
4 days ago
I have no problem providing my SS to original novels and authors provided that the story is interesting and I enjoy reading the chapters. This is why I do that for this story.

Poor Mi Rae, she has had a hectic 6 weeks - getting Neil, leaving her old job, creating her firm, the publicity of her, Neil and the work. Girl needs a break. View More
The Typhoon's Wife · C311
4 days ago
Reading Status: C12
I am sure that other people like this story, but its not for me. I just could not get into any of the characters or the story itself and ended up jumping all over. Sorry to say it did not hold my interest, also I did not like the FL in the early parts even if unconscious, though got to give her effort for fighting for her life. I guess the story felt like other trope romance stories, which I'm leaning away from.

However, in all fairness the writer does give regular updates and is trying her/his best in telling their story to the readers. This novel will not stay in my library. Take care. View More
The Beauty's Comeback! What my Wife Says Goes
5 days ago
So Yunhe is "gay" which is a challenge no matter what culture or era. Wonder how Yuija is going to help with this for both her sister and Yunhe's sake. Glad that house in chaos, the thief should not have stolen Yuija's $$ in the first place. It would have been simpler. View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C138
5 days ago
I am really curious as to what the original LX was up to with her disappearance. Nalan is a bit intriguing. View More
Circumventing Fate · C99
5 days ago
That bracelet can get on anyone nerves. Its surprising that with all thats happening in the palace LX has some sanity left. View More
Circumventing Fate · C98
5 days ago
I feel that the story is just starting, there is such mystery around Yoona. Glad to know that the emperor sincerely loves her but now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up does she love him? View More
My ultimate ambition · C119
5 days ago
The history gave clarification on the Huang and royal family. Justification for the Huang's decision is right. View More
6 days ago
It seem that Shengli is also one of those men similar like her father who commits fully to one woman and is there for her. View More

scarlettben: Her father is a rare breed of loyal man 😇

Good that the prince opened up to her 🤴👍. That convo was so touchy 😍😍❤️

6 days ago
What a proposal and decision. Neil is cunning, poor mom. View More
The Typhoon's Wife · C309
6 days ago
Qiyi, you snoozed and lost. View More
Incarnation of Gods: Endless War · C176
6 days ago
Interesting proposition, at least this Princess is honest wanting to determine compatibility instead of going in a round about manner. Let's see how LX handle all this. Will she make up her mind and act or will she stay in denial that she is interested in him. Plus, the emperor is playing a game - the winner will be determined in the next few chapters I guess. View More
Circumventing Fate · C97
1 week ago
I think Rijun's reactions are normal. He's one of those who kept things to themself until he cannot hold it anymore. Its like all the hard work that went into being appreciated and loved is being taken away from him. Glad that the issue was resolved. View More
1 week ago
Reading Status: C28
I just started so my overall review is that the novel is enjoyable, the good characters are interesting. The prophecy is intriguing and right now though the FL is likable she has a bit of naive annoying factor to her which I can tolerate at this point. The ML is on a whole super sweet, glad I don't have cavities. There are some typo and grammatical errors but its not so bad that the reader cannot understand what is being communicated to the reader. As such the story stays in my library for now. Wish author golda all the best. View More
1 week ago
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