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nathk: Author u came back author .... 😭😭😭
U didn't forget us.....

Granting You a Second Life · C162
12 hours ago

neko_chan248: Dearest author..thank you very much for this update.. Your humble fan doesn't ask much.. Can you answer my question,please.. Are you a doctor? Or on the way to be a doctor..?
I'm guessing you aren't able to update frequently is because of your job.. No matter what, I will continuosly support your novel😍

Granting You a Second Life · C162
12 hours ago

LOVE1002: Someone want to make some trouble😠😠😠 what to gatecrash??? What a thick face😡😡😡

Granting You a Second Life · C160
16 hours ago

andrwood: I do not like how the authors describe the rape. Oh, I was rаped by a stranger. Oh, now I love him. Вullshit. This is a serious problem, which is described as some kind of joke.

Unexpected Second Chance at Love
18 hours ago
Prison will not be enough to eliminate this trash minister. He deserves worse as well as his associates. View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C317
20 hours ago
There is another benefit as he is not restricted by palace rules, neither should she decide to be with him as a partner. I like the fact that he is observant to her and is able to come up with the right response just to make her feel comfortable. View More

Eliro_Sindri: This is difficult to choose who to ship... they both have flaws and strengths. I like the prince more but I believe she wouldn't be happy in the palace with all those rules and sharing her man not to mention all the birth rights and drama that always happens in royal families. So I think I'll pick Zixu. He isn't much better because of his father and his drama. However he can move out of the family household unlike the prince.

Power Up, Artist Yang! · C171
20 hours ago
Wonder about the location ofthe ring too. Glad that SA's feelings for AH is still strong and she has somewhat matured in her thoughts. View More
Love Struck · C68
23 hours ago
The emperor is aware that she was drugged and that the behavior was unLX, plus he had a full and complete taste of LX, several so the door for concubines never opened. He's already addicted. View More


Circumventing Fate · C161
1 day ago
AH's talk with ZM is honest from his perspective and ZM is perceptive in his observations of people especially SA, which makes us glad as readers that he is there for both of them. Looking forward to the progress. However, some of what AH said is true about himself and SA so I'm not disappointed as its the opportunity of growth for both of them. View More
Love Struck · C67
1 day ago

FallenBlue: I'm so happy MC's brain is back

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C211
1 day ago

CaiZhiHeng: Wow Emma just brotherzoned everyone lol.

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C32
2 days ago

Dr_Zombie: I hope it doesn't turn into a harem, I don't like harem stories. I don't mind romance in a novel though...

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C19
2 days ago
The 80's and 90's music are classic, no matter which era you are born once introduced to music prior to 2000 you remember them as they are and still memorable. I remember very few songs in years 2000+. View More

coffemix: What wrong with 80's music?

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C4
2 days ago

coffemix: What wrong with 80's music?

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C4
2 days ago
That line is brilliant! and I just started. View More

Lord_5th: “Rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle”
Holy **** what a good line!! Love this book so far

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C3
2 days ago

Lord_5th: “Rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle”
Holy **** what a good line!! Love this book so far

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C3
2 days ago
Reading Status: C28
In all fairness, I cannot give this story an excellent or good rating. Why? (i) the chapters are very short and choppy some of which could be combined (ii) the kid is a first class genius entitled brat - I just cannot like him at all he is not cute either especially when it reads that a lot of people accommodates his "heir" behavior (iii) I am not understanding the story nor the characters because of the choppy chapters which when you think about it the process is covering every second of an introductory meeting (iv) I am speed reading through the chapters without enjoying it which is a sign that it lacks reading hold interest and frustrates this seasoned reader.

I think, I'll be struggling through this story if I go further, hence I'm dropping it. The synopsis has appeal, which is why I added it to my library but its a challenging read.

Good luck author. View More
Wanted: Perfect "Daddy" Please Apply!
2 days ago
What an exciting update and QS's thoughts were pretty scary. If SF heard them, she would die from shock. YY proved herself to the kids in spite of being injured, now she's their heroine. Poor little 4th who is so scared and worried.

Since she is our FL, I'm sure she will be okay, have a feeling this will be used to get her living in the Song's house. Because that's what madam Qin wants, little 4th and subconsciously QS. They are going to take care of her. View More
Granting You a Second Life · C164
2 days ago
I agree that is funny, but Tom and Jerry is a classic and never got old. View More

Priyanka_Tiwari_8444: 😂😂that was literally funny

Love Struck · C66
2 days ago
I feel that this original story is one of the best and most underrated on this site, just because its an original. have yet to pay SS for it. It has been entertaining throughout and deserves a much higher ranking as well as comments. I wish those who read this can show their appreciation more and thank the author for all that hard work that she does.

This set of Ailwin adventures chapters is getting exciting, can't wait until Mika's arrival. View More
Honey : The Empire's Treasure · C310
3 days ago
Madam Wang has a small mind, she cannot do it yet expects the girls to save the son because he is a male etc. View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C315
3 days ago
ZM is so cutee. View More
Love Struck · C65
3 days ago
That $2m is minimum, I think it will increase as long as they continue to hesitate. Even if LX gets the money that's just the start of the end of CT. Plus LX was letting YZ know who she is so that white lotus has never chance. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C474
4 days ago
Regrets, regrets, regrets only regrets to those who trouble Mrs. Demon King. CT's career & her father's is now over, the manager is likely to lose her job. I believe this is just the start, mmmm - what more punishment is there? View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C473
4 days ago
A big one, they are surely going to be tested and they are too naive in this case thinking that the selection will be based on looks. Plus as we all know YQ is not running a brothel. View More

Nkatar: Lol, I guess the Wang family is in for another disappointment.

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C314
4 days ago
She's baack. Its painful for both of them. View More
The Empress is Dead · C194
4 days ago
AH's humor is dry and scary. At least AH likes ZM to humor him. View More

fnurul35: Poor zhang min is going to be prank by his brother in law

Love Struck · C64
5 days ago
How big a graveyard pit can be dug for CT and unfortunately her father and the new manager? Because its definite that they are going to be buried in it deeply. CT father after getting the "truth" is going to be pis-ed and completely embarrassed, there is no life jacket for this mess caused by CT. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C471
5 days ago
Poor prince panicking for both horse and Yuija. At least she was not lost alone, not so bad when you have good company. View More
Power Up, Artist Yang! · C170
5 days ago
ZM is smart and has a armadillo back when it comes to AH. At least SA remembers AH's appearance. View More
Love Struck · C63
5 days ago
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