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Man. At this point you should cut your losses and try to gamble. Can't beat them join em. View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C819
21 hours ago
Can the big book of cleansing fix Laura and lethe away her guilt for her temporary insanity View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C818
21 hours ago

Presentformula: I feel sorry for Lisa

Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C6
1 day ago
Heh. Black really is a smooth criminal. She's helping him succeed at being a dick and neglecting his women. View More
The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C89
4 days ago
Keep saying he's too soft but from my point of view the others are too frivolous and hard. To the point of killing your populace. People don't grow on trees.

Is this supposed to be a Fable three thing where there is an eminent external threat? View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C39
4 days ago
Dyon it's real. You just ripped time a new one. View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C815
5 days ago
Fuck this trash. Two years. Two whole fucking years only for him to not be dead, for her to have not made any real progress, for the bath to not happen, for their relationship to not have developed, and for the hat to be a secret. Urgh! And for him to still be condescending about effort when it's really cheats View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C126
5 days ago
It's been two year but she still can't carry that spear and isn't a demon fighter? View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C125
5 days ago
In two years he better have told them about the hat or had Sophia join him in training after wasting metric ****ton of magic on Gabriela without telling her the secret. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C123
5 days ago
"It's cause you don't have a dream", condescends qian Jin to the woman who had her family murdered for greed. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C121
5 days ago
Also If asshole has time to ***** at her to not give up with his high class training, and fancy hat after leaving her for days and not telling her **** for a month he can damn well tell her the old man exists and put her to the test. My greatest unasked tragedy is the dissapointment of my dad and my girlfriend leaving. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago
This is poison. He's insane.if he gave up on magic and worked as a warrior he'd probably be even stronger with the insane cheats he has. Cutting losses is sane. Sunk cost fallacy is an absolute thing. Gabriella is wasting her time meditating she's literally incapabld. She'd be better off finding a lout that Gloria exist and is stealing her talent. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago

Westcoast_Qilin: Her family was murdered by a close friend a month ago let the poor girl grieve a lttle while.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago

ThrustThunder: “Effort with a chance of succeeding is persistence. Working hard with no chance of succeeding is being obsessively stubborn…”
This is called "Realism" folks, and it's the World where Adults who work jobs to pay their bills live.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago

JacobRayleigh: At the end of the day it wasn't Qian Jin's perserverance that made him strong but, instead, it was his luck for finding the hat... even if he tried hard every day he would have only became an average warrior and the he would probably have died when he entered the 4 season valley.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago

ThrustThunder: Says the Man who *Literally had a Magical Hat fall into his lap*!
This speech is like having a 2nd generation trust fund kid tell you that you're not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps hard enough.
Don't get me wrong, it's good to be motivated... Buuuuuut it loses something coming from someone who's had everything handed to him step by step by Living Gods trapped in a video game devoted to training him in Top Tier techniques with the assistance of a System that memorizes all of his lessons for him...
So a little sympathy for the Girl who just watched her entire Family get slaughtered by her Boyfriend before getting locked in a cave for two months despite her best efforts to stop it.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C115
5 days ago
Gee. It's almost like observation is important and an important skill you learned fighting for your life. I'm not sure how the secret to divine shot is hard. Area awareness is the principle part of the art of archery. Like with Taylor from worm. Her power is local omniscience, infinite multitasking and perfect prioproception. Bugs are just the vector. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C114
5 days ago

ernest1: See

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C114
5 days ago

ThrustThunder: "If he end up having the chance to forge a Magic Warrior Weapon, then this Magic Core would be a very good choice."
By the time he's advanced enough to be able to Forge a Magical Weapon, that core would be completely outclassed and worthless.
"He needed iron ore to forge weapons. He didn’t know where he could find it."
Hmmmm, if only he has some sort of ~Technique~ that would enable him to sense nearby ore deposits... Oh well!
"Leave the Four Season Valley?” Qian Jin decided to wait a little bit longer."
Yeah, it's not like we're in the middle of an important retest for our school or anything. And we're completely alone here, with no one else living in a dank cave, waiting for us to find a way to get them to safety, nope. Plenty of time!
"And he hadn’t come up with a good idea or method to safely and securely mine and transport all the energy stones."
Darn! If only we had some sort of "Master" who is willing to show us how to mine ores that has Godly expertise is easy to access... can't think of any.
"When all the snow melts and you are about to leave, this thing will be ripe."
Not letting the Women leave this place for the next two years, confirmed.
"Even some Level 9 Demon Fighters can’t swallow this fruit and form their own Warrior Dimension.”
They mention the storage ring solution and then immediately outclass it with a "Warrior Dimension", WTF?
"All the problems he had regarding materials for forging were unintentionally solved by entering this energy stone lode."
How ~Convenient~!!!
"Why didn’t I observe this place more carefully before?"
Because either you're an idiot or the Author is?
"[Wind and Cloud Power Training Scroll], [Divine Shot], [Energy Stone Lode], [Magic Cores], [Level 3 Demon Fighter]! Qian Jin suspected that all of his luck in this life was used up in this Four Season Valley."
No acknowledgement for the Hat? Without the hat *None* of this would be possible you ingrate!
"Qian Jin hadn’t returned to the cave for four days. A desperate feeling had been on Sophia’s mind for a long time."
As it should. So he hasn't even explained where he's been going these last two months? He's kept them alone and afraid in this cave day after day while he's been getting specialized training from a Demon Warrior Master in secret? What an *sshole!
"If Qian Jin doesn’t come back soon, we will run out of food and die eventually. There isn’t a big different if I eat or not."
Jesus Christ, she's suicidal now. Wasn't this character introduced as a strong, independent woman who was willing to chase down her brothers killer even if it meant her own demise?
But now she's been reduced to a quivering housewife who just waits by the door for her Big, Strong Protector to return. If I wanted to read a Sh*tty Harem Novel with weak, two dimensional ankle weights as love interests I'd read {Insert any story currently in the top ten on the front page} and be done with it.
Like the other commentators have already posted every chapter a new female who is obviously in love with the MC is introduced: Please no harem, Please no harem, Please no harem.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C114
5 days ago

Johnjayjay: Oh hey, the author finally remembered the two helpless girls hiding in a cave. Hopefully we get a bit more interaction with them now. It sure would be nice if the MC moved them to a safer location and maybe told them how long it will take for the snow to melt.

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C114
5 days ago
Messed up? It's finally proper. View More

Stygian: Jeez why is the formatting so messed up on this. Its giving me a bit of a headache to read.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C36
5 days ago
So. Didn't ye rou get picked up? View More
Nine Astra Skies · C60
5 days ago
.... eh. Tanuki Chan maybe you should be fucking the lower levels so the clan can kill them and reinforce your positions. You can't touch 9s but everyone is a second from death. View More
Nine Astra Skies · C59
5 days ago

ThrustThunder: So while Qian Jin is out wandering in the forest, having little solo adventures, what have the two harem members been up to?
There's no way that they've been happy just living in a random cave in the middle of Death Valley.
Wizard Girl has missed almost two months of class at this point and is probably *WAY* behind on her studies. She's in the prime of her life too and instead of going to her history classes, reading books about magic in the library, practicing new spells with her classmates or buying new materials from the shop she's ~Stuck in a cave in the middle of Nowhere~!
Not to mention the Adventurer girl who's friends all died right before she joined the party. I'm sure she has Families to notify and people waiting for her to safely return from what was supposed to be a quick in-and-out trip. Not to mention the **TD she probably now suffers from with no one but Quiet Girl to keep her company.
No Character development at all for these two?

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C113
6 days ago
Should share out the lake and use it to cook. You already have her over the barrel of life and death. Don't want gabby dying for weakness. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C106
6 days ago
What was dumb was not dragging Li Xu back with you to delay this fight and not spreading out the bombs. View More
Nine Astra Skies · C58
6 days ago
Baka. I thought he was genre savy. He dint try, magic, ki qi, blood, prayer, or soul power? View More
Godly Otaku System · C37
1 week ago
Could he more regular for such small updates but happy to see it. Also stop holding back so much. He's threatening you in broad daylight. Beat him up! View More
I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18) · C61
1 week ago
This makes perfect sense. But Veles is your brother and you hurt him. View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C811
1 week ago
I knew she was trash but I didn't think she was hopeless View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C83
1 week ago
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