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New title: Only I Stay Shota View More
Eternal Shota · C1
2 months ago
Reading Status: C9
This is a pretty nice novel. The story is decently captivating and it really shows thought on parts of it. However, the one part that was underwhelming would be the fact that this was less system and more divine knowledge. The system can be entirely taken out and be replaced by something along the lines of sealed memories of a past life. All in all, this is definitely not a system novel regardless of how enticing the novel may be. View More
Path of Medicine With a System
4 months ago
Who is the jonin kunoichi? Hint...we give you her name... View More
The God of Harem and Pride - Naruto · C12
4 months ago
I told you fairies exist! 1.90 cm... View More
The Birth of Nihility God · C1
4 months ago
I thought that was negative for a second, please put a space between - and 100 View More
4 months ago
MC is a pu $$y, everytime it's like "System help me!", his flexibility and cardiac is like at peak condition cuz of first 2 movements but he can't even take care of random thugs without system... View More
· C32
4 months ago
What cover page? That's clearly Nino from Gotobun... View More
Netori System · C5
4 months ago
Reading Status: C5
The cover will draw any man's eyes towards it. However, the contents of this novel is really misleading. We were promised a fkfest and instead got sht... When is the promised harem? The debauchery? Single dogs need this excitement, please give us justice, give us liberty! View More
Kingdom of Lust
5 months ago
A soft voice said. " You are my SON, you can have any woman you want."
1 line later:
"Is it softer than mine?"
Incest... is wincest? Doesn't rly work for antagonists with me tho tbh View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C64
5 months ago
I am Ghandi, Moses, Jesus, Confucious, follow my teaching little lamb. View More

KimchiTubu: It makes me super curious. I know it’s a common trope but damn, who are you?!

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C1
5 months ago
The only thing that stood out to me, besides the damned names, is 1)mc is reincarnated to the past and 2) someone said gaylord, is this tdg ripoff? With bad names... View More
Upgrade Plug-In · C1
5 months ago
The grammar is like: Girl meets girl. Me like. Girl meets boy. Me hate. View More
reincarnated as a girl · C2
5 months ago
Can someone remind me what is c7's name? Or what anime she's from? View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C189
5 months ago
Because I can do anything... why dafuq did I wanna be an ant....literally could've created sex slaves without reincarnating.... View More
Reincarnate as Satou from DeathMa · C2
5 months ago
Welllll, it could be one of those tropes where he's forced to leave but the princess didn't know/get to tell the mc about the baby then he comes back to kingdom, rekt the king and marry the girl (s) View More

Elsontiger987: Please don't make her pregnant yet.its only been afew months since he got there if he has a child now, not much adventuring will acure and the focus will manly be on the princesses child.unless you do a time skip.wich will make later suposed filler or slice of life chapters appear to early in the story.

Transported in an isekai world with his class · C11
6 months ago
An ugly monkey broke through the formation! Get him!
An Lin: Wait he's-
Xiao Chou: Oof ouch oww, (why didn't I stay in my forest? Humans are scary) View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C109
6 months ago
You're not the only one, except my reason would be she scheming against my waifu the water empress... any schemers against my pure waifu shall die View More

Lkjfdsay1: The empress dowager... I kinda want her to die...
Am I the only one?

Ultimate Scheming System · C383
6 months ago
I searched up fujiiki karen... pornstar
Fujisaki karen on the other hand is an anime character... View More
.............ss.........s.............s......... · C0
6 months ago
Why? Because I am here!
-All Might
...Saitama be stealing lines. View More
Saitama : One Punch · C0
7 months ago
Author lied, he had end-stage authorism, when excuses such as
Author: "I was in an accident and need to be hospitalized"
Comes to life, RIP author-san, may your soul find damnation for leaving cliffhanger-kun in this wretched world... View More
Start by Becoming Unbreakable · C13
7 months ago
Normally 1 instance of good deeds grants 3 wishes, saving a busload of people gives 10, he suffers for a decade and misjudged his entire life and heroically saves a woman only to get 7... one instant of good deeds versus 10 years of suffering... View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C1
8 months ago
Have to wonder if this is the new excuse authors use, they're not in hospital because of injuries but are still in hospital. (Stitch voice) yah, still in hospital
P.S. for those who don't understand the reference search up stitch ending when he is captured and almost taken away. View More
Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother · C37
8 months ago
"Google, search up authors"
Google: Authors (noun)
1) These are magnificent creatures that have imaginative minds, unfortunately they don't live long as they are prone to accidents. It has been reported that 90% of authors have an accident every month and need to be hospitalized.
"Lucky me, I quit being one early..." View More
RetiredBye · C0
8 months ago
Kuroko? Misdirection? Grim reaper? Silent killing? Take the invisible fruit from the jaguar in the Thriller Bark View More
One Piece: Death Scythe · C2
8 months ago
Sleeping together as in "sleeping together" or just sleeping? View More
Start by Becoming Unbreakable · C11
8 months ago
Copyright detected, Erwin says wend instead of alex View More
Closed down for business · C0
8 months ago
Why is she happy but tears? Mental meltdown? View More
The Lust System · C23
8 months ago
Its not best, fking: director but, best: fucking director View More
Hollywood Delight · C0
9 months ago
Reading Status: C8
I can proudly say... I read this for the plot. This story is a great one, the author is a genius at building up the story's development as this is truly a work of art. Each chapter leaves the readers pining for more with hard c*cks and wet p*ssies, read this and you won't regret it. View More
The Lust System
9 months ago
It depends, I picture her with her spear behind her back, holding it with both hands while leaning forward and looking up at me, I guess some people would say gap moe of a girl clearly holding something that she shouldnt be able to but i like slender spear+slender loli combination View More

Shilvax: How can a chibi with a spear be a moe??

Huge hamer would be better i think

In Danmachi With a System · C6
9 months ago
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