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Valvrave: I have to say that this story is really interesting, intriguing and quite unique. If you like the TV show Storage Wars, then you'll probably get hooked with this novel. Please give it a try and support the team translatong ^_^

Treasure Hunt Tycoon
1 month ago

Gerald_Escalona: Yoda with a green hat.. Out for a three years in with a 1 year old kid 😂😭👪

Gamers of the Underworld · C172
1 month ago

SmilingReader: Our neighbor Wang has been taking care of us 😏

Gamers of the Underworld · C172
1 month ago

Maginus_Sama: The WANG is taking care of the Wife.

Gamers of the Underworld · C172
1 month ago

Oliver_Zorel: Ainz aint a Hero protagonist hes a villian and his pysche is influenced bye his race and possibly character choice in general plus his class

Overpowered Godly System · C23
2 months ago

Viral_: The sword... naturally became the weapon of choice to arm cannon fodder with.

I'm a touched amazed how he can somehow jump to this conclusion. He was talking about using a cheaply made spear is the most effective, and then goes and says that in the end.

How exactly is sword easier to make than a spear? How exactly is it easier to use than a long pointy stick? Spears have been the most common weapon throughout history almost precisely because they're cheap to make and easy to train amateurs with. I can't tell whether the author is being purposely obtuse or just misguided.

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C499
3 months ago

Captain_Obvious: Maintenance has been extended. Please refer to update notes for more info. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Legendary Mechanic · C508
3 months ago

TheSloth: Hey, what's up guys! I'm the editor for this delicious, scrumptious,mouth-watering novel! With my partner-in-crime, Guoqi, we only have one goal. To make you all drool while reading Gourmet Food Supplier. I'm trying my best as an editor but sometimes I do make mistakes. So if any of you find some, do point them out in the comments. Guoqi or I will attempt to correct them. Anyways, thank you for supporting us and let's have a feast!

Gourmet Food Supplier
4 months ago

LoliWorld: Hmm

The Legendary Mechanic · C362
7 months ago

Mr_SpinelesS: So is this chapter the only actual new chapter today?

The Legendary Mechanic · C362
7 months ago

Palmleaves001: My unlocked Spar chapter is locked again

The Legendary Mechanic · C362
7 months ago

KaleidoscopeDreams: It's good so far. I like that the FL is strong and the ML isn't a jerk
Can't wait for more!

Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle
7 months ago
Luckily, I don’t smoke, drink, use drugs, give to charity, have kids or ever married, so I can buy ss. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1085
7 months ago
The leader should have noticed the little sister was not with them, and could have had that future telling guy that’s locked up give her location. Hopefully that did not happen. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C260
8 months ago
If Bao’ers ship full of candy gets hijacked by space pirates. She will enter super rage mode, becoming a magical girl princess, and fly off and get her candy back. View More
Super Gene · C1284
10 months ago

Nicho: Who cares hes a commander he has a kingdom?

Castle of Black Iron · C769
1 year ago
Notice he was willing to die for his aunts panties. View More
Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies · C2
1 year ago

Ddack: To bad he did not pee her off.

Reverend Insanity · C405
1 year ago
To bad he did not pee her off. View More
Reverend Insanity · C405
1 year ago
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