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Xandarx: Search ayla kell, that's Susan in my mind

Rebirth 1973 · C19
1 week ago

Antalo: Honestly i don't want it to be artemis because simply wally and her worked so damn well ruining it would be a shame, fire would have been an interesting avenue but too far outside the story line, maybe bring in Donna Troy she came off independant and thats exactly what hes like despite being part of the team so far hes gone full batman and put contingencies in place for leaving the team and has mostly apart from 2 events gone out and worked without the team. so yeah for me i vote for Donna Troy.

Young Justice: The super soldier · C10
3 weeks ago

Clown_Of_God: One of these Girls: Kara, Donna Troy(Wonder Woman Little Sister), Zatana, Starfire, Courtney Whitmore and Raven....MY OPINION: KARA OR DONNA TROY

Young Justice: The super soldier · C3
3 weeks ago

Deluqui: Thanks for the chapter, and don't mind those who complain, because your fan-fic and others are great and we can't please everyone either.
And these people are a bunch that has nothing else to do, because instead of giving thanks or good suggestions for the book, they only know how to criticize.

Lord Of The Blood Emeron · C17
3 weeks ago

lsoma: yo I had an idea, dunno if you'll use it but can be quite cool. I mean if you want erza to be in the future etc. When irene turns into a dragon he can wander like gilgamesh and collect all the weapons , then later goes back to the ruins of the kingdom to 'sleep'. Later in the future erza, irene and that can go search for him cause he's needed or something.

Second idea is basically the same but instead of him wondering around, they win the dragon war and become like babylon was and he gets everyone to collect everything for him. Also making him and irene a legend. Later on Something can happen that destroys it, with irene turning dragon and gilgamesh falling into a 'sleep' on his throne.

Slayer of Babylon · C15
1 month ago

RabbitBorn13: I love what you are doing but I would like to see Saitama actions from people’s around him perspective and read about there feelings and thoughts a little more. But you are doing great so far. Also you If you encounter haters ignore them we came to read your story not theirs.

One Punch Man: The New Saitama · C14
2 months ago

HitoNoName: no, Touka is not the type to abandon his friends and family to leave with Lucien

Holy Akashic Conqueror · C118
2 months ago

Duke_of_the_Dao: You know that moment something stupid gets added to a (very) good story?

...this moment, right here...

Marvels Strongest Father · C0
2 months ago

CrispyNoodle: Haha heavens are lolicon xD that got me

My female disciples are scary · C11
2 months ago

YeChenZhi: I don't want to destroy the main plot.

Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens · C32
3 months ago

CliffkunLolRekt: How about this

I am the bane of my enemy. War is in my blood and lust and magma are my bones I have traveled the world in serch for the a way out of this cage I shal eturnaly
stuggle till I can protect my lovers and break out
My whole life has been unlimited life works

This is my first time coming up with something like this

Entering the World of HSDxD · C6
5 months ago

Nirvanic_Sun: No harem pls, with the strong personalities of the women in bleach, the only way to get more than one woman is if he goes for soi fon and yoruichi

Rebirth in Bleach · C5
5 months ago

Undead_Shinobi: I think he should have darkness manipulation after all he is Nightwing

Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C38
6 months ago

Chrollo_Lucilfer: Fuck Franklin Richards, this is a fanfiction, the author writes whatever he wants. Author, you have my support.

The Fan Fiction Life of Kai (Reboot) · C27
6 months ago

forr34: Please don't make the mc a coward

Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet · C4
7 months ago

EvilDemon: Chill out with the girls there’s already 30+ like dam every chapter 10 more girls get introduced and what happened to the doctor didn’t they have a date????

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C37
7 months ago

FlickerPhoenix: I'm not sure if it's cliché or whatever but the idea I had that was based on your idea was that Chester would tell Hermoine that people use her as a encyclopedia. Hermoine obviously denying the claims throughs Chester away. A bit later on Hermoine get's in a dangerous situation because Harry and Ron used her again. Hermoine would beg for chester's forgiveness blah blah the anchor card would activate and Hermoine would be saved. I'm not sure if the reader's would like this or not so i'll just ask you and the other readers.
BTW thanks for worrying about me getting burned out.

Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast · C20
7 months ago

HappyLittleSloth: Could have Chester warn Hermoine but since he knows what she is like from the books/movies tell her to make her own judgement and just watch how they treat her. she would see they only go to her for help and once she sits down with them to help them with the homework/project they just talk (most likely about Quidditch and how much of a pain Snape is) and when she tells them to pay attention they just ignore her or get up and leave because they know she will just do the work. could have them fail a test or get in trouble for not doing their homework correctly and get upset with Hermoine which would cause her to see Chester was right and they are just using her. They are her first/only friends she has ever had so in the books she put up with them (mostly Ron in the early-mid books) and did what she thought she had to do to keep them around.

Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast · C20
7 months ago

Ramzawing: There is no upload schedule to be honest, since i upload the chapter as soon as i finish it, but ill dish out at least 1 chapter a day. as for Prof. Flitwick,i have some plans for him~

Harry Potter and the Mudblood Prince · C15
7 months ago

Ramzawing: There will be some changes i guess, but i dont think i will focus too much into classes or anything, but outside of it. this chapter forward the story will diverge more and more outside the main plot, I will try to develop the house more, giving it a few new things about it and all, I`m writing the next chapter right now~

Harry Potter and the Mudblood Prince · C12
7 months ago

Ramzawing: No harem man, even today there is not royal concubines anymore, and i don`t really believe in harem,and don`t really see the appeal. its not really love for me, i don`t know if its really possible as i cant really accept the concept so my Mc probably cant either, i will let the story write itself, and there is a chance that even i don`t get my best girl as his partner, it will be sad for some characters in the story, for me and for the readers, one thing too is, while i don`t want to make the couple to break up, if its necessary they will, making space for another girl or to the same to come back, before i started i made a lot of claims or ideas that i wanted to put in the story but already discarded them so there is always the unknown, but i don`t really believe that there will be harem in the novel. Thanks for the suggestion tough ~

Harry Potter and the Mudblood Prince · C3
7 months ago

HukaKing: Have him go to ravenclaw and his love interest is luna

Harry Potter and the Mudblood Prince · C1
7 months ago

FlickerPhoenix: Would that count as reverse animagus??? I'm gonna be honest I'm basically going with the flow here y'know. No real plan so it might or might not. I might make a rough plan but if I make a thorough plan for me it becomes boring.

Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast · C4
7 months ago

EugenSimion: So what are you going to do about Tsukune? I mean, it would be a pity to let him get the girls, considering how far above him you're OC is... And if you don't kill him, at least separate inner Moka and outer Moka so he can get Inner Moka.

Hail the Ant King · C2
7 months ago

Draugzel: In the fight I have already written that Kakos was integrating with Broly’s body and slowly gaining Broly’s aura. If he would have completed the process his aura would have been no different than before. His fighting style and techniques were just a more efficient way of using ki. In the process he would have gained access to the whole body, including memories. It would be easy to not draw any attention by then. Additionally, it would be more of a 90-degree change. He is already pretty violent to begin with, it is not far off that someone like that completely snaps.

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C89
7 months ago

Yanorth: Hermione ou Fleury, and the mc have to go to Ravenclaw is the unique house that make sense, if he go to grinffydor is going to be really forced

Taking on the Magical World · C15
8 months ago

FrozenNeko: When the girl pushed mc away and told hik not to touch her i wouldve been like fucking prick be thank ful i saved your sorry ass, ungratful, uncultrued piece of ****. Though those are my thoughts

Familia's Myth: The Black Swordsmaster (Deleted) · C0
8 months ago

Kenrio: Jerk? I see trash who finally have what he want from when he was dying, but ignore then for the same thing that caused his death

Dantalion Duke of Devil (DxD fanfic). (Naruto Arc). · C27
8 months ago

Novel_addictMD: Thanks for the release!
I know this is a spoiler but will broly ever reach SS4 transformation?
Wondering if you'll be including it even if it's not apart of the cannon dbz super.

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C79
8 months ago

Draugzel: Since I also included the movies and already wrote about his plans for SSJ4, probably....

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C79
8 months ago
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