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AllegedNoob: They weren't Sneaky little shits...
They were Slimey little bastards.

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C40
1 hour ago

noobageddon_: yah 'finally' or hopefully we are gonna see a gun in the nxt chapter. make him wield two guns.

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C28
2 hours ago

uRb4IN_: Being a smurf with 5 years of assassin-exp and still dies to easy traps.
I doubt his previous skills as an apex in assassination.

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C22
2 hours ago

DawnSky: I concur. You can't establish a character as one of the best players, then have him fumbling about like a skill-less, careless and unknowledgeable noob. Also why is he disadvantaging himself so much not using his other 11 stat points?

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C22
2 hours ago

Supreme_Leader: I know right?
Have you read the translated novel "the world turned into game after I woke up" ?

All of the MC's stats are way higher than the monsters he is fighting in the dungeon.
He has above 1000s in all stats while the monsters have hundreds.
He has to punch more then 3 times to kill one. He can't dodge, he gets hit by monsters and loses a lot of HP.

I mean with all his stats according to game logic he should be able kill every monster in one hit except few of the bosses.
He should be able to dodge with his insanely high agility , the monsters should not even be able see him.
Even if they did see him and hit him
With his insanely high defense he shouldn't even get damaged, even if he got damage his hp should only go down 1 % or something considering his insanely high HP.

Ah sorry for the rant.

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C17
3 hours ago

Kevinner: Sh! Shh! Shhh!!!!! Do you hear that!!? I think EA is trying to hire you!!!!

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C11
3 hours ago

Interdict: Oh how I wish he called himself the Hobo Pirate

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C5
3 hours ago

Dank_god: I was expecting him to yell LEEROYYY JENKINSS

Versatile: Alternate World · C96
1 day ago

Raze_: Am I the only person who wants him to use the kill-revive trick to level people down to level 0 every time someone tries to PK him?

Versatile: Alternate World · C77
1 day ago

RegretSin: His K/D ratio must be the worst in the game

Versatile: Alternate World · C5
1 day ago

UnderTaker26: However, the Seven Great Leagues did not want to stand on the opposite side of hundreds of millions of players, so they would not monopolize these places. When the place was crowded, parties not from the Seven Great Leagues would receive a notification.

"Leave, or else get ready for battle."

How is this any different from standing opposite millions of players? They’re still forcing everyone away with a single order.

MMORPG: The Elementalist · C13
1 day ago

abbad0n: An appraiser does it in front of everyone? Dumbest game designer decision ever. Should at least be done behind a curtain or in a private room. smh

MMORPG: The Elementalist · C8
1 day ago

Vigiliante: Aren't both of them divine demons and have wings ? why don't the just fly

Starting from Zero · C27
1 day ago

PieDuck: WHY he doesnt FLY!!!!!!!
He has wings for gods sake

Starting from Zero · C5
2 days ago

VaishnavC: The story is great. But why is he going off into that gawil guy's past. He is nothing more than a passing character in this story. So why waste so much chapters on him?

Spirit Immortal · C95
2 days ago

FengTian: F*ck, why does the MC put up with violent b¡tches like these?! First Ariel, and then this. Seriously, the MC is trash. He deserves better than being a masochist.

Spirit Immortal · C72
2 days ago

CrispyMouse: What a narcissistic *****.

Spirit Immortal · C71
2 days ago

Kailour: Eh, so far I'm not a fan of this Seraphim. What is with all the overly aggressive female characters in this novel?

Spirit Immortal · C71
2 days ago

Swampchill: Obviously the bandits are assasins sent by the second elder

Spirit Immortal · C57
2 days ago

Illyanna1: I still dont understand why they are crippling him just because of baseless fears. With as good as he is in battle, making him a healer is basically crippling him.

Spirit Immortal · C56
2 days ago

Dannymysteryman: That's true but the clan master can't play favorites and must do good for the clan itself. If she did do that it will only enrage the second more

Spirit Immortal · C53
2 days ago

Kailour: You know, if the idiotic clan master had dealt with the 2nd Elder when she first found out about how he was treating the orphans, this would have never happened. After all, supposedly all of the elders, and table members swore an oath to raise the orphans as clan members with no prejudice. Going against that should have gotten his elder title revoked ages ago.

Spirit Immortal · C53
2 days ago

Sivil: Just reading now. Honestly this sort of pisses me off. Why is the sect leader letting this cancer fester? Everyone knows that 2nd elder and his faction hate the orphans and have now tried to assassinate. Any reasonable investigation would immediately bring this to light. These spineless faction leaders who let these random elders walk all over them for "reasons" is a super annoying trope.

Spirit Immortal · C47
2 days ago

Illyanna1: I dont know why they just dont ship him off to a different city, set up a house with a little bit of money and be done with it. If its that poisonous there then just send all the orphans away sheesh.

Spirit Immortal · C46
2 days ago

fillerkiller: Lol... I was hoping for a change in him so he wasn't so useless, and the plan is to make more useless.
This had an interesting start. I'm sure it will develop a good following.

Spirit Immortal · C46
2 days ago

Kurozora: hopefully this novel will not like TGR which the MC failed to kill his enemy / release them because some stupid reason and his enemy come again and again and again to harras him even he got more powerful later. it will surely DROP the rating and i will surely drop this potential novel. honestly, why the instructor came to rescue and release the assassin when they need proof? to get the 2nd elder faction to attack shin again and again and again for The next 100++ chapter later??

Spirit Immortal · C46
2 days ago

kamkam: no wonder this is so low on the ranking a healer ...yep time to drop it

Spirit Immortal · C46
2 days ago

seob97: Trashy plot line for now. For real trash. If u didn't write this more I would have just went and Review it.

Spirit Immortal · C45
2 days ago

Zolen: There was all this talk of consequences of killing other members of the clan and he just slaughtered someone. It's going to be obvious who instigated it, and I am betting the power that guy used will be easy enough to trace even if the skill itself is common. This plan is stupid...

Spirit Immortal · C40
2 days ago

Illyanna1: If I was Shin then I would just dump the 3 baskets and refuse to carry them and if they still insist then you leave them on the ground where they lay.

Spirit Immortal · C39
2 days ago
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