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Original Works

  • Bastard's Transmigration: Death's Dog

    Bastard's Transmigration: Death's Dog

    Fantasy OP MC Villain MC Quick Transmigration

    From one hell onto another, Verhund One finds himself mysteriously traveling from world to world with only one sentence serving as a clue to his situation: "Cause chaos, make mayhem!" Ignoring the obvious advice, Verhund moves to bring bedlam to both the peaceful and warring; the good, the evil, and everything in between. Join this Crazy Dog as he constantly follows the fool's footsteps that lead to death as a pastime. P.S.: No sense, no fear, no hesitation, only the ever moving tide of turmoil lurks behind this disaster. Author's P.S.: Not invested enough for a schedule, a good probability of sporadic releases and may drop eventually. Have fun while it lasts!


It astounds me that someone who is supposedly a talented teacher can so easily ignore the implications of "how" her own student deals with things. MC's actions against the Blade General were so obvious that even some students realized that there was something fishy, how can the frea*ing teacher who is paying special attention to him suddenly devolve into a simple troublemaker and utterly ignore the job she is being paid for!?
The worst part is that there wasn't even a problem there to begin with, MC's capabilities and potential are clearly above the average of the school (which is comprised of geniuses), something that should not be possible unless he was some sort of abomination (*cough* wish fulfillment *cough*) or he was not actually just gaming.
Man, there are just so many problems with this THOT, I'll reach the word limit before letting it all out. View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C93
1 week ago
In actual fact, if MC used the monkey in companion form, he wouldn't even have been surprise attacked, as he would've heard the monster approaching way before. The author is nerfing MC's caution to make drama during these slow chapters, but things are being poorly executed. View More

arielsilverstorm1: so why doesn't MC use all his pets at same time? They don't mention any personal energy cost or time limit. Granted two are mortal so might be better off in companion form, the cheat monkey would help with his observations as well.

Let Me Game in Peace · C78
2 weeks ago
I was referring to actual education, of the knights themselves. We are constantly informed that the students train their physique and skills all day long, but aside from the weekly hunts from the second year onwards, there's not really much team activity (if any at all), and even then they are simply grouped up and set free, there is no teaching of who would be better to take front, who should hold the sides, etc. What I'm talking about is that it doesn't look like these people are being properly trained for war. View More

Dracolupus: Not really. Nations train those guys too, as cannon fodder.
Literally look up what the Japanese called their infantry.

Reincarnated into a Human? · C47
3 weeks ago
This novel is giving me Crazy Leveling System vibes, though the start of that novel made more sense and was better fleshed out (still crap, though). Then the author got too poor to pay for his shrooms and started adding useless and repetitive filler, dropped it a year ago and still sigh over the wasted potential. I suppose this is not good. View More

tekite: His family is trash lmao. The other trash ouroboros and that 4th level kid could kidnap someone 3 stages higher than him but the MC's trash grandfather couldnt just assasinate the Lin family young master. Dont say its impossible. If the trash Lin can capture, which is harder than killing, someone 3 stage higher, the grandfather, who is supposedly really fucking strong, can easily take care of that Lin trash without getting caught. But ofc its a chinese novel so the MCs family is always dog.

Cultivation Mission System · C5
3 weeks ago
I still can't believe they let him eat the berries... hah, such a waste of good food. View More
Re: Level 100 Farmer · C12
4 weeks ago
Explaining the whole chapter in a single sentence: Slyvia is growing white hair. View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C90
1 month ago
I don't know how the author manages to write such a dumb ass autistic satire with soul destroying grammar and somehow still makes it a Bizarro Fiction, but this is genius.

It's a pity though, that I'll have to take care to read a maximum of one chapter per day, or risk losing the last few remaining braincells that survived the rest of the internet. View More
Its ya boi, Emisyl · C2
1 month ago
As of now, Megumin and Aqua are the most deeply developed characters of the novel, Eris is close but she is still a bit of a mystery, nothing more than a troubled innocent goddess dealing with crappy humanity.

In comparison, Megumin likes to blow sh*t up and has her childish moments, we have her likes and and almost-likes (aka "herbal" tea); meanwhile Aqua was somehow even better portrayed in so many less pages, she is an extremely annoying, yet somehow unbelievably pure brat that treats people who help her at the present better than those who try to control her antics, and therefore potentially saving her from a future of trouble, although there is a lack of booze, she just seems so much closer and open-hearted despite having so little exposition, it makes me want to see more of her pissing everyone off.

It's a pity the comedy is still a bit poor, but no one is perfect, and the author is making an unbelievably good story still. Even better, there's still room to grow, so who's to say we won't one day read the work of a master at combining character development and wheezing laughter into one book? Thanks for your hard work, here's to hoping life gets better soon! View More
Dropped | Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C53
1 month ago
Now now, people, there's no need to riot. I shall be more than honoured to announce the new event. Ready? *Gulps 6 liters of air* IT'S A TOURNAMENT ARC!!! View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C72
1 month ago
Seriously!? I thought it it was the Genki-Dama, strongest move of Issei from Boku No Pico! View More

MonyetGunung: No s**t.... Its the Hadouken, ultimate move of Jin Kazama from Castelvania......

Serial Transmigrator · C157
1 month ago
Lol. It seems that every time the MC relaxes reality comes to beat his gut with a baseball bat: Life at home is peaceful? Bam! Father gets infected. Academy life is not that bad? Bam! Young master comes knocking. System has always helped him? Bam! He almost dies. It almost looks like the universe WANTS him to be an edgy villain with world destructing tendencies, everyone is screwing up right when it matters the most! View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C58
1 month ago
I mean, are you still a good wingman if you're having girls fall for a guy who is not interested? I say, go find some Kaguya-sama style couple to save, they need your help! View More
Serial Transmigrator · C156
1 month ago
The beginning of the novel hints that the Witch in the human group might have been responsible for his reincarnation (it didn't, really, but you get the drift). My guess would be that she killed him and purposefully reincarnated him as a human due to knowing the coming of the Shadow Beasts, the system is there both to help him grow and shackle him from getting his power before he decides to save humanity. This would mean that the requirements for unlocking skills (saving humans) is not as farfetched as it may initially sound. The MC was being controlled like a cursed puppet all along! Author, add another reason for the extinction of the human race! View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C54
1 month ago
I was actually surprised that he really only taught the MC a lesson to not get cocky, I was actually expecting everyone in this Academy to be an a*shole who thought they were the good s*hit. The guy came in like a villain but from the middle onwards just acted like he was doing a boring chore, which he was. Now, may the author tell me how my new most favorite character just announced that he was a cannon fodder completely irrelevant to the story and that he would be forgotten in 5 chaps tops? This masterpiece cannot disappear! View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C52
2 months ago
You know, there is a problem I noticed ever since this Academy arc started: Does no one cares for a soldier's (knight's) morals? I mean, any proper army will first make sure they aren't training backstabbers and deserters before throwing them in the middle of a battlefield. Here the academy is simply like "Here's how you fight, now go fudge yourselves." How can these kids even follow orders after leaving the place? As soon as a battle starts, these trainees would spread out mindlessly and run around like headless chickens before realizing that everyone's dying and finally abandoning "formation". Why are they so openly attacking redheads? Because no one cultivates proper squad unity. My opinion, humanity's extinction should've happened way earlier and the plot is the only thing saving them. View More
Reincarnated into a Human? · C47
2 months ago
Reading Status: C46
What happens when a dragon who had to watch as all of his kin were killed at the humans' mercy before finally falling himself and being reincarnated as a member of such detestable race?

Sen, who convinced himself that he will destroy humanity as revenge, finds himself as part of this complicated species that constantly tests his true intentions. There is the kind and loving family along with agreeable friends on one side, and the rest of the world on another.

The once-dragon is stuck in a conundrum where his newfound care for certain individuals is constantly clashing against his ever increasing list of reasons to end humanity, and kindness is losing.

The story could have been more well written, as grammar mistakes aren't that rare to find – some repeated so often they make me question whether it is my knowledge of English which is lacking. The story of the world around the protagonist could have been better exposed, and so could the development of the story itself – though I don't particularly have any insightful recommendation for this. Character development is without a doubt the best this story has to offer, everyone has their own qualities and their own thinking, their actions are also always in accordance to their beliefs and absolutely do not need the MC to do anything with their lives.

Promising story overall with qualities rarely seen on web novels, plus Sen's moments of senseless arrogance are definitely entertaining! View More
Reincarnated into a Human?
2 months ago
Slightly disappointed at the current development. Soon we'll be 20 chapters in and the most we've seen of MC's gift was a short skim of his breakfast cooking. Custom hidden MC taking part in not so hidden fights is something we already have had enough of, the only way I see of the author salvaging the waste of chapters is by having Jake craft something that can make sure Lee will do all the fighting. 'Cause really, having an MC that doesn't takes his own promises seriously is too much of a bummer. It's a pity too, the novel is quite well written. View More
The Shopmaster · C16
2 months ago
What does that makes of our cats and dogs that constantly beg for headpats? What about those CUTE baby things that are just so FLUFFY we could die!? What about those AMBUSH spiders that are so BEAUTIFUL when they catch prey with their FRONT legs!? Oh, wait... View More
Serial Transmigrator · C151
2 months ago
Short chapter filled with flags about how the MC will have to fix some mess caused by "coincidence", I'll be disappointed if it goes by that route. Since this seems like a story about crafting and selling, I was expecting different P.O.Vs. to explain the difference between common items and MC's creations, perhaps going on a little deeper at how versatile they might be in the right hands. It would be less than stellar if after so many info dumps we were presented with MC doing exactly what he promised to never do again. Thanks for the chapter! View More
The Shopmaster · C12
2 months ago
There was a guy who tanked a cannonball to the guts and was barely even bruised. Granted, the amount of powder in that cannon was definitely lowered, else the thing would have punched straight through (that guy challenged a cannon, it wasn't coincidence). View More

Brownboy: Just talk about china , that there he never heard of person slicing a man and his hotse in one by just a
One attack of sword . There are many ppl in history of world that had did somethingthat present ppl find unbelievable .

Abe the Wizard · C34
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter! Although I completely forgot who is who, it seems that character interaction got better, so that's a plus. View More
New Vegas System in Remnant · C6
2 months ago
Was pleasantly running through the chapter when suddenly, there was a cliff. View More
The Shopmaster · C10
2 months ago
3rd person feels better. Thanks for the chapter! View More
The Shopmaster · C8
2 months ago
It feels like every paragraph there's this sudden lag that freezes everything, it leaves you feeling like there should be something linking one thing to another even though everything still looks normal. I've witnessed this in quite a number of works, and it's somewhat harder to read them because anything can take your attention out of the novel. The problem you must be referring to is that something in these words is breaking our immersion, which is quite a worrying issue. View More

Opepop: The entirety of their conversation seems forced.... I don't know it's like it doesn't match correctly..... uhh hard to explain.
Thanks author

The Shopmaster · C2
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Blue Screen Blues
2 months ago
You know, that funeral was really sad. It made me think of how you only realize the **** you made when it's too late. The father and grandmother probably regret pressuring the MC, the Teeth Guy definitely regrets being an ass, the director probably regrets taking a hands off approach at everything, the girl with a crush on him lost her chance to confess, his sister lost her chance to be an "annoying sis" once again... The funny thing is that even when we know we are screwing up by needlessly muddling through life, we still push these problems that will turn into regrets aside and keep on our way. Dumb Cowards Forever. View More
Blue Screen Blues · C2
2 months ago
About this last one about political marriage, the author did quite a good job on showing how sceptical Hei was about it. After all, despite being goofy, he has always been more of a realist, so it only makes sense that he'd rather be worried about a possible brainwash than a fateful romance. Though I have to admit that thinking deeper and realizing just how much of our feelings might also be manipulated without our knowledge could cause an ugly existential crisis. View More
Serial Transmigrator · C145
2 months ago

Carnuz: Thanks for the chapter.

Serial Transmigrator · C135
2 months ago
But when a company sells a defective product that kills their customer they have to pay regardless if they knew about the defective object or not. If this was Earth (which is not, part of why the Zhu suffered no backlash from their victims) they would have lost tens or hundreds of millions on top of losing their credibility and possibly going bankrupt, the main reason why I feel like their apology is hypocrisy is that it's clear that they will suffer nothing beyond a recall. I remember there was one time a famous airbag production company installed faulty airbags on over a thousand cars, which ended up injuring hundreds and killing quite a number of passengers and drivers, I can tell you that if you had lost a dear family member because of that bullcrap and realized that the only repercussion they would face was a recall of their broken products, you would be quite incensed. If I had to add yet another reason of my discomfort, it would be that it felt like the strength of the Zhu Clan played more in proving their innocence than their sincere regret. After all, what kind of compensation can they give to make up for the women who lost every single family member on top of being extensively used as dual cultivation resource? That's like stopping in front of a permanently paralyzed kid on a wheelchair that also suffered from Down Syndrome, throwing a stack of money on their faces and saying "Sorry kid, I killed your entire ducking family. Now live with it." before leaving him alone. Sigh... sorry for the rant, the Zhus simply seem like irredeemable assholes to me, more because they admit their wrongdoings and expect to be forgiven (Yimin was literally the only one ready to get chopped down for her mistakes) than they having any actual, tangible punishment. After all, modern people are used to waking on a grey area and seeing the innocent paying for the acts of criminals. Thanks for the chapter! View More

Shixuan: The thing is though, how can you blame someone for doing what would ordinarily be expected of them without any knowledge of the extenuating circumstances? Does a restaurant who serves a serial killer get charged with aiding and abetting? Is the uber driver who drove the robber to the bank an accomplice? They don't know that they're serving criminals. They're just doing what they're supposed to do.

Serial Transmigrator · C135
2 months ago
Responsible. (In the end) View More

LostSoldier1: To be honest, that ending felt like hypocrisy to me. I mean, they didn't commit the murder nor the kidnapping, but they sheltered the guilty. It doesn't really matter that they didn't know, their existence still helped the flourishing of a second-rate demonic sect, and they didn't suffer anything from it. The loss of the traitors wasn't punishment, it was their own mistake and they paid for that, but what about the true victims? The Zhus lowered their heads and left freely, simply because not a single one of the kidnapped who wanted to strike them had the strength. The woman tried to slash Yimin? Hon-somethin'-somethin' stopped her. If she had more power than him? MC would, he doesn't have to care about that. Realistically speaking, most of the victims should feel grueling resentment, and any who could cultivate would plan their revenge, even if most would end up not acting on it. The next few years the Zhu would deal with assassins aiming for their disciples and their virtuous fame would take generations to come back, if ever. This won't happen because MC is on their side and everyone else is suppressed since he buffed the Zhu to high heavens. In shorter words, any conclusion is wrong since the good guys will be the bad ones either way, and there's virtually no repercussion to those responsible.

Serial Transmigrator · C135
2 months ago
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